How to Make Money Online Fast?

make money online fast


How to really make money online fast? have you heard something like this? If you are new to Online Marketing this may sound strange and interesting. But if you have been in this industry for quite a while, you may think of another BS or a non-sense offer.

But let me delete those negative imagery in your mind. In this short article, I’m going to tell you how I exactly did it. If you want to do the same, just copy my system. It’s clear and simple and it simply works.  There might be some misconception on the term “make money online fast”  as you move ahead you will understand everything.

I would assume that you reached this page because you are still in search for opportunities to make money online.  If you are already doing that or you have been in this industry, maybe you are just searching for some ways how to make it fast. Everyone wants it.

If that describes you, here in my blog, you are in.  Just spend a bit of your time reading this post and I’ll show you a very simple and fail-free strategy, used by the veterans in Online Marketing to bank some hundreds and thousands of dollars online.

So let’s get started…

Let me begin this discussion with a bit of reminder and a few golden nuggets. If you are in a hurry to make money online, you have to understand this clearly. There are hundreds of money-making opportunities out there and all of them are both risky and promising.  It’s our job to know which one best suits the description that I have just said.

In short, in any online business that you want to grab and promote, spend only the amount that you can afford to lose. We have to admit that risks are everywhere. But as Tony Robbins says, “never let that fear (of those risks) hold you back from reaching your dreams.”

Remember, unless you’ve stepped your foot forward, you won’t be moving. And if you are not moving you must remain where you are. The point is, take some risk, do some action, learn and grow. That is where success comes. Sometimes worst things happen, but the moment you stop, you fail.

Here’s my word for this, “everything is just a matter of experience.” The more we created those experiences whether success or failure, the more we grow and the more we become a better person in whatever we do.

Now let’s move on…

Secrets of Making Money Online Fast


1.)  Eliminate Risks by Following Other Marketers

One of the proven ways to make money online quickly is to eliminate the risks that I mentioned above. This is done by just following other people who have been there. They called it duplication. Just follow what they did.

If someone is already earning some hundreds of dollars by promoting a certain affiliate product through a certain traffic strategy, just promote the same stuff and follow his technique.  In that way, no more guessing and no more second thoughts. It worked for someone and so for you.

It takes time to construct your own roadway towards a certain place. If there’s already a clear path created by somebody to reach that place, use it. In making money online, things like imitation and duplication work. Copyscape is completely irrelevant.

2.)  Pick Internet Products that Pay Fast

We all know that on the Internet, the term “product” refers to a bunch of stuff that can be sold online. It could be a physical product, digital product (downloadable items), membership site with premium content, MLM opportunities and anything that someone has to pay to get access.

Most of the time, online companies follow the same scheme of selling their products. They do it by capitalizing on people who want to make money online. They have the product, they tell those people (marketers like us) to promote it and they pay commission.  Sometimes they pay up to some level deep. I called this as referral based opportunity.

Now, to make money online quickly, picking the best that suits our criteria of course matters. There are some products out there that really pay fast but look suspicious for people who don’t understand something. If you look into it in a positive way, there’s really nothing wrong with it.

I am referring to those “member to member” payment programs online -the one that I am promoting right now. It’s fast. It sends money directly to my PayPal account. There is no need to request for payout, no waiting for approval and there’s no worry if they’ll really pay or just hold your commission in their system and just let your saliva come out.

But yes, sometimes it looks “scary” but not necessarily “scammy.” There is no other thing that you can get if you don’t see any value with those a bunch of downloadable e-books and PLR products. What you can get instantly is the opportunity to sell that same product to other people. It is the reason why some marketers see it as suspicious.

But they’re wrong!

If you really want to make money online fast just like me, that’s the best product to pick. I tried it and it worked for me. My idea is, how can I be scammed with this system if the money moves from member to member? No one is in control. Not the admin, not your sponsor and not the payment processor.

Here’s how it exactly works:

You join and become a paid member. To do that just send the required amount to the one who referred you to the system (your sponsor). If your sponsor prefers PayPal to receive money, you have to do it. But there are other payment processors also being used like Bitcoin.

If your payment is done, just set up your account to the member’s area and get your referral link. You may also take advantage of those PLR products  (if there’s any) and give it away using your blog for people to subscribe.

As soon as you already have your referral link, promote it online and if somebody signs up they send money to you just like what you have just done. So how can you get scammed with that?  Look, with just one person, you are already break even. From 2nd onwards, you’re already in profit.

You may laugh at me on this. You might have thought that making money online fast has something to do with effective traffic generation, getting leads and conversion and things like that.  Well, that’s already given. If we don’t do that we simply don’t make money. We’ll get into that now.

3.)  Use TripWire Method

Tripwire is a term used in e-commerce to lure viewers to take one clear action (maybe one click of a button) to bring them into the sales funnel. It originates from WW2, where soldiers plant bombs and tied it with those unseen tripwires. If the enemy steps into it, they’re done. In e-commerce, if someone does that ‘one click,” most of the time they’ll end up picking their wallet to buy that Dragon Bracelet for example.

So, how can we do that outside e-commerce?

The term here is “lure.”  I don’t want to use the word “bribe” not to link with corruption. To lure is to simply get someone’s interest by offering something special, unique and valuable. The objective is to let people enter into your “sales funnel” or simply “sales processes” that may happen behind the scene.

Usually, this begins with things like FREE Offers, Discounts and etc. (I know you get the point). The idea is, plant a seed of excitement and bright possibility in someone’s mind if they’ll take that one action. And that action is to let them enter their email address and name in your subscription form. If they’ll do, you’ve done your first job.

Don’t let them feel any pressure or discomfort right out of the gate. The less friction the better.

When it comes to MLM and even with this “member to member payment program” the best thing to do is to start with affordable offers. Just let people in. If they already feel better inside, bring them to the next level. But as an affiliate (only), it might be difficult to give them a higher offer. Maybe another program of the same style will do. The idea is, begin with an affordable offer. I’ll get more on this in a bit later.

4.)  Do the following:

If you already have the right product to promote that pays money fast (or whatever you want), do the following strategy. This is crucial. Failure to follow the said strategy might lead to waste of time. This is the right way of promoting any online business on the Internet.

1.)  Shorten your referral link

As soon as you already have your referral link, go to places like or and shorten your URL. This is to know your stats when you are already generating views and traffic to it. Yo have to know where your traffic came from and what platform you are doing well. If you have another means to know your stats, do it.

2.)  Create a custom Landing Page or Opt-in Page

Instead of using that system-generated referral link (with your id on it) that points to the company’s landing page, you must have your own landing page telling the same offer. You have to collect email addresses of people who are interested in what your offer.

You have to build a list. Just redirect your sign-ups to the company’s landing page using that shortened URL, which is your referral link. If they buy or not right away, no problem, you can contact them and give more reasons why they should do. If you don’t have your own custom landing page, you will be building a list for someone else and you will be wasting your time.

3.)  Contact your sign-ups

Using an autoresponder,  get connected with those people who signed-up to your landing page. Send them a message. Tell them about who you are and what’s that program that you are promoting. Give them more reasons why they should take action. Don’t give them pressure.

The best thing to do this is not by sending those long-paragraphs of email messages via autoresponder.

Don’t do that!

The right thing to do is to create a blog with your face on it, with your about me page and send them a short message with a link to your blog via scheduled or automated messages. Tell them to visit you there and point them to your content that helps them or at least makes them feel that you care.

Make your blog a place for them to contact you in case they need you. So you must have a contact form or a live chat just like what I have here down at the left-hand side. Never bombard your list with other affiliate offers aside from what you are promoting. You can do it later.

Your objective is to help them make money first through that program that you promoted to them.

4. Do a constant and friendly follow-up

Send constant follow-up messages via autoresponder. Let them feel that you care. During this stage, go to your blog and write content that matters to your subscribers. They may need traffic sources, they may need new marketing strategies, tools, a place for outsourcing and etc. Provide anything that could help them make money online fast.

Still, do this by sending them a link to your blog. Inside your email, it’s quite effective to include your face looking directly at them from the corner. Do not fill your email series with non-sense long paragraphs and links that redirect them to other websites.

To do the above strategies, you need to have the following:

  1. Lead Capture Page Creator
  2. Autoresponder
  3. Series of email messages based on the product you promote
  4. Blog or Website Builder

If you need some money to have access to the above tools, don’t hesitate, do it. If you want to make money online fast, investing on the mentioned marketing tools is a must. Without those in your possession, you are no different from those who are just trying to figure out how things work online.

If you have not tried it, try it now. Here’s what I recommend not to drain your bank for marketing tools.

5. Promote their referral link

One of the best tripwire methods is to promise them that you are going to promote their referral link for free if they’ll become a paid member. No one will refuse to that offer. It’ll just need a few tender follow-ups and communication to gain their trust.

Do not show them proofs of earning. That’s what scammers do online. Instead, show them a strategy that they can visualize – something that is clear.

If they now trust you and become a paid member. You have a bigger responsibility to look after. Do what you’ve promised. Get their referral link and show them their stats. You can do this by using link rotator. Just post it on your blog and let them come.

Note that they must also understand the importance of having their own custom landing page before doing this.

Use all the traffic generation strategies that you know ( you will learn from here). Buy traffic, outsource, use OPL and etc. I’ll discuss this topic in a separate post.

6.) Remind them to capitalize Social Media

As part of your tips to make them money online fast, just remind them to create profiles and get connected with people in a bunch of Social Networks, not only on Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram. Currently, there are countless of Social Networks that are popping up via desktop and mobile platforms. To find those, go to Google and type keywords like ” list of Social Networks for Marketers.” if you already have a list, put it in your blog.

7.)  Let them duplicate you

To make this even more effective, let them duplicate what you do from the very start. Encourage them to do the same on their end. Make a blog, have their own marketing tools like Autoresponder, custom Lead Capture Page Creator, a support blog and all that has been mentioned above.

If you sense that they’re already doing great, that’s the time you can send them another offer or affiliate products that could also give them another opportunity to make even more money. And that’s just the beginning. That’s how Anik Singal get started and other 6 figure earner Gurus.

They just build a list, cultivate that list, help people in that list to make money online fast, gain trust and send more offers in the future. As their list grows, their income potential also grows.

That’s it!

Note that, with this system, you are not building a huge downline. We are not in MLM. You are creating a tribe of successful marketers. If you apply the said strategy by promoting a member to member payment program, you don’t have any monetary benefit from their paid sign-ups.

However, if you do this while promoting a legit MLM,  where you can benefit up to the last person who joins in your team (I mean infinity), you will become more profitable.

For me, the thing here is not only the money that I can generate. It’s the value that I gave to those who trusted me. After all, it’s not about me, it’s not about us. It’s all about how much we’ve help people in this industry. They key here is to GIVE, give more and you will earn more.

I always believe that making money online fast will only happen if we are already in this level of understanding and we have grown our list into a huge number. Not just a list of people who ask what we do, but a list of people who are ready to listen to our words and are ready to buy whatever product we recommend.

Above all take this from me, It’s not about how huge is your list, what you do with your list who are all living human beings makes the difference.

I hope this helps.




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