The Biggest Revelation Book Review



The Biggest Revelation. Have you heard about this? Or this is maybe something strange to you?  For those who don’t have this yet, let me tell you one thing. This book could be the last written content that could change your perception of reality and to yourself as a person.

It reveals a completely new level of awareness, which if only people in today’s generation could adapt, all souls could be freed from ignorance and could unleash their own infiniteness.  This new level of consciousness could turn humans into exercising total freedom, abundance, and happiness. Fear and survival mentality could be eliminated. Therefore, no more poverty could exist. This book is something that you should read right now.

The first part teaches you how to make your mind sharper, so that you may be able to grasp everything inside. Something that can’t be understood by an ordinary level of human understanding according to how complicated and busy the world was. The moment you get the idea on the first chapter, you are then ready to look at your world, equipped with a mind sharper than it used to be.

From the 2nd chapter up to 5th,  the big show begins. It talks about hidden issues that affect our lives. Things that controls how we do things in life in a wrong way – the reason why we messed up.  It reveals the innermost root of poverty and all human problems never been seen by anyone. As being said, poverty and mediocrity are just results of the mess we carry within ourselves.

If we look at the world today, we can’t deny the fact that many people are poor. The only problem was, the poor and mediocre happened to accept that kind of reality and they learned to live with it, and they believed that nothing’s really wrong. Because of that standpoint, they failed to tap into their hidden potential and they lose the chance to discover their own inner greatness.

Ignorance! That is the only root of all. According to Brian Tracy, “ we, human beings are only using 10% of our total individual potential or power given by God.” He further said, “each and every person living today has still 90% power, which is untapped due to ignorance.”

It needs deep contemplation and digging to understand everything. It took me years to put the pieces together before I arrived into conclusion about what really happened. The truth is something that many people can’t accept. Something that is really disgusting, completely different from what we believe to be right.

The world is full of lies and misdirection. That is why entertainment was created. That is why sports, movie and music industry became the best place to find fame and fortune and many people were too busy and pre-occupied with it.

Money was used to attract entertainers to control millions of minds. Thus,  many people wasted time and learn nothing. As a result, mindlessness and poverty reign.


Poverty is just a result of what we have on the inside. “As above so below, as within so without,” meaning, whatever comes in the unseen world, also manifests in our material world.

For every occurrence in the world of form, there is always an underlying cause in the formless world. The mess we carry has nothing to do with reality and human experiences, it is somewhere on spiritual aspects of our lives.

Therefore, to understand all of these, instead of facing forward and locking our jaw into what’s in front of us, we have to bow down and close our eyes. We have to search within ourselves what’s wrong.

We can’t end poverty and all problems by just shouting on the streets and blaming the government. The problem lies on the inside, not on the outside. As we deal more with the problem just like many people did every day, we feed our consciousness with the idea that creates the problem.

Albert Einstein said, “no one can solve any problem with the same mind that created it.” As we feed our minds with issues in our society that we hate, hoping that someone will take it away from us, we are poisoning our own consciousness with such negativity and we can never run away from it.

All of that stuff are discussed in the said chapters.

From 6th up to the 13th chapters, all hidden knowledge are revealed.  Those are the things taught by Bob Proctor, Anthony Robbins, Rhonda Byrne and etc., worth thousands of dollars in seminars.

It includes all the universal laws that have been forgotten – how the universe works, in which due to our ignorance of it, many of those laws we violated every day – the reason why we all messed up.

On the 13th chapter, there is a practical guide to completely change your life. Just follow the suggested task without questions and your life will change.

The Biggest Revelation book was written just because of one reason, that reason is to heal poverty from within, where many people suffered but unable to see the problem as they limit their knowledge only on things that they see.