Honest Builderall Review: The Truth about Builderall that No One Will Tell You

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If you are searching for an honest Builderall review from a real user, stop and search no more. You have just stumbled into an article that tells everything about Builderall Platform that nobody will ever tell you.

Note that if you go to Google and do some search about Builderall review and other related terms, Google will give you a bunch of marketer’s blog claiming to provide the best information about that Platform but in the end, you will end up clicking their affiliate link without informing you first.

If not to grab one of the Buildeall’s products, you will be redirected to a sales page with a product from JVZoo or ClickBank. Obviously, they are marketers who just want to make money not to share the right information. That’s how they make money online.

The problem with it is sometimes their information is misleading. And they don’t really care. All they want is just to get ranked in Google for that keyword (Builderall Review) and anyone who searches for information related to it may fall into their funnel.

So, beware!

Now that you’re here, you are at the right place for the right information. In my four months of being a Builderall member and a Commercial License Reseller, I have a lot of bad and good experiences to share. Being an affiliate marketer, I am not into making reviews. But this time, I have to tell something for you guys to know.

Whether you want to just use their Advanced Marketing Tools for your Online Business or you want to grab their Business Opportunity, read through the information here and all your questions will be answered.

Without further duo, let me begin.

What Really is Builderall?

It is a company based in Orlando Florida that offers ALL in One Digital Marketing tools.  When we say Marketing Tools, we are referring to everything that an Online Marketer needs to run an Online Business such as Lead Capture Page, Autoresponder, Sales Funnel and things like that.

Builderall so far has exceeded every marketer’s expectation when it comes to technology and advancement. Their Platform is obviously (maybe) steps ahead of others that also offer the same features and services.

Their Drag and Drop Site Builder, for example, is something that I have never seen before, where you can create all sorts of animated content. You can even use video as a site background.  If you have been designing Websites with Wix or other Platforms (with Drag and Drop Site Builder) with Builderall you will be stunned.

Again, when it comes to technology, they have everything to offer. But there are still other things to consider to see the Big Picture of what’s inside. Or let me say, “ what will be your future with Builderall” if you’ll just join the ride right away.

Let me first show you how it looks like when logging in into the member’s area.


Builderalls Members Area

As you can see above, there are a bunch of clickable tabs and subtabs. Each tab contains a unique feature or tool. For example, if you click that APP tab, the Facebook Share Locker App, Browser Notification and a lot of others will be shown.  There are tons of tools to explore inside and up until now I still don’t know how to use all.

builderall review app tab

On the right, (first screenshot above) are hundreds of pre-made customizable themes for making a Website and Lead Capture Pages (Opt-in Page, Landing Page, Squeeze Page whichever you may call it).  That is where you can use the Drag and Drop Site Builder and you can create sites with animated content.  Look at my own creation here (my first try so far).

As you can see, you can edit any of those themes and upload your own content by just clicking that green button at the bottom that says edit or view. One thing that is also worth to mention about Builderall is that with all their tons of advanced Internet Marketing tools they’ve provided hundreds of video tutorial that tell you exactly how to use each tool. All videos are accessible by clicking that “Knowledge Base” tab above.

To left no stone unturned, let me go through each of the Builderall’s Marketing Tools housed in the members’ area. Pay attention and look closely to know how you may benefit from it. Note that the following are random, they are not in order based on the above screenshot. I just pick all that are quite known to me. But there are many.

Let’s proceed…

Builderall Review: Marketing Tools

1. Lead Capture Page – This is the most important tool for List Building, where you can collect email address of your visitors. Some call it Opt-in Page, Squeeze Page, and Landing Page. Regardless of how you may call it, it has one purpose, to collect email address to build a list.

2. Autoresponder – Yes, inside Builderall, there is already an Autoresponder and Email Marketing Platform for Automation just like Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp and etc.

3. Responsive Blog Builder – This one is different from Drag and Drop Site Builder where we can create a website with animated content. This one is purely an advanced platform to create a responsive blog.

4. Drag & Drop Website Builder – As mentioned above, this is where we can edit and create websites and those Lead Capture Pages. This is not a mobile responsive site builder. But you can customize your content for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop inside the site editor. So there is no problem with things like responsiveness.

5. Membership Site Creator – With this, you can make a membership site that has a premium content. You can then charge your members for an upgrade using the built-in Payment Gateways (PayPal, Stripe, JVZoo) to access that protected content.

6. Sales Funnel – In today’s time, Sales Funnel has become one of the most effective tools used by marketers to generate sales. By using it in your sales process, unlike an ordinary sales page, you can control everything like showing an upsell or down sell based on customers’ behavior and action.

7. Animated Video Creator – With this tool, you can design a video presentation using Builderall’s pre-made customizable video templates with animated images and texts. All you have to do is to replace those and have a little editing. You can also upload your own file (music, video and image)

8. Floating Video Creator – A floating video is something that sticks to your screen when you scroll down or scroll up the page while the video is playing. Facebook recently has that feature.

9. Mobile App Creator –  With Builderall, you can create your own Mobile App and upload it to places like Google Play store to become downloadable.

10. Facebook App Creator – With this, you can create an App and integrate with Facebook. You can use this tool to collect an email address in Facebook every time someone signs up to their account. No need for a subscription form.

11. Presentation Creator – Though I have not used this, all I know was that this is similar to a PowerPoin with quite a few differences in functionality.

12. Facebook Share Locker – This one is the one that I am currently using and it’s really amazing. It makes your content viral on Facebook by making people share first your content before they can access or read it. You can choose what action you would like them to do whether like or share.

If you want to experience how it works live in your screen, click that FREE e-Book on the side bar of this page, enter your email address to the form and you will see the magic. Just try it so that you will know. Note that it’s real. You can get that e-Book that I wrote last year. I called it ” The Biggest Revelation.”

13. Facebook Email Address Scraper – With this tool, you can scrape email addresses from Facebook using keywords. For example, you want to know someone in your area who sells a certain product or who does a certain job, just type the keyword and name of the place, this app will pull out up to 100  Facebook id, email addresses, Facebook page URL as well as website URL (if only available).

14. Facebook Post Comment Auto-Reply – This is another advanced tool inside Builderall, where you can preset an auto-reply every time someone comments on your specific FB post. You can also send your reply directly to their inbox or messenger.

15. Click/Heat Map tool – This App will show you the exact points on your website where your visitors go.  You can see what link they clicked on your article and you can trace how they exit from your website. In WordPress, Sumome Plugin also does this.

16. Browser Notification – If you’ve notice some websites that ask you to send a message via browser, you can do the same with Builderall.  It is like a Push Notification to your visitors even if they’re not on your website. The most popular platform who does this today is SendPulse.

17. SEO Report Tool – With this tool, you can check each of your pages whether visible for the search engine or not.

18. Social Media Comment and Plugins – These are Drag and Drop Social media widgets like Facebook Comment, Facebook Share, Social Media Link Profiles, Linkedin,  Istagram, and Twitter Feeds.

19. Payment Gateway – With Builderall, you can charge your visitors and you can sell something without leaving your website. You can also ingrate Shopify for e-commerce sites.

20. Scarcity Counters and Timers – You can use this to convert those thrifty visitors into an immediate action taker. By showing them a timer that your offer is about to be gone. Tell them to get it now before it’s too late, something like that. That is very effective in e-commerce.

21. Unlimited Domain and Subdomain – With Buildrall, you can have unlimited pre-hosted sites. If you want to have your own custom domain name, just buy from third-party vendors like Godaddy.com and change your Name Servers. There is an instruction how to do that.

There are still a few that are worth to mention but I have already provided so much.

My question now is…

Are you still there reading my honest Builderall review?

We are not yet done.

I still have a lot of things to tell you. As I have said, this is solid and authentic information from a real user, not just from a money-making Internet Marketer.

If you are still there, now let me continue…

Is Builderall Worth to Grab and Promote?

I assume that you are also a Marketer and you want to make money online just like many of us. If you have the same question after knowing each of those Builderall Tools, my answer is certainly not at all YES.  To have a good answer, let us a bit talk about VALUE.

How much value do you think you can get or you can share to the marketplace if you grab and promote Builderall now? By having the right answer to that question, you can also answer the one above.

Now, let’s talk about money!

Builderall’s Business Opportunity

With everything that this company has to offer, they need people to promote their products so that they can reach a wider audience.  Like other Digital Marketing Companies, they invite anyone who knows how to promote an Online Business to become their partners and here’s what they say:


Builderall review Opportunity

Here’s the video:

Let me explain one by one. To better understand this part, we have to discuss how much money involved to get started with it.

How Much Builderall Costs?

To grab everything inside Builderall Platform, you need to pay ONLY $29.99/per month. Yes, that’s a monthly subscription.  Considering how much is the value you can get, that $29.99 subscription is like cents of a dollar.  That Sales Funnel alone is enough.  If you go somewhere else like ClickFunnels.com, you will be paying double.

When we talk about creating a Custom Lead Capture Page, LeadPages.com is the leading company for that but it’s too expensive and you still have to pay for Autoresponder like Aweber to get it going. But don’t get too excited. I have some ridiculous stories to tell.

To grab their Business Opportunity for Marketers, you need to become a Commercial License Reseller.  It needs a One-time payment of $97.00 and gets access to their promotional tools (your affiliate dashboard). That’s the only way to make money with them.

How Builderall May Pay You?

Builderall is too generous. They give you a 100% commission for your Commercial License Sale. Plus a 2 tier 30% recurring commission from members’ monthly subscription. Meaning, you will earn 30% of the $29.99  that your referred members will be paying as well as to their referrals (that is just $8.99 per person) per month. If you have been in MLM you can easily figure this out. But I know you get it.

So, that’s how to make money with Builderll. All the hypes above will only happen if you are good in traffic generation and you can produce a lot of sales. If not, this is no different from any Affiliate products with 100% commission.

Important Note!

One very important thing to note is that Builderall is also available in JVzoo. If you go there, you will end up paying $47.99/month for the same services and features mentioned above.  The only way to get this for $29.99/month is when you stumble into a link from a Commercial License Reseller (like me).

JVZoo affiliates are selling this Platform like a hotcake.

Now let’s go to the Ridiculous part about Builderall. I know this is what you want with all those positive points that I shared above. Don’t worry I have a lot to tell.

My Real Experience with Builderall

With so much excitement when I first heard about it, I jumped right in without any second thought.  I paid both the monthly subscription and the onetime $97.00 just to get started.  I just did not care for the free 7 days trial.

I watched all the video tutorials in my first 2 days and tried to create a Lead Capture Page for the program that I promote (see it here live). My first month was really a struggle – I called learning curve.  I was not able to promote it massively.

When I get started working with MailingBoss (Builderall’s Email Marketing Platform and Autoresponder) I experienced so much trouble.  To avoid your emails going straight into your subscriber’s SPAM folder, you must have a professional email as your sender.

To do that, a custom domain name is required. When linked with your Builderall Site, you can have a webmail or new email address that works for MailingBoss. So I went to Godaddy and purchased a domain name for $20.

My first plan was to have a blog using their responsive blogging platform. So I picked one from the available themes, edit it and linked that domain name from Godaddy. I changed the Name Servers and wait for the DNS to propagate.

I was waiting for over 48 hours and nothing happens!

Instead of waiting for more time, I’ve got a Plan B. I shifted to Drag and Drop Site Builder and forget that responsive blog hoping that it will work fast.

But still, nothing happens…

I was messing up that even their technical team could not help. I just keep on waiting for that website to get online with my custom domain name. But later on, I realized that everything was due to my simple fault, I did not watch the tutorial.

What I did was, I went to Namecheap and purchase a new domain name. I went through the right process of setting it up and then, after 24 hours, my website was online (see here live) and I’ve got that professional email that I should use inside MailingBoss (info@julsonlinebiz.com)

That’s the only point where I became confident to use MailingBoss. So with 30 email addresses, I’ve collected (including my 2 other Gmails), I sent one campaign or a kind of newsletter just to try.

It says, 100% sent! Wow!

I was so excited.

When I checked my inbox and SPAM folder, nothing’s there. After a few hours, I checked the stats if someone has received it and opened it.


What I did was, I went to the private Facebook group for Builderall support where users shared their experiences. I looked for some conversation about MailingBoss. Some are complaining but some are saying also that they’re doing well with it. It adds up to my confusion whether to go back to Aweber or not.

But I stayed.

Then I heard some news that since Builderall is based in Orlando Florida, their facilities were affected by the latest Typhoon -Typhoon IRMA. Well, that’s a quite valid reason to hold my temper and let them do their part.

So I wrote a series of emails and load it to my Autoresponder. I used my other email address to sign up on my list and wait if I’ll receive my welcome Email.  After 10 minutes, finally, I got something in my inbox from MailingBoss.

It’s working!

So I that’s the time I can promote it massively. But here comes another problem.

My first month was over. I have to pay Builderall for my 2nd-month subscription. I guessed it was automated but my website we’re all inaccessible. My payment via credit card was declined.

I was about to push a button to blow them all for so much delay and hassle. I thought of calling Kim Jung Un of North Korea to launch that ICBM straight to Florida to end that Builderall thing right there :).

I went to their support team via live chat and one nice staff named AVA really helped me a lot. She’s also a Filipina and knows her stuff very well.  She said that my account was deactivated and I need to pay again manually. So I  used PayPal to pay.

My Payment went through and everything was okay. But the day after, I again experienced the same trouble. It seems that my payment was not posted. So I talked to AVA again and she said I have to send a proof of my payment to contact@builderall.com

I took a screen shot of my Paypal transaction and sent it to that email address with my angry tone of messages. I sent it multiple times (like spamming them) so that they will understand that somethings really went wrong at my end.

I’m so tired of it!

I have done nothing in one month!

After 48 hours I received a message that they’re fixing my issue and my account will be fine. Since then my Builderall account went well and all my websites are online.

Now let me ask you this again:

Should You Join and Promote Builderall?

In spite of what I experienced, I still have some positive views about this Platform. The fact that they are still in Beta, it’s understood that there will be a lot of bugs to fix. The problem is, it causes members to suffer. Those who have a little patience might go somewhere else (if they can find something better).

I believe that if they can fix everything and become stable, everything will turn out fine and they can deliver whatever they promised with less or no trouble at all on users end.

That’s just my point of view.

Another good thing here is that they are a legal company with more than 70 office staffs and their vision is BIG. Afraid of getting scammed? No! Not with Builderall.

Now that I have shared some of the info that you may want to know, as a marketer, I must be honest, I also want to make money with this. The fact that you are here, you also do the same.  It will only happen if and only if you will click that link right there, go to Builderall Checkout page and pay. At least I didn’t trick you or bring you to my other affiliate products.

Wait! Don’t Go!

I have the best deal that you can’t find anywhere!

Among hundreds of Builderall Commercial License Resellers currently, I don’t know if there’s someone out there who also has the same offer as I have.

I know that $97 is quite huge, so I want to offer a help.

Here’s my deal:

Join Builderall now, Become a Commercial License Reseller (Pay the one-time $97) and I will pay you back the $47.  Yes, you heard it right. I will give you back your money.  I will only get the $50 for my living.

I can send you back that money via PayPal. That’s our internal affair and Builderall has nothing to do with that. As soon as I have the 100% commission from your purchase, I’ll send you your money. So, you must get connected with me via this blog.


Aside from that, I will promote your Builderall Commercial License Resellers link for FREE. Not only you,  I will also promote the link of your first paid sign up just for you to be in profit.

Why I’m doing this? 

I believe that the more I help people with this, the more blessing will return to me. That’s the inner secret of any business though. If you’re GAME with that deal, CLICK THIS LINK , scroll down a little bit till you see that  “Get Instant Access Button.”

Click that button and pay the $29.99 and just complete the process. Remember, return to me and get your $47 back.

Why Should You Promote Builderall?

Here’s why.

As of now, there are hundreds of marketers who are not building their own list when promoting their Online Business.

How can I say that?

If you go to places like Safelist Sites, Traffic Exchange Sites, Facebook and anywhere, most marketers are just using their system- generated referral links that redirect their sign-ups to the company’s premade Landing Pages or Opt-in Page.

Of course, with that, they’re not building a list for their own, but for their admins.

That’s a big NO for those who understand. You must have a custom lead capture page, collect email address and redirect your sign-ups to your company’s Opt-in page or Sales Page whatever you are promoting. That’s how to do it right.

They are the marketers who need tools which we can offer from Builderall such as Custom Lead Capture Page Design and the Autoresponder. As soon as they’ll get the right message and they realized that BIG mistake, they’ll appreacite what Builderall has to offer.

And you know what? There are thousands if not millions of marketers out there who does the same mistake daily. They need to understand that and they are our target audience.

Well, that’s just my own why…

Anyways, I have said a lot, I hope I have painted that little scenario in your mind with my honest, real experienced based Builderall review. Now you have the idea… it’s your turn to say something.

Just leave me a word below.

You may also watch this video for more info about builderall







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