Best List Building Tools in 2017 and Beyond

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Searching for best list building tools that are affordable? You’ve just landed a page that would tell you exactly where to get those (this keyword suggested by Squirly makes me sick).

I assumed that you reached this specific post, which talks about  Best List Building Tools because you’ve clicked a link from one my emails that explains something about List Building.  Yes, you must build a list when doing an online business.

That’s just the right thing to do and many marketers are not doing it and they have wasted their time from the very beginning. As a marketer, regardless of what niche you are in, regardless of what product you are promoting, it could be an MLM or affiliate product, there is only one thing that you should do to do things right – build a list.

Building a list is like building an asset online. Without it, it is very hard to make money. You keep on chasing people who might buy your product. And they keep on getting rid of you. But if you already have a list of 30,000 email addresses, you can just tap into it and sell new products related to what you offered before.

Aside from that, there are endless possibilities if you already have a list. You can monetize it in many different ways. But…

It’s expensive!

I understand that building a list needs money.  You need to spend a huge amount to have the best list building tools as your arsenal. And that is the reason why only a few are doing it especially on the level of beginners and novices in Internet Marketing. You have to pay for Aweber or other Email Marketing and Autoresponder providers, where you can create a subscription form.

Though in WordPress, there are plugins like Sumome that provides subscription form for free, that’s just good for collecting email addresses. To send an automated message which is the purpose of building a list, you really need to have an Autoresponder. That is where you can automate your job to produce a result.

It must be attention-grabbing

But on the Internet, where rivalry among websites promoting the same product in the same niche is never-ending, the one that stands out usually generates the best result.  This is why when it comes to List Building, things like high converting lead capture pages and landing pages are really necessary – not just an ordinary opt-in form encrypted in a website. You must have a page that tells people to enter their contact details.

It must be an intelligent page

Recently, marketers are getting smart when it comes to making money online and creating conversion. Automation has stepped into a higher level not just to build a list and not just to bring visitors into their product sales page. They learned to use Sales Funnels, where they can manipulate and control what is next to appear on someone’s screen based on that person’s action or behavior.

If a purchase happens right away (for example) an upsell will pop up to add more value to that aggressive client. If that visitor shows no interest, a down-sell or reduced price may pop up to lure that customer and take advantage of the opportunity. If that visitor exits, he will receive a series of follow-up email messages to give him more reason to buy that product. That’s basically how the Sales Funnel works.

It is a manipulation of lead capture page and the autoresponder to automate the sales process using all the available tools such as scarcity counters, sales proof pop up and etc. to convert a website visitor into a paying customer. But still, without an Autoresponder it can’t be perfected.The problem with this is that you have to pay each of those tools from different platforms.

For example, you may subscribe to Aweber for your Autoresponder. You may subscribe to LeadPages for your lead capture page design and host. You may subscribe to ClickFunnels or OptimizePress for your Sales Funnel and etc. The thing is, you have to pay each of those separately on a monthly basis.

The hardest part is, they are very expensive. You may need to spend $100 per month on this to get the best list building tools. And that’s one of the reasons why only a few marketers are willing to have those tools.  They even lost the interest of building a list just to eliminate that $60 monthly subscription for both lead capture page and autoresponder (close to that).

What is the best List Building Tools today?


I’ve got an answer!

I honestly wrote this article because of this. If not, I just don’t care. I know this is the solution for most marketers’ problem when it comes to List Building.  With this, building a list has become easier, advanced and above all, affordable than ever before. What I am referring to here is the Builderall Platform.

Builderall 3

What is Builderall?

Before we discuss what is Builder all, let me remind you on this. This is the reason why you should have your own custom landing page and autoresponder. This is the reason why you should build a list especially if you are promoting affiliate products.  Let’s assume that you use free traffic sources like Safelist Site.  This is what most unaware marketers were doing and they’re doing it wrong.


Wrong way online business

See the comparison here:


right way of doing online business

If you pay a bit of your attention above, you will notice the importance of having your own custom landing page when promoting something online, as well as the autoresponder. Let me say “the importance of building a list.

That is my point why I said many marketers are not doing it in a right way.  They’re not building a list, they’re building a list for someone else because they don’t know this idea and so, they also don’t know that they’re just wasting their time.

Now let’s go back to Builderall.

How it helps us when it comes to list-building? Why it’s considered as the best list building tool?

Here’s how and why:

Inside Builderall Platform, you have everything such as:

  1. A bunch of high converting customizable and ready to use Lead Capture Pages Templates
  2.  Autoresponder and Email Marketing Platform
  3.  Drag and Drop website creator with animated or dynamic content (see sample here)
  4. Sales Funnel Creator

Note that what I have listed above is what we need for List Building and making conversions.

But wait there’s more!

Let me just show this list from my other website:

Builderall List of Features

Now, let me go through each and tell you how you can capitalize each tool. I know you already know but let me just start from the beginning.

  1.  Lead Capture Page – Collect email addresses for list building.
  2.  Autoresponder – Send automated messages and follow-up to your list
  3.  Responsive Blog Builder – Create a responsive blog to support your list
  4.  Drag & Drop Website Builder – Create your own website and even to sell physical products and also to edit your custom landing page.
  5. Membership Site Creator – Make a membership site and protect premium content that needs paid-license to access. Members must upgrade to pro
  6. Advance Sales Funnel – Control the sequence of your sales process based on action and behavior
  7. Animated Video Creator – Create an eye-capturing dynamin video presentation
  8. Floating Video Creator – Create a video that sticks to your screen whenever you scroll your mouse
  9. Mobile App Creator –  Design your own mobile app
  10. Facebook App Creator – Create an app and integrate with Facebook
  11. Presentation Creator – Just like an Advanced Powerpoint
  12. Facebook Share Locker – let your website viewer share your content first to unlock it. This makes your website Viral in Facebook
  13. Facebook Email Address Scraper – Scrape email address of people in Facebook based on keyword
  14. Facebook Post Comment Auto-Reply – Automated reply on your Facebook post if someone does a comment.
  15. Unlimited Domain and Subdomain – Unlimited Website creation
  16. Click/Heat Map tool – Trace the flow of where your visitors go inside your website. See what link is often clicked and where they proceed.
  17. Browser Notification – Sends like Push Notification to your visitors even if they’re not on your website
  18. SEO Report Tool – Check each of your pages whether visible for the search engine or not.
  19. Social Media Comment and Plugins – Drag and Drop Social media (comment, share, link profile and etc.)
  20. Payment Gateway – You can charge your visitors directly from your site if you sell something like the premium content or even physical product.

If someone will ask you how much it all cost to own everything I listed above what is your answer?

Some hundreds of dollars?

A thousand dollar?

The question though, to have the right answer is how much value each piece of tools above matters to you?  If you don’t need any of those maybe you are not willing to pay for $200 if it says so.

But no!

You don’t need $200 to get all; you only need 29.95 per month.

Actually, as of now, I am not yet using all tools above. I am only after for Custom Lead Capture Page Templates, Auto-responder, Site Builder, and FB Share Locker and my word is

“It’s incredibly amazing.”

Take a look what’s inside Builderall.

To grab the Best List Building Tools mentioned above you have to tap into Builderall All in One Marketing Platform. To do that, simply CLICK HERE. 




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