Personal Development, Do we Really Need it?


Personal Development is an act of improving yourself in terms of skills, knowledge, and understanding to become someone capable of success in whatever endeavor you are in. It is a constant effort of learning more beyond what we already know.

But in today’s generation, it is something overlooked by many. In fact, many people are not aware what it is all about. Most of us are contented with the level of education we’ve attained, and yet many are complaining why many are poor and mediocre.

Because matters pertaining to personal development are quite ignored, millions of minds were still circumscribed by the information brought by mainstream media to the world, which for some reasons, all were provided for our own destruction. Didn’t you notice that what you’ve seen on TV are 70% negative?

The world was deceived and you and I were all victims. We are bombarded with negativity on daily basis to conquer our subconscious, so that we may accept this kind of reality, and do the things they want us to do. Who are they? You will know later.

People must wake up now! It has been hundreds of generations of keeping us away from knowledge.
Ignorance! That’s how the world was controlled. We are all ignorant human beings trying to survive in our own way, unable to see the problem we carry within ourselves.

This is because; our minds were misdirected to see the truth. This is why there is an entertainment industry that steals our time and attention. That is how they hide the conspiracy.

“The world’s biggest problem is our ignorance that we are all ignorant and we believe that nothing is wrong.”

To end our ignorance, we must learn something. This something is not available in all schools and any learning institutions.

Scientists revealed some of those but still, there are so much for us to realize. We have to dig deep into our own spirituality, where our true nature lies. That is where many of us failed, being so busy dealing with our life’s daily burdens.

Right Knowledge! That is what we need. Not only the education that we get from schools. Education of whatever nature is not enough to address the problem we created due to our ignorance. It was just structured to make us all become “high variety slaves” to serve those who are in control, in exchange for an opportunity to survive and get feed.

But what are the things that we are Ignorant about? To give you a clear idea what we are ignorant of, go through the list below.

  • We are ignorant how to use our mind
  • We are ignorant how to use our emotion
  • We are ignorant about our true nature as human beings
  • We are ignorant about our purpose in this universe
  • We are ignorant about how the universe works (natural laws of the universe)
  • We are ignorant about our own ego
  • We are ignorant that we are ignorant about the above stuff.

Sounds strange? Well maybe yes, and that’s because none of these were taught in schools and in our church (I am a catholic). In fact, the church forbids people from knowing such things. You know what? They’re afraid that one day you will discover the truth that you are someone greater than what you know.

If that happens, they can no longer control our minds and they might lose power and money. That’s it. That is the reason why they keep on telling us to stick into one doctrine (the Bible) and anything outside the Bible is the work of Anti-Christ. So we must avoid all of those, and remain following what the church wants us to do. And so, many Christian nations were poor. Haven’t you noticed that?

Look at Brazil, Nicaragua, Mexico and other colonies of Spain that embraced Christianity brought by Rome. I just could not name all but the point is, Christianity and the belief it brought to human mind is the hidden root of human poverty because it holds people back from discovering what else they can do.

Through peace and spiritual comfort it gives, people stops for seeking for more and they failed to know what else they are capable of. As a result, ignorance spread among all nations. Look at our own country-Philippines. It is not the corruption alone. It’s our faith.

How to End Human Ignorance?

The only way to end human ignorance is to embrace knowledge. This could be done by engaging in any personal development activities. Read relevant books. Listen to relevant talks and audios. Watch relevant videos on YouTube presented by different mentors in this field.

There is so much out there that you can find. However, at the end of this article, one book as suggested will complete your journey into knowing the lost knowledge.

This website is also one of the best sources of articles that would open your mind. The creator of this site has committed to spending time on putting all the pieces together, to end human ignorance, which has been the root of all human problems that the world has suffered.

Learning personal development stuff does not require so much time. Reading 15 minutes a day is the best strategy to follow. The secret is “consistency.” Do it repeatedly until it becomes a habit.

When it occurs, change in yourself also happens as you never stop doing what you do. That is the time when knowledge pours into your consciousness and understanding on matters you haven’t even seen, or haven’t even read, comes into your mind.

Your Personal Development Journey Begins

The biggest part that we’ve missed in our life is in the aspect of spirituality. Many of us were too busy working on the physical world, the problems, and circumstances. It seems like we are just scratching our skin when it gets itchy, and yet, we never tried to heal the root of our skin disease.

The beginning of your journey into true knowledge only occurs when you happen to accept your ignorance. Your mind cannot accommodate knowledge if you stick to what you believe to be right and true. Any knowledge may have no value if you think you don’t need it.

In anything we do, we must have a reason. The solution can never be created without knowing the root of the problem. We have to see our failures so that we may realize the need to learn. As a glass full of water can never be filled with another amount of water anymore.

To begin with, I would suggest reading the free copy of the e-book that I wrote. I called it, The Biggest Revelation. It is a compilation of all understanding about reasons why we become ignorant, the knowledge we should learn and how to change ourselves to free our souls from the cage.

Reading this book may save you a lot of time since that is the extract of all books about personal development taught by Napoleon Hill, Wallace D. Wattles, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Anthony Robbins and many others. Download it for free and have a glimpse what’s inside. Read it and change your view to the world and change yourself.

Get it and have a glimpse what’s inside. Read it and change your view to the world and change yourself.