Avoiding PayPal Unauthorized Transaction

Hey, this is important!

If you are using PayPal to receive payment from your online business you have to change some setting in your account to avoid having PayPal Unauthorized Transaction


PayPal is always after for your safety. If something looks suspicious just like receiving money from somewhere else without you selling something, PayPal will see it sometimes as Unauthorized Transaction. I really don’t know if this happens if you previously set up your PayPal

I really don’t know if this happens only if you previously linked your PayPal with e-commerce shop like Shopify. That’s what I did.

But if it happens, your money will be held by PayPal and you won’t be able to use it. You need to answer some questions posted in resolution center and you need to upload some documents.

The thing is, it’s a hassle on our part. We don’t need that. We are not doing any foolishness and PayPal should not hold our money.

Let me just assume that you are not aware of this. However, if you already know just don’t waste your time with this.

It happened to me the first time I received $15 from CoinsPayment when I first promoted EasyLeadandCash.com.

I just share my experience so that this will not happen to you.

To avoid having Paypal Unauthorized Transaction, do the following:

  1. Log-in to your PayPal Account
  2. Go to your profile
  3. Click Selling Tools tab at the bottom
  4. Go to Block Payments and click update

A new window will open and show you a page that says:

“Payment Receiving Preferences”

Follow the setting on this screenshot:

PayPal Setting to receieve payment

Click Save.

If done, your PayPal has just been set up for receiving unlimited Payments from other Platforms like Payspree, CoinsPayment and etc.


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