One BIG Mistake Most Marketers Do When Promoting an Online Business

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As marketers, we are all promoting an online business and some of us have been in this industry for quite a long time. Sad to say, there are many who are not aware, and they keep on doing that BIG mistake over and over again

I don’t know if you also do, but when I went to places like Traffic Exchange and Safelist Sites, I noticed that hundreds, if not thousands of Marketers are doing it every day. It seems like they don’t care at all or maybe they just don’t understand.

What I’m referring to is, most marketers just promote their system-generated referral links directly to the internet. They drive traffic to it like crazy via all sorts of advertising; they shared it in Social Media, in their articles and everything.

That system – generated referral link will usually redirect sign-ups into the company’s landing page, where a name and email address must be entered to get access to whatever product being promoted. If someone does the purchase, the referrer or affiliate will earn a commission. I know you already know that.

Yes, we all know that in the Internet, the quickest way to make money is to promote other people’s product. Regardless of what you are promoting as long as you have that link to your company’s website, with your unique id encrypted on it (referral link or referral URL), you are part of this discussion.

As a marketer who tapped into this “referral-based” online money making businesses, we believed that it’s enough to just register, become a paid member, pick our referral link and blast it out to the internet. Every time someone signs up and do the same, we earn a commission.

Yes, that’s how easy it is. And that’s what hundreds of newbie marketers are doing online. Some of them make money, some are not. Whether they are promoting an MLM company or just a plain affiliate product, most of them are doing the same routine every day.

You know what?

That’s a “BIG NO NO!” in the eyes of those Gurus and to those who understand (I’ll explain this in detail in a minute).

The problem with this is that maybe they really just don’t know. All they know is they’re doing well and all they care about is traffic. As long as they’ve got some sign-ups that turned into paid members, that’s it.

If you are with me in this particular topic and you also noticed what I’ve seen, why not join me in telling those marketers that there is a right way of doing it. It could be an opportunity to help as well as to make money.  As a marketer,  I know you get my point (I see you smiling right now).

However, If you belong to those marketers, read through this article, learn, and simply never do  that mistake again.

Yes! That’s a BIG MISTAKE!

What I shared in this post is not my own idea. I learned it from the Gurus. That is what they taught in their courses worth some hundreds of dollars. That is what they taught in their private mastermind training. But now, you will have it for free.

So spend a bit of your time here. What you will learn right now is the ultimate secret used by Internet Marketing Veterans to create a long-term sustainable online business in whatever niche. Though there’s nothing new to this, let’s make it a bit clearer and easy to understand. If you will apply this in your online business, there is no way to fail.

So let’s get started…

Let me begin by telling you why driving traffic into that system-generated URL or your referral link (sometimes it is called affiliate link) is a BIG MISTAKE!

Here’s why:

You should build a list!

When you promote anything online, you should build a list based on the nature of the product that you promote. In that way, you can tap into that list in the future to sell more products and make more money. Whoever breaks that rule, will most likely struggle online.

What is a list?

For those who are new, a list is a collection of email addresses of people who are interested in what you offer. The fact that they subscribed into your subscription form or opt-in form, they want to know something. They are in search for some answers or a solution, or maybe, information. In that case, they believe that maybe you can provide what they seek.

By communicating with them regularly – helping them (not actually selling) to get what they want, you could make money eventually. That happens after some time – when you already gain their trust. Without a list, it can’t be done.

That is not my own idea. That is not my imagination. That is a single proven strategy used by successful marketers to have a long-term and profitable online business. If you heard somebody out there who says something beyond this principle directly or indirectly, that’s a pure BS.

Everything out there is just another version of the same story, hyped at different levels and sold at varying price. As they said: “In the Internet if you don’t have a list, you don’t have an online business.” You might also have heard that “the money is in the list.”

Imagine having a collection of 100,000 email addresses of people who are interested in your new unique beauty products. Imagine having 230,000 email addresses of people who have displayed an interest on your Gardening e-Book. Anytime in the future, you can just email them and you make money.

That’s how important a list is.

Now that you already visualized the importance of having a list, let’s go back to what those marketers were doing as mentioned above.

Obviously, they are not building their own list; they are not collecting email addresses of their sign-ups. Instead, they are unknowingly and unintentionally building a list for their company. And that’s the biggest mistake they’ve done in their online career.

But how it happened?

I know that this is already obvious but let me explain further.

If you are using that system-generated referral link that redirects sign-ups to the company’s landing page all the email address of people who signed up will go straight to the company’s list out of your effort. You are just being manipulated by your company to build their list.

Yes, they promised to do all the selling and for you to get the money. You don’t have to do anything, except to drive traffic to that landing page. The moment it happened, you lose, they win. They have the list, and you have nothing but air.


Doing online business wrong way

The above figure shows what really happened. You drive traffic to your company’s pre-made Lead Capture Page or Landing Page using your system generated referral link. When someone signs up, his or her email address will go straight to the company’s list, in which you don’t have any access.

That landing page will redirect sign-ups to the Sales Page,  where there is a button to pay the product. If purchase happens, you earn a commission.


But that is not where the money comes when creating a sustainable and profitable long-term online business. What has shown above is only a tip of the iceberg, a little piece of the big pie as they say. The money comes from behind the scene – by monetizing your list via automated messaging and promotions.

So, How to collect email address and build a list?

You must have a custom landing page!

Whatever you may call it (Lead Capture Page, Landing Page, Opt-in Page or Squeeze Page), you must have your own to collect email addresses of people who are interested in what you offer.

All you have to do is to redirect your sign-ups to your company’s website or landing page using your system- generated referral link. Whether they purchase or not, you are already in a position to profit because you already have their email addresses.

If you already have that Lead Capture Page, you need one more thing :


An Autoresponder is the major player for automation. Without it, you cannot send automated follow-ups and promotional messages to your list. If you have a list of 10,000 you cannot do it manually. In the internet Automation is everything.

Here’s how to make money online behind the scene.


Doing Online Business right way

I hope it is clear now.

If not, go over to that figure and trace the sequences of events. Look at the arrows. I am not going to explain it anymore. I believed that picture speaks louder than words.

Now, we have a BIG problem! (Of course, there’s a solution)

How to have that custom Lead Capture Page and Autoresponder?

Here’s how.

If money is not an issue, to have that Autoresponder, you can tap into platforms like Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimps, iContact and a bunch of Email Marketing providers. Most of them charge you based on the size of your list.

Aweber, the leading Email Marketing Company, has a free account for one month. If it’s over, you have to pay for $19 per month for a list of less than 500 email addresses. If it goes more than that, the price also increases. The thing is the more your list grows, the more it becomes detrimental to your bank balance.

Another thing is, most of the above-mentioned Email Marketing Solutions are only limited to Building a List and Email Automation (autoresponder), other than that, no more.

What about that Custom Lead Capture Page?

To have a Custom Lead Capture Page, platforms like InstaPage, LeadPages and Unbounce are the leading providers. But again, it needs money! It needs some close to hundred dollars for a monthly subscription to get the best product.

And that’s the reason why only a few marketers were able to apply the said principle (to build a list and do some automation using autoresponder) because it requires money!

I, myself was afraid on that huge monthly subscription, but not today.

Yes, today there is a solution!

There is a company that offers a bunch of Advanced Internet Marketing Tools, including Autoresponder and pre-hosted Custom Lead Capture Pages templates. Not only that, there are many.

Look at this list:

promoting an online business builderall tools

The good thing about this Platform is, it’s fairly affordable. In fact, considering the value that you can get (having an access to the above tools) your monthly subscription of $70 could be as tiny as a single cent.

That Facebook Share Locker alone is more than enough. It can make your content unstoppably viral in Facebook. That Browser Notification App also plays a great role today to stay in contact with your visitors even if they are away.

And you know what? …everyone grabs it as soon as they know.

If there’s one thing online that you have to spend money on to run your online business, I suggest you this. It’s not an expenses, it’s an investment.


You don’t need $70 to get access to all the tools mentioned above. It’s less than half of that price.

No, I am not going to sell you anything here. But I recommend you to look at it so that you will know what’s inside. A lot of people are already using that Platform and capitalize those advanced marketing tools. That company is called BuilderallClick here to have a free tour

Now, let’s go back to building a List.

If you already have the Autoresponder and Lead Capture Page, you are now ready to promote whatever product or services online. Look at one of my Lead Capture Pages I created via Builderall Platform, and it’s unlimited, you can have as many as you can.

Now, what to do with your list?

When building a list, you must have prepared a series of email messages to communicate to your list. You have to thank them for their interest and let them feel that they have not landed in a wrong place.

As soon as you already have that series of emails, load it into your Autoresponder and every time someone signs up your first message will be deployed. It must be a welcome message. Do not sell right away during the first encounter.


When someone visits you in your house for a private business deal, let them come inside, have them seated, offer a coffee and begin the conversation. Your conversation must be about their concern rather than what you offer.

But when using an Autoresponder, there is no direct exchange of ideas between you and your client or subscriber. So, you have to craft a message that touches emotions. If you can write emails that can make tears, do it!

No don’t make them cry.  Just let them feel that you are right on what you are saying. Have that authority in your words and be the person whom they should trust.  (I will soon make a detailed post about this subject).

Anyways, I guess I have said much in this post about Building a List and how to get started. I just shared everything that I actually did, knowing that it may also help some marketers. I just could not imagine how much time and money each marketer has wasted for spending money on advertising in years, if not building a list.

You know what?

That’s my real experience when promoting an online business a year ago.  If you see that free-download e-book right there at the sidebar, that’s my story.

I hope this also helps.

If you want to say something, just leave me a comment.




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