Poverty Solution that Never Fails

poverty solution never fails

Now that I have shared so much about poverty and its deepest root, it is time to talk about the solution. In reality, poverty appears to be the lack of money and material possession that man needs for survival and comfort, but subjectively, poverty is a result of lack of knowledge on how to deal with life, reality, and the universe.

We have to understand that everything on the outside emanates from the inside. There is no such thing as vine and fruit without a root. If the root beneath the surface is in trouble, it manifests on the outside as poor harvest. Our reality is no different from how the plant kingdom unfolds.

According to the principle of correspondence, one of the universal laws many people don’t know, “as above so below as within so without.” This means, whatever lies on the outside always corresponds on the inside. Materiality always corresponds with spirituality. Poverty is a manifestation of the mess we carry within ourselves – ignorance.

As said earlier, ignorance is a result of human deception. This is when knowledge and right understanding was hidden, replaced with a bunch of self-destructing beliefs, actions, and principles. This is why we have this thing called “entertainment,” where we wasted so much time and forever move away from knowledge.

This is why we learned to smoke cigarettes, drink liquors and become drug addicts for our own destruction. This is why we learned to seek for pleasure and comfort in our lifetime, instead of searching for an opportunity to challenge and discover our hidden potentials. Remember, comfort is a trap.

All of the above seems to be so natural and we believe that nothing’s really wrong. That’s how reality unfolds. But beyond our know, everything is part of the biggest human sabotage that resulted in massive human ignorance and poverty.

So how can we change the system and get rid of being a victim? Knowledge! Knowledge alone can bring deliverance to millions of souls from the cage. There is so much for us to know to understand the whole spectrum of reality.

What we have learned from “education” is just a tiny part of the pieces and we should not limit our understanding of the things on the outside. Now that you already understand, let us begin putting an end to poverty by working with the problem.

Here are the Poverty Solution that Never Fails

1. Attract Blessings

If poverty is the opposite of abundance, and abundance is a blessing, to end poverty, we must learn how to attract blessings into our lives (as simple as that). To do this, it takes a lot of things to learn, which we try to cover in this discussion.

If in reality money is the problem, we have to understand that the value of money is just an energy that represents abundance also known as wealth. Wealth could be any valuable stuff like Gold and Silver. It just happened that we adapted to the system of using paper money as a representation of wealth.

The point is, we may not accumulate paper money in bulk but we could be rich by having all the blessing and good things to pour into our lives. Everything can be converted into money if you will. If it happens, you become a person of true wealth and riches from the inside; you become a “wealth magnet” as they say.

2. Change Your Self-Concept

To attract blessings and abundance, one must become one with it. As being said, “Riches is not something that you get, it is something that you already are.” No one can attract abundance being in a consciousness of poverty.

If someone thinks that he is poor enough, he must convince himself that he’s rich even if in reality he’s still broke. He must renounce living in the environment of the poor, where scarcity and poverty reigned, fueled by all sorts of negative energies in man’s heart.

No amount of blessings will pour in the atmosphere of disunity, competition, and selfishness, where LOVE and GRATITUDE are out of the context. Someone must get out of that environment and stay in a place where blessings abound. To do that, you have to change yourself and forget your old belief of who you are.

Consciousness is the one and only reality, whatever man has perceived, believed and accepted to be true, determines his life experiences. If you are poor and you remain on that knowing that you are really poor and broke, you can never attract blessings and abundance.

It is because whether you like it or not, you will be doing things that poor people do unless you change your self-concept (self-image) from poor into being rich.

3. Assume Being Rich

To change your self-concept, you must apply the law of assumption. Pretending to be someone you’re not is something that many people find abhorring. It is unacceptable in a way that it is an act of lie.

Most people believed that being true to who you are, what you are, and your acceptance to it is the best thing you can do as a person. And many claimed that no matter who they are they love their own “self.”

At some point, there is an irony with that belief and that must be wrong. In fact, it is completely against the Law of Assumption, which I will cover in a bit later. Imagine that you are poor and you love yourself being poor and you don’t have trouble with it. How can you get out of that condition if you are doing things as it used to be?

To change yourself, you must act and pretend to be someone you are not. To exit from the consciousness of being poor and to attract abundance, you must pretend to be rich and do the things rich people do. What are those?

You may engage in money making endeavor. You may be interested in improving yourself in whatever field you are in. You may become interested in business, investment and you may dress, act and feel like a rich.

You may no longer live in a state of scarcity even if you still don’t have the money. Above all, you may recognize the importance of “gratitude” and “giving” in your life. These are the things that poor people don’t do, only the rich.

You don’t need money to begin being a rich. The money will come to those who deserve –those who know how to attract abundance instead of chasing it in their lifetime. The more you chase it the more it becomes elusive, because the act of chasing money is an act of scarcity in the consciousness of poverty.

The Law of Assumption is popularized by the book of Neville, “The Power of Awareness.” It says that “to achieve your dreams or to become successful in whatever desire you have, you have to make your dreams a present fact by assuming the feeling of wish fulfilled.”

It means you have to act as if that you already are. If you are poor and you want to become rich, you have to “act as if” that you are already rich, and then everything will show up. Learn more about it here.

4.) Engage in Giving Value

No one can become wealthy without doing things that attract wealth. In our reality, money as a form of wealth is always traded with something valuable in a form of product, services and some non-tangible stuff like words of knowledge and inspirations.

Without doing any of those, no one can become rich. There is no such thing as something for nothing; you can’t have anything without exchanging something. People in society become rich by giving value to other people in terms of their business –through restaurants, selling items and you name it.

Directly or indirectly, they are giving value to other human beings the reason why they become rich. Similarly, poor people remains broke because they don’t engage in giving value to others; they only think for their own survival.

If you can notice, everything has nothing to do with reality. It is only a matter of how you know your “self.” It is only a matter of what kind of person you are in your own knowing.

5. Be Grateful

Poverty is an aftermath of being in the consciousness where gratitude is very hard to feel. Gratitude and happiness are something that cannot be separated. If you are not happy, no reason at all to be grateful, and that worsens the scenario of poverty.

Being grateful for everything is an act of recognizing the world as a beautiful place to live. It is an act of abundance – the opposite of being in a state of scarcity and poverty.

The wonder of gratitude to attract abundance comes from the verse in the Bible (Matthew 13:12) that says:

“Whoever has will be given more, and they will have abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.”

It seems like there is a riddle, but the Book of Rhonda Byrne, “The Magic” clearly solves it. It says that the word GRATITUDE fills the missing part of the equation. And the above verse may appear as:

“Whoever has GRATITUDE will be given more, and they will have abundance. Whoever does not have GRATITUDE, even what they have will be taken from them.”

In many personality development training that aims for teaching people to become successful in life, gratitude is always part of the knowledge being taught. Gratitude is everything. Poor people simply become poor because they just don’t have the reason to become grateful in life.

6. End Poverty by Giving Money Away

Dr. Joe Vitale once wrote a book called: “The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History.” It is a collection of different articles from different authors who experienced the power of giving in their lives.

Giving is one of the most overlooked principles to live a happy and abundant life. It is one of the universal laws that human being should always adhere. It says that “If you give, you will receive.” And based on the experience of many, the more you give the more you receive.

Many people don’t’ give enough to other human beings that is why they also don’t receive much. The more they hoard what they have, the more they live in the consciousness of scarcity and the poorer they become.

But giving should be done from an angle of LOVE without expecting anything in return. If you give because you know that you will receive more, you won’t and you will be losing what you have.

To end poverty, what I’ve said is not enough

What I have said above are just a few of the things you should know to end poverty from within and to manifest abundance in your life. There are a bunch of knowledge hidden from us that makes us ignorant how life should unfold.

To get into more details, I have compiled everything into one downloadable material for you to access. You can get it FREE by following that link. You may find similar teachings from a bunch of different personal development books online.

You may find different authors and mentors who discuss riches and poverty with different versions, but in the end, you will realize that all of them are saying the same thing, because, in this universe, there is only one truth expressed in different ways.