julsHi, my name is Julius C. Dabon. I am a Philippine-based Internet Marketer who has just turned full-time online. I just ended my supposed to be 8-4 daily routine but in reality, it’s actually 5-8.

Since 2009, I have been exploring the Internet to make money online. And yes, I did it many times during my free-time. I have filled my PayPal and Payza accounts (formerly AlertPay) with some hundreds of dollars over and over again. That’s not bad for me while having a full-time job (abroad) for 8 years.

But truly, nothing lasts forever. My contract as a Technical Training Instructor in one of the Technical Institutes in Oman has ended. I have no choice. I have to go home and start all over again.

With my little money left on my bank, I planned to run a small local business. But my problem was, I have never been in any traditional business before. I don’t have any experience. I’m afraid.

As an OFW for quite a long time, I have been so tired being away from home. I don’t want it anymore. Yes, the money is there but I also lost the most valuable asset in my life that I can only use once – my time. I feel like I was enslaved and deprived of my own freedom.

I’m tired!

I realized that I have been spending a lot of my time for someone else in that employment world instead of using it to grow and learn things like running an online business to become free and totally independent. The only thing that matter was,  at least I was able to help other people being in that learning institution.

Though I was paid for it and it makes me survive as well as my family, deep in my heart I know that there’s a better way to do it (to make money for a living). But the sad thing was, many of us (Filipinos) were all conditioned to flock into that one direction – seeking for better employment abroad.

But, still, of course, I am grateful for all that I have been.

Julius Dabon Oman

  The Institute in Oman, where I work since 2009, me and one of the admins.


But here’s a thing…

From the very start, we are all conditioned to work individually to gain something only from our limited capability,  being alone,  and conditioned to believe that that’s all we can do.

I believe that we have not reached our total potential as human beings because, at some point in our lives, we are taught to live only to survive – we are lied!

We are trapped! 

With that in mind, I followed my heart’s desire.

I went online!

I want to have a kind of income which is not defined by my own effort and capability being alone. I want a system, where I can use the power of “leverage,” where time and distance is irrelevant. I want a place where I can have some automation to make things done fast with less effort.

And there’s only one place to go.


So, I searched some MLM type affiliate product to promote and begun blasting my affiliate link in many of those Safelist sites that are still bombarding my inbox with hundreds of emails daily since 2010.

But I realized something.

With all those years of sitting in front of my laptop – clicking ads, viewing other people’s website from Traffic Exchange sites, clicking messages in my inbox to gain credits from Safelist sites, mass posting ads on FB groups using Autoposter Software, buying Solo Ads from places like Safe Swap, buying backlinks from Fiverr for my WordPress blog, I noticed that it seems like I was not moving ahead.

I noticed that it seems like I remain a newbie in spite of my experience promoting Stiforp, Empower Network, JustBeenPaid and other MLM type or referral-based programs that’s just come and go. That was sometime in 2010 – 2013. And the reason for that was, I did a BIG mistake.

“I did not build a list!”

Imagine how many “hundreds” of email addresses I might have collected since the day I started promoting all those types of online businesses and affiliate products – if only I build a list.

As soon as I realized it, I do things in a right way.

Yes! I started building a list.

I subscribed to some Email Marketing Platforms and created my custom Opt-in page every time I have something to promote.

Here are my words:

Never promote anything online without your own custom landing page. Do not just promote your system-generated referral link. That’s a BIG NO! If you do, you will be wasting your effort and time like what I did.  You must have your own custom Opt-in Page to collect email addresses.

You must build your own list!

To know more on this, get this free- e-Book, where I shared my story how I started building a list and how I grow it fast.

Marketers Biggest Mistake

That e-book will give you a clear picture what should you do if you are just getting started. Get it, it’s free and it helps many marketers. Here’s the link.

Since then, my online business runs smoothly and became completely different. With that experience, I learned something.

I realized that making money online does not happen right out of the gate. Money comes from behind the scene through your list, not by the people you first met or those who first visited your website regardless of what you offer.

Imagine being in your backyard planting vegetable seeds. You have to take care of it till it grows and bears some fruits for you to harvest.

It takes time.

Yes, it takes time to grow and cultivate your growing plants as much as your list. You need to pay some attention to it and spend time with it. Feed it with valuable stuff like fertilizer and water as much as encouragement and empowering words.

I know you get the idea.

Though there’s something in common between taking care of your list and taking care of your garden, looking at the difference matters. Remember, your lists are human beings while your vegetables are just plants.

People in your list have their own wants, needs, fears, weaknesses, strengths and all of them are seeking some ways to ease their own burdens to feel better – the reason they subscribed to your list. And if you fail to make them feel better, you are nothing. You are just another “marketer.”

Don’t do that.

With that kind of understanding, I became one step ahead when it comes to making money online. I moved a bit on the upper ladder and I understand the system deeper than how I used to be.

Since then, everything runs smoothly and my online business, regardless of what I promote, pays me.

… by the way…

If you reached this page of my blog because you’ve clicked that link I sent to your inbox about Builderall,  and if you want to join our team, I would suggest you to know everything that Builderall has to offer.

This is to see what you are stepping into and visualize how BIG this opportunity is,  as much as the value that you will be promoting into the marketplace.

With that said, I have created a one-page website that houses all tools offered by Builderall. This is easier and quicker than scrolling down their long sales pages. Notice also the animation of the content. That’s my first try using their Drag and Drop Site Builder.  Here is the link

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