How to Avoid Having Unauthorized Transaction in PayPal

Hey, this is important! If you are using PayPal to receive payment from your online business you have to change some setting in your account to avoid having PayPal Unauthorized Transaction Look! PayPal is always after for your safety. If something looks suspicious just like receiving money from somewhere else without you selling something, PayPal will see it sometimes as Unauthorized Transaction. I really don’t know if this happens if you previously set up your PayPal I really don’t know if this happens only if you previously linked your PayPal with e-commerce shop like Shopify. That’s what I did. But if…

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Tools and Platforms I Used for this Blog

Marketing Tools

What you can find on this page are the tools and Platforms that I tapped with when getting started. Just go through the list below and see if you feel the need to also have them as part of your arsenal. Some of these are optional and some are really required depending on what you want to achieve and the strategy that you used to have it done. 1.  Grammarly A free Google Chrome extension that corrects errors in grammar, punctuations, and spelling when  writing an article. Having English as my second language, errors when typing is always unavoidable. This…

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My Picks of Best Safelist Sites

Safelist Marketing Strategy

I have listed below some of the Best Safelist Sites that I tapped with to generate leads for my Online Business. Those are the ones that really worked well for me. If you are not yet a member, I suggest you join and have a look around, send some of your ads and see your result. I have also provided a downloadable document containing the HTML Code of each Safelist 468×60 banner ads. You can use it to have them all on your blog and share also to your downline, team, friends, followers or to your mailing list to generate…

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