How to Make Money Online – Beginner’s Guide

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I assume that you are a complete newbie who wants to learn how to make money online the reason why you clicked that “Start Here” tab above. If not, I am sorry, this content might be too basic for you.

However, if you want to recall the “basics” in Internet Marketing or how to make money online, this place is right for you. For all beginners who are trying to make money online but still can’t figure it out, take this opportunity, read everything and skip no words from top to bottom.

What I have provided here is a complete package of “foundational” information on how to make money online or how to become a successful Internet Marketer. These are the “Fundamentals” or the basic principles that you have to keep in mind before stepping into the battlefield.

However, if you’re already there, just add this up to your knowledge if you find this helpful.

What you will learn:

  1. Why Internet?
  2. The Right Mindset of an Internet Marketer
  3. The 3 Pillars of Making Money Online
  4. How to Get Started to Make  Money Online


Why Internet?


Why not stay with employment and upgrade yourself to have a better pay in whatever career you may have? Why not get those Master’s and PhDs (if you still don’t have) and become “someone” in that environment? Why Internet Marketing? (I know this sounds silly for old marketers).

Well, I am not totally against those who commit themselves to spend their lifetime with employment. If that’s the place where they find themselves fulfilled (not necessarily comfortable) then so be it.

But in today’s time that almost 70 – 90% of the earth’s population has already embraced the change brought by the Internet, when it comes to generating an income for a living, Internet could  also be the best place to explore.

The good thing is, there are already countless of people around the wold who  have been in this industry and they are not only making a living, they are making a HUGE fortune.

There might be a lot of obvious reasons why everyone should tap into the power of the Internet, but the most important are:

1. Automation – Accomplish more work with less effort. Yes, in the Internet, there are numerous ways to automate whatever task you want to accomplish.  If you are promoting a certain product, there are softwares or Marketing Tools that only needs a simple set up and a few clicks, and it will do the work for you. When making a follow up and promotions, things like Autoresponder does the job well.

2. Leverage – Multiply your time and effort with others so as the result.  This is probably the most important aspect that many companies  and small business owners have capitalized.  As a marketer, this is where we should also pay attention to. Being able to leverage with other people is the only way to multiply our result into an unlimited extent.

3. Unbounded Reach – Time and distance are not an issue, I think this is very self-explantory.

With the 3 above at your own disposal, you eliminate your own limitations as a single person who has a limited energy, talent, skills or capability in general to accomplish something within 24 hours. We all have equal amount of time, which is 24 hours and our results in life differ based on how we used it.

In the employment world, we trade 8 hours of our time plus our talent, skills and effort with that meager compensation enough for survival, we called “salary.” We make a living by using just a portion of our human potential and we are taught that, that’s all we can do. That is how we are conditioned to by our schools, parents and that is the system that we believe to be right.

The problem with employment is that, you can’t have the 3 mentioned above. All your returns or should I say “outcome” is only based on your own capability (being alone), which is subject to your own limitations.

If you get sick, obviously you cannot do your job and you can’t get paid. If you are too tired of what you do, you need to rest, you need to have a break to keep everything going and that affects your outcome as part of your limitations.

But by tapping into the power of the Internet, you can certainly make money while you sleep. It is because time is not an issue. The system works not the effort. While you are sleeping your website doesn’t. It works 24/7. While you are in vacation, other people online might be purchasing the product that you promote.

The problem with millions of people today is that we are all conditioned to flock into that employment world just to get caught with our own limitations. We don’t know that there’s a better way to do it, where we can tap our own potentials as well as the potential and resources of others to have an exponential result.

Here are my words when it comes to employment. It is quite offensive but it’s true.

“Employment is just a decent form of survival designed to feed the ignorant masses for the benefit of someone else who control the whole system.”

In other words, “we work, they gain.”

No, I am not going to get deeper on that. If I do, we will be discussing a much more complex and underground topics that relates to Secret Societies and conspiracy theories, including religion.

If you are interested, download that e-book right there at the sidebar “The Biggest Revelation” and that curiosity in your mind will be gratified.

That book will give you the deepest understanding on what’s really happening in our reality. It tells you something that the schools, churches of any congregation and the government will never tell you.

Before I get lost with our topic, let me go back to those 3 potentials that we can tap into by using the Internet.  Again, being able to AUTOMATE our work, being able to LEVERAGE our effort and time with other people, and having what I called “UNBOUNDED REACH” anywhere and anytime in all corners of the world, we can create a BIG and UNLIMITED results.


The Right Mindset of a Successful Internet Marketer


Every successful Internet Marketer (person) has a completely different mindset than those who are just trying to be or the average. Their mind is full of wonderful imagery of success and they are bound for it no matter what.

The journey is not an issue, what matters most is only the destination. They may fail hundred times, still they keep going. They already saw their own self enjoying the life that they want. They already lived in their dreams and it happens in their focused, clear, and unaltered state of mind. It’s in their imagination.

Yes, imagination…

The only thing that separates between successful people and the unsuccessful ones (even not in the Internet) are their thoughts.  The average people who are struggling in life fill their minds with the negative issues they’ve seen on the outside – and it controls their lives.

All of their actions and responses were based on how they look at their reality. If the CNN tells them that the WW3 is now about to begin, they might start digging for a foxhole underneath their houses or they might buy those survival kits from Aliexpress. They are living on the outside and they are governed by the negativity of what their senses have feed into their minds.

But successful people don’t.

They lived only with their wonderful dreams. No TV, no news, no ideas of negativity in their heads and as much as possible no chances of negative emotions to conquer their hearts.  Focus! Focus! And focus! That’s what they do and they keep going. They keep on moving towards that direction that’s clearly painted in their mind.

With that said, successful people (Internet Marketers in this case) are always willing to learn and grow. They are always willing to take chances, to take risks and create more experiences whether success or failure.

The more experiences they’ve got, the better they become. After all, everything here on earth is just a matter of creating experiences.  Failure, as well as those pieces of success are all part of the journey.

Let me tell you something deep…

Here’s a bit deeper spiritual explanation why we should create experiences rather than do nothing and become comfortable. This is why we should have a dream to reach and a desire to work for.  As a person or as a human being, we are all spiritual creations who are tasked to explore the beauty and wonders of this universe.

We are here to create wonderful experiences using this material vehicle we called “body” to experience happiness. To drive this vehicle during our journey, our creator gave us this unbounded power called “mind.”  To let that mind work, we are equipped with these 5 antennas (our senses) so that we may be able to deal with the physical world – the currently poisoned reality.

To keep this vehicle going and always in action, we have an unlimited fuel from within called “positive emotions” (inspiration, passion, enthusiasm, excitement, eagerness) that push us up to step into a bigger action to achieve a bigger goal. If we do, we may reach those dreams, become happy and fulfilled in life.

If it happens, we may prove how wonderful life really is and how great it is being alive. We may return the praises and gratitude to our creator and let other people do the same (it is our duty).  If we do, our spiritual being may leave this body without regret. And that is called “fulfillment.”

But if we keep ourselves doing nothing within that cage of comfort and peace that we currently experienced in this level of human awareness, we are not doing our tasks. We are not creating experiences and we are not exploring the beauty and wonders of this universe. If it happens, our life is a mess.

Well, I hope this makes some sense but I know, were getting off the topic again. I am sorry.
Again of if you want more on that, download that “the Biggest Revelation E-book right there and discover this never been told truth since the ages.

Now let me go back to our topic.

What I am trying to say above is that, to become a successful Internet Marketer, you must always see yourself being already in your dreams.  That might be too ridiculous to think, but in that way, you use the power of your imagination to fuel your heart.

By doing so, you produce your own infinite fuel (excitement, inspiration, eagerness, enthusiasm, passion, whichever you may call it) to keep your body going. If your heart losses those energies, when conquered with doubts, uncertainty and fear, you are no different from that roadside truck that runs out of fuel and with flat tires.

To keep moving, use that imagination to fuel your heart.  As Neville says “make your dreams a present fact by assuming the wish fulfilled.” This is why, in many personal development trainings, things like visualization, affirmation and self-declaration are always introduced.

Again, the right mindset of a successful Internet Marketer is to stay focused and get connected with their desired reality – having it always painted in their minds.  So, begin by having that wonderful life experience in your mind. See it clearly in your imagination and start working towards it.


The 3 Pillars of Making Money Online


Now let’s dive into the actual battlefield.  Let’s go to the actual thing that you are going to work with to get started making money online. Let us discuss the 3 important elements of any online business. These are the following:

  1. Product–Anything that people may spend money with
  2. Buyers – People who needs that product
  3. System –  A system that brings that product to those people


1.) Product

In the internet, when we say “product,” it does not refer to a bunch of different items that you can find in a grocery store or in a shopping mall. It refers to digital products that anyone can access without the need for shipping.

The following are examples of digital products:

  • E-books and other downloadable items
  • Video Trainings or Tutorials
  • Membership Sites with premium content
  • Computer software
  • Internet Marketing Tools
  • Opportunity to Make Money Online

As you can notice, all of the above don’t require shipment.  The first 3 in the above list are called “Information Products.” Those are non-physical items which can be easily accessed via computer browser. By selling those types of products the flow of money is a bit faster. No shipping, no handling and any of that kind.

2.) Buyers

These are the people who went online in search for something. Maybe they want a natural product that cures hair loss. Maybe they want information how to regrow hair in that shiny spot on top of their skull. The bottom line is they have some burdens to fix to become happy.

Now, if you can help those people to get what they want – if you can help them solve their burdens in life, you can certainly make money.  That is basically the role of an Internet Marketer. You don’t need to have your own product to begin. You will just pick and promote other people’s product and you are good to go (I’ll get into that later).

3.)  System

Unlike in a shopping mall or grocery store, where products are stationary, in the Internet, you have to virtually do something to bring your product to the ones who need it. You can do that by obviously promoting a website that contains such product. Spread it all over the place where you think there is someone who needs it (we’ll discuss more on this in a separate post).

Considering the competition and the complexity of the Internet, you need to have that system that does the work for you 24/7. Something that introduce your product, get connected to your potential customers and does the selling for you. All you have to do is to manage it and put it in action.

If you will just promote other people’s product, most probably all marketing tools are already provided. These are the company’s landing page, a sales page and their email marketing system that does the selling behind the scene.

The basic flow of event is:

  1. You promote the product using the company’s website.
  2. Someone who needs that product signs up to their subscription form to get more info (if a purchase happens instantly well and good).
  3. The company does the follow up via emails.
  4. When a purchase happens after series of emails, you get a commission.

That’s how a marketer makes money. But there’s quite advanced way how to do it, which we’ll discuss later. Sometimes if the product is really in demand, sales happen right away and that is where a marketer makes money fast.

Tracing your sales online

How to know that you got sales? Probably this is one the most overlooked questions that bothers a lot of beginners. To put an end to that question, here’s how:The moment you decide to promote someone else’s product, you have to create an account in that host website. It might be an affiliate network or a company’s website.

By the way, the right term for promoting someone else’s product in the internet is “Affiliate Marketing.” It is the most lucrative and easiest form of Online Business done by thousands, if not millions of individuals who make a fortune in the internet.

Now, if you already have an affiliate account, a unique id number will be assigned to you, called referral id or affiliate id. That id will be encrypted in all your promotional materials to trace your sales. Each affiliate has a unique affiliate id to identify who’s got some sales and should get paid.

Receiving Your Payout

This is the most exciting part to discuss for the beginners; “how to get your money into your pocket?”  Imagine having a daily sales commission of $50 from one of your affiliate networks selling that currently “hot” Internet Marketing Software. As a non-marketer or being a complete beginner, you might ask how to get that money out to the point where you can withdraw it via ATM.

To be able to receive payment online, you can tap into Platforms like PayPal, Payza, Webmoney, Payer, SolidTrustPay, Payoner and a bunch of other Online Payment processors.
To get started, PayPal account is enough. It is the quickest and easiest method to receive payment online used by marketers. When you register as an affiliate, how to receive your payment is one of the questions.

You just then fill up that option with your PayPal account or PayPal email address (if available). You can then link your bank account or credit card to PayPal. From there, you can send your online income to your local bank.

That’s it!


Getting Started to Make Money Online


Now that you already have the idea and little of those “foundational stuff” I mentioned earlier, you may now get started making money online. To do that, do the following:

  1. Select a Niche  or target market
  2. Find a product that people in that niche needs
  3. Bring that product to those people

1. Select a Niche

In Internet Marketing, niche refers to a certain group or category of people with a common interest where they have something to spend money on. In short they are your target market.For example, Dog Training is one of the largest niches that a lot of marketers make money. Weight loss is also very popular but too saturated.

The following are examples of niches to tap into.

  1. Make Money Online – People who want extra income from home
  2. Dog Training – People who love dogs
  3. Weight Loss –  Obese and overweight individuals wo wants to get healthier
  4. Dating – Men and women who seek partner online
  5. Entertainment –  People who love movies, music and celebrities
  6. Travel – People who love to explore other places
  7. Sports – People who love sports like basketball
  8. Legal Matters – People who have legal issues to solve
  9. Gadgets – People who love new electronic gadgets  like drones ( physical product)
  10. Writing and Publishing an e-Book – Writers who wants to publish their work.

One thing that is very important to note when going over to that list above is that, each niche has something that someone has to spend money with.  There must be an underlying need that must be addressed.  Not necessarily a problem to be solved, it might be a desire to be satisfied.

When selecting a niche, note the 3 reasons why someone has to spend money:

  1. To solve someone’s problem
  2. To satisfy someone’s desire
  3. To help other people

All of the above land in one objective -to become  happy.

Some niches above are too broad just like “Sports.” You may break it into sub-niches to find specific group of people who has a common need or desire. For example, under Sports, you might break it into Basketball or NBA and you might sell a product or an e-book that tells how to become like Stephen Curry in GSW.

If you noticed, your product must be an answer to someone’s need. In that case, your possible clients are those young guys who love basketball and who want to excel like Stephen Curry. Another thing is, you can also target Basketball Coaches because that information may help their team.

The above list is just a few. There are endless of niches out there. As long as there is a need or a desire being discovered, that’s a place where someone has to spend money with. The idea is the less popular a niche is, the higher is the demand, the greater is the chance for markers to bank huge money.

So, think of a niche that there are a few marketers selling products, where people are hot buyers.

One more important thing that must be considered when picking up a niche is, it must be something that you also love. If not, you will not thrive working with it. You’re going to leave it along the way and find what your heart wants.

So ask yourself what you would like to do for the rest of your life. If you love MMA, then stay in that niche. Learn e-commerce or selling physical product online and sell those MMA gadgets from AliExpress. The point is, you must enjoy what you do. You must enjoy the journey. If not you will fail.

If you love cooking since your childhood and you jumped into a niche that has something to do with acting or role playing, it will be very hard for you to thrive and succeed. The key is, you must do what you love, not to love what you do.

2. Find a product that people need in that niche

After picking a niche, the next thing to do is to have a product to promote. To do that, you should identify problems and desire people are having in that niche in which they are ready to spend money.

For example in travel niche, If they want to know how to find the cheapest flight to Canada, sell them an e-Book that tells people how to save huge money to travel to Canada. Bring them to travel sites linked to airlines with a huge discounts. Just register first as and affiliate and promote your link to that group of people. You get the idea.

To know what people need in a specific niche, things like keyword research is crucial. Just go to some Internet Marketing tools or Platforms that does this job and you will find the exact keyword or phrase people in that niche are typing in search engines like Google. It means they are looking for something related to what they searched.

For example, if in a travel niche there are a bunch of searches on keywords “Cheapest Hotel in Philippines” as shown by one of those keywords research tools,  it means there are  lots of people who want to visit Philippines and stay in a cheap hotel. With that kind of demand or need, your action as a marketer is to provide those people what they want.

You may register as an affiliate in a bunch of travel and hotel affiliate networks like TravelPayout, promote your affiliate link to them and if it helps them, they book and you make money.  That’s how easy it is to tell. But it takes some kind of hardwork to accomplish.

3. Bring that product to those people

This is where the real action begins. Some says this is the toughest part.  And this is the thing that an Internet Marketer has to master- Traffic Generation.  In the Internet people who may visit your website are called “TRAFFIC.” But those people who may buy your product are called “TARGETED TRAFFIC”

Traffic could be anywhere, but finding targeted traffic is not at all easy.  It takes some amount of learning and mastery. Although there are already a lot of proven traffic generation strategies that really works, it needs to be understood and most importantly, it must be tested (It will be discussed in a separate blog post soon).

For now, let me end this discussion with a few more words.  What I have provided in this article is enough for you to have a glimpse on what it takes to become an Internet Marketer. More information will be posted here soon. Just feel free to visit anytime.

The most important message that I want you to understand here is that, being online there is no limit. You are not bounded by time and distance, and you can capitalize other people’s time, effort and resources and that is something that you can never do anywhere else.

When speaking about the type of work that you are going to do, sometimes it might be boring facing your laptop the whole day being a beginner. But still, it’s easier than being trapped in a long congestion of traffic in your city. But never mind the difficulties or the learning curve  and the  effort that you’ve exerted, what you should after for is only the RESULT.

I hope this helps.




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