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I assume that the reason why you are here is that you happen to sign up to my custom landing page that tells you to earn unlimited $15 directly sent to your PayPal or Bitcoin account. If not, you may do it here.

Hi, my name is Juls and you can see my picture above. I personally created this website to have a place for you to make things clear if ever you have a doubt.  Given that you are interested in what I offer (as you entered your name and email address to my subscription form), I am here not to make you hurry of joining that program.

Instead, I am here to help you understand first how it works so that you can decide at your own discretion to get in or to just let it go. So just give me a bit of your time on this, this is just quick.

So let’s get started…

Let me begin my part by addressing that suspicious question in your mind that says:

Is legit?

When I first started, I also have the same question. That question was gone when I stepped inside and started promoting my referral link. Yes, it pays me $15 every time someone signs up and become a paid member.  Therefore, I would say that yes, it’s legit.

But you know what? 

Instead of asking for some “legitimacy” about this kind of stuff, it is better to ask whether they really pay or not. The thing is, being (only) an affiliate, we are not in control.

There are a lot of online money making programs before that seems to be too legit and everybody was flocking to register and become a member and yes, they’re all making money with it.

But after a few months, the website is gone and everybody was saying that it’s not legit. It’s a scam!

That’s funny 🙂

The point is, we are not in control. If you are not a big risk taker, better stay away from MLM or those referral-based online programs that just come and go. To keep it safe, only spend the money that you can afford to lose. That’s a general rule.

What did people say about EasyLeadandCash?

I know you are a smart marketer. You don’t want to fall into the trap of those sweet promises of making money online fast. Not only with but every time you hear the same type of program that offers quick money.

Now, if you go to Google and type keywords like “EasyLeadandCash review.”  Google is too generous to give you what you want. Whether or not you want to prove your doubt, Google will hand you over to that information. As you do that, you are much closer to the danger of falling into another trap.

Here’s why.

One of the secrets of making money online used by a lot of bloggers is to write a product review. They capitalize on that fresh keyword ( a new product that has just launched) to capture people who are interested in that particular product. But their intention is of course to make money.

They do that by capitalizing on the current state of mind of their visitors – seeking for more information or still in doubt.  By feeding information that these types of visitors can relate (prove their doubts), these bloggers will always end up being a winner and bring those information seekers to their affiliate site.

Here’s what they do:

  1. They’re going to support your doubt by feeding you with the negative information in their reviews. But they must be very careful with that so you won’t notice their evil intentions.
  2. They will create a problem or unpleasant scenario in your head linked with that product.
  3. They will offer a solution to that problem they created.
  4. They will redirect you to places like Wealthy Affiliate (a community of newbie bloggers and affiliate marketers)
  5. If you join and become a paid member, they make money.

That’s it!

That is called “Hegelian Dialectic” – the smartest way to control and manipulate a certain society by creating a problem and introducing a solution to that problem to advance into a certain goal.

What happened? 

You searched for information in Google, you found that information and you landed somewhere else. That’s funny. You were trapped and funneled behind the scene.The point is, those product reviews are sometimes nonsense.

But don’t worry, I just went to Google and typed the same keyword “EasyleadandCash review,” as of writing this content, there is no such thing like what I have just said.I hope this adds up to your pile of knowledge about Internet Marketing and online money making business.

Now, let’s go back to our topic.

How Works?

EasyleadandCash is not an MLM.  It is just a direct sales system or a member to member payment system, where every affiliate will experience the same level of opportunity.

The mechanic is simple:

  1. You join by sending $15 via PayPal or Bitcoin to the one who referred you.
  2. Just set up your account in member’s area (just fill up some forms).
  3. Pick up your referral link and promote online
  4. Get paid with $15 every time someone signs up and do the same.

Note that with just one paid-sign up you are already break even. From 2nd onwards, you are in profit.

But that is not my “why.”

The reason why I promoted is that no one is in control with our money. No need to request for a payout. Unlike other MLM type businesses, you have to wait for the approval and release of your payout. Some even require a certain amount (threshold) for you to get qualified for a payout. With this system, there is no way for me to be scammed.

The only risk here is when the admin will stop paying the web hosting and the website will be gone forever. But as long as the admin makes money, it will not happen. For someone like me who wants to make money online fast, is best to try.

What do you need to get started with ELAC?

You just simply need the following:

  1. PayPal account
  2. Payspree account
  3. CoinsPayment Account
  4. $15 ( Bitcoin or PayPal). Please also include the one-time admin fee of $3.00
  5.  Your own traffic generation strategy to promote your referral link (don’t worry with this; I’ll take care of this for you).

That’s it! that’s all you need.

If you don’t have that Payspree and CoinsPayment account, there’s an instruction inside member’s area on how to have one. Note that the above accounts are your ways to receive $15 sent by your referrals (direct referrals only).

First, they will send you that $15 using either Payspree or CoinsPayment, which both are linked to PayPal (I’m sorry, you can also use Payza, I just failed to mention it).

Should you promote

Now that you already have the idea you have to decide. But for me, I’m already in and I’m going to take this seriously as I have already made some hundreds of dollars with it.

Yes, I admit. I want you to join with me on this. I am searching for more referrals of course to make more money. But you should only do that on your own will not because I convince you. But if you do, I’ll take care of you and that’s the reason why I created this blog (not yet done as of now).

Here’s what I’ll do for you:

  • I will create a custom high converting landing page for your link and build a list for you.
  • I will massively promote your referral link using that landing page. I have a link rotator to do this.
  • I will send automated messages to your list to turn them into a paid member. It’s like, I’ll do the selling you get the money.
  • I will give you a copy (CSV) of your list if you want.

With me, you could be earning $15 again and again without lifting a finger.  If you also want to promote your custom landing page, fine, here’s how it looks like.


my landing page

Note that the above Optin Page is not the  one you signed-up with. I just tested a new Lead Capture Page Builder with Autoresponder. It is much cheaper (only $7 per month) and I am going to share it to you.

The reason why it is easy for me to create unlimited and multiple lead capture pages or landing pages like what you see above is that I have tools to use. If you want to be able to do the same you may visit here. What I’m going to do is just duplicate that for you and put the URL into my link rotator.

By the way, as of this time I have only 3 vacant in my link rotator as I limit it for certain entry to maximize clicks and view per entry. But its currently getting hundreds of hits daily.

Note that we’re all here to make money. To make it fast, just follow what other marketers have done who are already there. This time copying what I do is the wisest decision you could ever make.

Here’s another thing I can offer you if you become a paid member  right now:


That is from another member to member payment system worth of $5.00 called AutopilotCash System. It’s almost similar with EasyleadandCash but obviously, it is cheaper. Since I already have access to it, I can share it with you for FREE. However, if you want to grab it now for $5 only, just click this link.

So, with that being said, I’m done with my role. I explained a bit about what is and how it works. If ever you join the ride with me on this, just click the button below.

NOTE: If ever you’ve decided and become a paid member, get back to me here and give me your referral link. Just leave it as a comment below and I will promote it for you.


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Juls D.

Hi, I’m Juls. I make a living online. I sell a lot of digital products that I don’t own to a bunch of people that I have never met. With my laptop and mouse I’m in control. For me, time and distance are not an issue and my “system” works for me 24/7. If you want to do the same, just click that “start here” tab in the menu above.

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