The Hidden Cause of Poverty in the Philippines

poverty in the Philippines revelation

What do you think is the main cause of poverty in the Philippines? What makes Filipino poor?

In this post, you will learn the innermost root why Filipinos became poor and the only solution that’s never been talked by any poverty enthusiasts in the country. You may have heard a lot about the alleged solutions to poverty in the Philippines from various sources but what you will know from here is totally different from what they say.

Poverty is a serious issue in our society rooted from something unnoticed by the majority of people who suffered it, not only in the Philippines but also among other poor countries around the world.

Before getting into the depth of this topic, let us first find out the known reasons why Philippines became poor to where our understanding is focused on, which at some point, misdirected us from seeing the real root of the problem.

Here’s the list of causes of Philippine poverty that we all believed to be true:

  1. Corruption in the government
  2.  Lack of Education
  3. Lack of Infrastructure Projects
  4. Lack of Employment Opportunity
  5. Low wage system
  6. Fast Increasing Population
  7. Natural Calamities
  8. National Debt
  9. Insurgencies, Rebellion, and Terrorism

And the list goes on…

Yes, I agree. All of the above may have really contributed to the furtherance of poverty in the Philippines but those are not causes. Those are the consequences of poverty that we carry within ourselves.

The problem lies on the inside, not on the outside. Even if our government has done a lot to solve the above-mentioned problems until we remain poor from the inside, poverty remains, and the root cause of poverty in the Philippines will never be addressed in a right way.

It needs some kind of deep contemplation to really see the origin of the problem. If we remain hovering on the surface, all we can see are results or the fruits, not the cause and we can never find the right solution. And that is the reason why Philippine poverty has never been eradicated since many years.

In our ordinary understanding poverty is just a lack of money. The reason why we experience such kind of lack is due to our poor results in whatever we do to make money. And the reason is because we simply do things in a wrong way, which also rooted from our wrong beliefs and being unaware how to do things in life in a right way.

The Cause of Poverty in the Philippines

The hidden cause of poverty in the Philippines is only our IGNORANCE. Ignorance is the most severe human unseen disease that we all carry, which resulted to who and what we are today. And the solution to our poverty problem is not money, only knowledge.

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As I have said in one of my previous posts, we Filipinos are great people with a great culture and tradition. Many of us are well educated, talented, and highly skilled. We are peace-loving and God-fearing individuals, a law abiding citizens but we are all ignorant human beings.

Our ignorance does not mean being illiterate or uneducated. It has nothing to do with the quality of education that we failed to learn. Though basic education is required to shape our minds and to be able to understand the complexity of life, it has nothing to do with our ignorance.

Our ignorance refers to some wrong beliefs that we embraced that controls the way we think and act in our daily lives, which determines our life experiences (poverty). This wrong belief controls all our actions, which makes humanity, violate the laws of nature or the said laws of how this universe works.

Our ignorance makes us live in the world of poverty and mediocrity and we believe that nothing seems to be wrong even if we are completely doing the wrong thing. Though we suffered the consequences, and we want for a change, we don’t know what to do.

Out of hopelessness, we embraced the system, we become used to it and we no longer seek what else we can do to change the situation. In short, we conform to the majority and we all become what and who we are today.

To get deeper on this, let me give you the scenario on the other way if we happened to be “not ignorant human beings.” Let us take a look at the possibility of what will be our life experiences if we know the things that we should have known to be able to live life happily according to how life should unfold.

If we know the right thing, we’re able to use our mind and heart to attract blessings and abundance into our lives and poverty is something we’ve never experienced. Since we don’t know anything, we all messed up. Poverty is a manifestation of the mess we carry within ourselves.

Now let us take a look what we’ve done as Filipinos that makes us poor:

  1. We live in survival Mentality
  2. We live in scarcity mentality
  3. We live with crab mentality
  4. We have a lot of self-limiting beliefs
  5. We seldom Give
  6. We are ungrateful
  7. We live in fear
  8. We all live in a consciousness of separation (ego).

I may not elaborate one by one but for more understanding,  you can visit this post to know the details and what to do with it.

Though poverty in the Philippines 2015 has slightly declined, according to the statistics released by PSA, it falls to 21.6 % on that year from 25.2% in 2012. But that figure is irrelevant when we clearly understand the problem.

It does not mean that we are doing well. Maybe the economy has recovered from some loss but in terms of productivity in an individual level, that figure has nothing to do with healing the poverty that we all carry.

A bit of history…

Many poverty enthusiasts claimed that the history of poverty in the Philippines worsened during the time of late President Ferdinand E. Marcos. That was when the Martial Law was declared and the military took over the streets.

Of course, it affects the country’s growth since the Philippines was politically and economically destabilized.
But behind what has been said by the media, that whole thing about the root of Martial Law and all sorts of rebellions happened in the Philippines was orchestrated by some groups so that the Philippines will remain poor.

It was due to fear of America that the  Philippines might become the most powerful country in the whole world during the time of Marcos since the late president knows the whereabouts of 600,000 metric tons of gold from the Tallanos in the old times – something that threatens the America’s greed for power and supremacy. Remember, Benigno Aquino was a CIA agent.  Read more about it here.

To know more about this, just explore some of my other “poverty in the Philippines articles” as I have linked many of those to how we become ignorant, how the world was controlled and how our mind was deceived.

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How to End Philippine Poverty?

To end the poverty in the Philippines, we Filipinos simply need knowledge and understanding, not money. We have to heal and clean ourselves from the stains of poverty that deeply corroded our personality in an unconscious level. This corrosion is our inner sickness that controls the way we think and act. You can see some of those listed above.

This is where things like personal development play a great role. Many of us don’t care about it simply due to our ignorance that what we currently know from schools – whatever amount of education and professionalism we have attained – does not address the problem when it comes to human ignorance.

In fact, our education system was only designed to make us all efficient, talented and highly competitive slaves. Because no matter how much benefit we get, out of our talents in an employment environment, someone above the pyramid has benefited much than we do.

Poverty is a programmed reality to make us become controllable and it was perfected by spreading ignorance among humanity and Philippines is just a tiny piece of the big pie.

Let’s wrap things up

If we take a look at the big picture of what’s really going on, there are a bunch of things that could be attributed as causes of poverty in the Philippines today but many of those are beyond the know of ordinary Filipinos. We are deceived not once but many times.

We are bombarded with so much propaganda using the TV networks and mainstream media as a whole – a mind-control strategy that works effectively and we simply become ignorant about the truth. But it does not end as well as begin on that level. We are all victims of the same pattern of deception on the Global level that makes us all ignorant human beings.

The only solution to poverty in the Philippines is again, KNOWLEDGE.