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Hey, Pay Attention Closely!

Please read from start to end. There is a very important note below that is why I brought you here after seeing what’s inside. I redirected you here from your inbox because I want you to understand everything. Secondly, I want you to know that you are not alone when getting started with this EasyLeadandCash.com.

Yes, I am here to help.

Of course, I know that you have been making money online as a Marketer. With that said, I assume that you already understand all the basics and you know already exactly what to do. But in case you have a question. I am always here for you.

So what is this program that promises unlimited $15?

This is EasyLeadandCash.com.  It is a direct sales affiliate system, where members are qualified to make money by just paying a one time fee of $15 and a small admin fee of $3. All payments are sent directly to the person who introduced you to that business. No waiting for payout to get approved, no one is in control, the money goes straight to your account.



Is this legit?

When I get started, I also have the same question, but that question was gone when I started receiving multiple $15 to my PayPal from CoinsPayment.com. Yes, I used CoinsPayment platform to receive both Bitcoin and PayPal. You can also use PaysPree to receive a payment from your referrals, it will be sent to your PayPal directly. If you prefer Payza it’s also available.

The thing here that makes it irrelevant to ask whether is this legit or not is that, no one is controlling the member’s payment. No one will hold your money. As long as the website is online, anyone can tap into this system, make a payment and start promoting it to make money.

Unlike many MLM and other Affiliate Networks, you have to reach a certain threshold before you can withdraw your money. Some MLMs require you to send your photo and other docs to get approved for payout. Sometimes they will hold your money and never pay.

The thing is, they are in control.

But here with EasyLeadandCash, no one.That makes me feel safer here. The only risk is if the admin will no longer pay the web hosting and the website will become offline. But no, it will not happen as long as the Admin is making money also.

Who’s Behind EasyLeadandCash.com?

Certainly, not me. I am just a Marketer like you who took some advantage of this member to member payment system. For me, this is fast and a bit easy.

The man behind this system is named Marvin Williams.  You can see that name if you logged in to the member’s area and scroll down at the footer.


Marvin Williams

I also took a screenshot of his FB profile just to show you. One thing I noticed here that makes me feel safe is that this man is real. He’s not hiding. You can contact him via FB and other Social Networks. In fact, he showed his face, unlike other marketers.

I heard about this person years ago when I joined his BuildMyIncomeDaily.com. I earned some money with it together with hundreds of other members. The problem with BMID was when Facebook became too strict with AutoPosters (the main products of BMID) and a lot of members were banned on Facebook. But still, it’s online until today.

However, I still encourage you to do your own research about this person for your own sake if really necessary. So, whether or not EasyLeadandCash.com is safe, my answer is YES. But still always consider some risks being just a marketer.

What about the product?

With your $15 you will get 10 PLR products about Internet Marketing. You can sell those if you want, you can use them as Freebies in your website and etc. You can also use it to help grow your online business. But for me, I don’t have time going through each of those PLR products. All I want was the opportunity to make money.

Affordability matters.

With a one time payment of ONLY $15, you can position yourself to earn unlimited $15 too. Note that with only one paid referral, you are already break-even. From 2 onwards, you are in profit. And with that,  I see no risk at all.

The only thing I cannot tell here as of now is when was the exact time EasyLeadandCash has started and how long it’s been online. I know that as a Marketer, that stuff matters. But the fact that many are still grabbing it, it’s still hot. There are millions of marketers out there who want to make money online fast. If they will just get the right message, they’ll join the ride.

So, how to get Started with ELAC?

To get started, you just need to have a $15. It could be a  PayPal or Bitcoin (don’t forget the admin fee.) Go to the checkout page using your sponsor’s link and send that $15 via his or her desired payment method (CoinsPayment, Payspree ).



That’s only if you decide to grab this now and join me.

As soon as you have the link to the member’s area, just follow the instruction. You are required to create an account to be able to log in. If done, set up everything especially your ways how to receive a payment mentioned above.

Note also that Marvin Williams will require you to use Traffic Wave as an Autoresponder for an automated follow-up. That’s an option inside when you select a referral link. It’s free for first 30 days. But if it’s over, you need to pay for $17 monthly. That’s how he makes money with this system as a (Traffic Wave affiliate). If you don’t have Autoresponder yet and you don’t want to add up that to your cost, do not follow him. I have an Autoresponder that only requires $7.00 monthly, with all traffic generation and free leads given by the admin. I’ll tell you more on that later.

So, skip that part. Do not set up an Autoresponder inside the member’s area. We have a much cheaper autoresponder to use with a high percentage of open rate if you need (I suggest). Our messages simply don’t go to SPAM.

So how can I help you to get started? 

As soon as you’re done. Get your referral link and give it to me. Just leave it as a comment below. I will include that in my link rotator and I will massively promote it for FREE. Yes, like other members, I’ll do the selling and you’ll get the money.

The question how to have an unlimited and unending flow of $15 dollars sent directly to your PayPal or Bitcoin account is only a matter of traffic. The more traffic we get, the more sign-ups we have and the more leads we can convert into sales, the more $15 we get. Without traffic, we will not make money.

So if you want to get started earning unlimited $15 with ELAC today, just click the button below.


get started today

I believe that I have explained some important points, but if you have a question just leave me a comment.






Juls D.

Hi, I’m Juls. I make a living online. I sell a lot of digital products that I don’t own to a bunch of people that I have never met. With my laptop and mouse I’m in control. For me, time and distance are not an issue and my “system” works for me 24/7. If you want to do the same, just click that “start here” tab in the menu above.

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