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What you can find on this page are the tools and Platforms that I tapped with when getting started. Just go through the list below and see if you feel the need to also have them as part of your arsenal. Some of these are optional and some are really required depending on what you want to achieve and the strategy that you used to have it done.

1.  Grammarly

A free Google Chrome extension that corrects errors in grammar, punctuations, and spelling when  writing an article. Having English as my second language, errors when typing is always unavoidable. This is my immediate Eglish teacher that looks after me 24/7. Just download it, install, register and login. It checks your errors everytime you type texts and paragraphs and suggests what is right. But remember, software are non-humans,  read your work over and over again and use it only as a guide.

2. Bluehost

When it comes to setting up a  website or a blog like this, web hosting is a must or else, your content will never become online. Bluehost has been in decades of offering one of the best web hosting services for marketers at a very affordable price and all marketers know that.

3. WordPress

Like millions of websites and blogs that are online today, I used WordPress as a Blogging Platform. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) where you may upload all your contents such as images, texts, videos and all types of files that you use to express and share your ideas online. With the help of your web hosting, it becomes accessible on the Internet.

Note that there are two WordPress Platforms available for marketers:

  2. is a Blogging Platform where you may no longer need to pay for a web hosting. All your contents will be hosted free just like The problem with this though is that the domain “” is always part of your URLs and you cannot make your own brand. Marketers are using it only as a source of backlink to their money-site which are usually self-hosted blog or website with a custom domain name.

To appear like a pro, you must have a self-hosted blog via This is where you need a custom domain name ( that represents your brand, product or services. With Bluehost as your web hosting provider, you can easily install WordPress.

4. Theme Tempera

A free WordPress Theme, where you can customize almost every corner of your blog or website. You can change the looks with a bunch of options from texts, colors, header dimensions, footers and etc. It has a presentation page with 5 images sliders and it is highly responsive. One thing I like most about this theme is the ability to put  HTML widgets below the content, above the content and in the header section of your blog.

5. Sumome

Sumome is a free WordPress Plugin that equips your blog with a lot of tools to bring it to the next level. With Sumome, you can generate leads using popup forms (and other list building features), you can have Social sharing buttons, and make your images and texts ready to be twitted or pinned.

6. Squirly

Squirly is a WordPress Plugin that makes sure that your content is Google-friendly. When writing an article on your blog, it is always necessary to follow basic SEO rules. When it comes to On-page SEO, Squirly does the job well. It helps to choose the right keyword, with some number of searches in Google and it always ensures that you have it properly implemented and distributed across your content.

One thing that makes Squirly best is that, it sends you an in-depth analysis of your content and it tells you what you should do to improve your blog for SEO purposes.

7. Cropper Screen Capture

This is a free Software that I used to capture images or anything that appears on my screen for editing purposes. The resizable drag and drop capture tool is also very effective to measure the exact dimension of your images to fit on where it should appear.

8. TinyPNG

This is a free service where you can compress and reduce the size of your .PNG and .JPG images before uploading to your blog. This is to make it sure that your images will not cause poor loading of your blog in the future as you upload more content. For me this is very necessary.

9. LunaPIC

Lunapic is a self-service free website where you can create animated images. I used this platform to create a custom banner everytime I have something to promote online. Just go there and explore what you can do. You will enjoy if you are into graphics design.

10. European Safelist Autoresponder

This is so far the best Autoresponder that I encountered online at a very affordable price. For only $7 monthly subscription to this Safelist site, you can build a list of 50K leads with 100% inbox message deliverability. Together with free autoresponder, you can have one custom lead capture page. Note that this is a Safelist site, where you can send your emails to over 17,000 members. To avail, join European Safelist and upgrade as a pro member for $7/month.

11. SmallSeoTools

This website offers a bunch of FREE SEO services. Anything that you might be paying some hundreds of dollars from JVZoo might be available  here for free. From rank tracker, backlink maker, plagiarism checker, content spinner, rewriter and etc. Just go there and find out how it may help you in your blogging venture when it comes to SEO services.

12. Market Samurai 

This is one of the most overlooked keyword research tools that simply works. One thing that makes Market Samurai powerful is the ability to identify the level of difficulty to rank a certain page using a certain keyword considering the top 10 sites and blogs that are already ranked on Google’s first page. Market Samurai can also help you find content from article directories that are related to your keyword. You can capitalize on those by just spinning those articles and post in other article directories with a link pointing to your site.

13. Kontent Machine

Kontent Machine is one of the most powerful SEO tools that Marketers and Bloggers can’t afford to miss when it was introduced in the market a few years back.  What it does is, it scrapes related content from the internet based on your keyword, spin it  and made it available to you in a matter of minutes. You can then submit those spun content with your link, to various Article Directories and Web 2.0 Platforms. In creating 2nd and 3rd tier links to your site, this is highly recommended.

14. ScrapeBox

When it comes to blackhat SEO strategy, Scrapebox is a complete package of anything that you can imagine. It goes beyond the rules of Google, which Google itself can’t handle how to control sites that are ranked by using Scrapebox. It simply outsmarts Google’s Algorithm.

15. GSA Search Engine Ranker

Imagine having a software that goes out there and post your article in thousands  of sites and leave a link pointing to your blog post. That could mean unlimited  backlinks. That’s how GSA Search Engine Ranker works. just set everything up and let it do the work for you while you sleep.




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