The Innermost Root of Poverty and the Only Solution

Poverty and solution

Have you ever asked yourself “What really is the innermost root of human poverty? In today’s generation, when someone is asked why many are poor, the immediate reply would be linked to issues like corruption in the government, lack of opportunity, lack of education and etc.

At some point that answer is right, but behind what’s happening in our reality, there is a much deeper root of poverty which many people failed to understand – the reason why no one in human history has really addressed the issue in a larger scale.

In this article, let me elaborate in details everything (untold things) about “poverty” and how to solve it by working on its deepest root. Unless we figured out the root cause of the problem, we can never find the right solution.

We cannot just rely on things that don’t work when dealing with poverty just like shouting on the streets and blaming the government, the weather, ourselves and anything that is available to us.

Before we begin, let us take a glance on the extent of the world’s poverty in the past few years. Let us first contemplate on the following data to have a picture of what’s really going on and why at some point, we must have to learn something new to address the problem on an individual level.

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According to Wikipedia, “poverty is general scarcity or the state of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money.” In reality, poverty could be defined as “the absence of enough supply of man’s basic and learned needs,” to be able to survive and to live a happy and comfortable life.

We, human beings are joy-seeking creations, and part of that journey is to satisfy ourselves from all our needs. If we fail, life would be so hard and happiness will always be so elusive. Consequently, life would become a struggle and an unending battle to survive. In reality, we call it poverty as we experienced “lack” and “scarcity.”

Poverty and Money on Global Scale

Literally, poverty only means “the absence of money.” Poor people in many nations simply don’t have the means to generate enough income to feed their families and to provide their needs – the reason why they are poor.

In countries like Philippines, poor people are blaming the past administration because of the abuse of power done by the “oligarchs” to satisfy their selfish desire for money at the expense of the poor. This is where social and economic problems arise, where the poor and mediocre – the labor sector, the source of government’s fund are the victims.

Everything about poverty is due to the “lack of money.” If there is a plenty of money’s supply in the whole world or in one country, there will be no poor people on the streets. There will be no hunger, and every citizen will be living in a happy and comfortable life.

Since money is the core on this issue, to get a bit deeper, let us scrutinize what money is and why everyone needs it. Who owns the money? And why we don’t?

Originally, people don’t need money in order to survive. The ocean is so deep and the land is so vast –the source of all our foods and material needs. With nature, everything is free and abundant.

But due to modernity and advancement brought by science, life has changed tremendously and a bunch of different needs arises during our years of existence.

To cope up with the new reality and to be able to provide those “learned needs” for survival and comfort, we embraced the belief that we really need money as the only thing that can be traded with those newly learned material needs.

The problem was where to get the money?  Where to get that paper with numbers encrypted on it that signifies its alleged value?

And the only answer is: Printing machine!

Yes, no one can produce money from the ocean, where everything is free and abundant. It does not grow in the farmland where everyone can plant a seed – only the printing machine.

Since that printing machine is not owned by everyone, millions of people all around the world experienced the “lack of money.” The whole human race becomes “slaves” just to earn money in order to survive. And that is the true beginning of the world’s modern poverty.

So, who owns the printing machine?

It is the bank –the Central Bank. In the United States, they have the Federal Reserve System owned by private individuals (not the US government), where paper money was printed in bulk (US$).


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That money – a worthless paper, then loaned to the people for an “interest” through banks. Since then, people have been paying debts to the bank in their lifetime. Through programmed inflation (commodity price increase), the value of money decreases over time.

And the result is bankruptcy and major losses on the part of the debtor – the masses. Who gains? Of course, it is the bank and the Federal Reserve (a private institution). This is how our country (Philippines) has indebted from the US.

In many nations, that pattern is also done peacefully between banks and the ignorant masses. Bank has the “money” and people apply for a loan with their properties as collateral. Due to the risk involved, most of the time, only the bank wins.

Why am I saying this?

We have to understand that at some point in our history, we were deceived with a paper. The paper has no value. The value it gets is only in our mind. It is an illusion. But because of the illusory value we gave for that paper, the world became poor because we don’t own it and forever we crave for it for our survival.

If paper money is worthless who owns the true wealth?

True wealth comes from our own effort, time, toil, labor, talent and whatever you may call it that we traded for money. The real value comes from the “goods” the farmers produced out of their sweats and labors.

The real wealth comes from our properties (from natural resources) that the banks and the Federal Reserve are trying to “suck” in exchange of paper money we loaned.

But because of some form of deception, we traded our true wealth with worthless paper so that we may survive. And that is how the world’s economic system unfolds, which ended into massive human poverty.

Imagine that there are only two of us in an isolated place. You have a sack of rice and I have a pile of money. In that place, there is no store of any kind –nothing to buy at all.

I need your sack of rice so that I may have a food and you believe that you need my money for whatever reasons. Since we agreed to have an exchange, you get thousands of paper money from me and I have your sack of rice. When we’re both hungry, I have something to cook for and eat, and you don’t (unless you eat that pieces of paper).

Money is just a paper used to deceive and control the world.


Power! It is the greed for power of controlling humanity that makes the rest of the world poor. This was done by the “elite” – a group of few people who has been in power and in control since the beginning of our history.

We have to understand that poverty is a programmed reality and not a natural phenomenon that happens in man’s lifetime.

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Can we change the whole system? Yes, on the individual level, if and only if, humanity will realize that everybody was just a victim of a “massive human deception” and eventually decide to end it up. But until we remain in this level of awareness, we forever follow the system they created and certainly, there is no way out.

Poverty and Education

Poverty, education, and money are always associated with each other. In our time, many people believed that education alone is the right tool to eradicate poverty on an individual level. This is because of the notion that the right opportunity to earn money only comes to those who are properly educated.

The idea behind all of this is the fact that, in order to earn money in a corporate world, we must be good at something. We can exchange our talents, skills and knowledge with money through employment.

This is what we know and many of us fall into this category of seeking money for survival. But before anyone can get in, as being said, one must be good at something. To become good at something, one must have spent years in school to gain knowledge and skills – we called education.

To do so, it requires money. Since many people don’t have enough money due to lack of opportunity – which is also due to lack of education, many young people become uneducated and poor – the new bearers of the poverty torch, which will also be passed on to the next generation.

All of this happens due to the fact that, instead of the education given free by the government for its people, it becomes a money making opportunity for some individuals to take advantage of the poor. We all know, to earn a degree is a very expensive journey because education has been a huge business in all countries.

But what’s behind education? What people can get from being properly educated? Is it the right KNOWLEDGE? Is it the knowledge needed by the poor to escape from the bondage of poverty? Is it the right knowledge needed by humanity to be able to deal with universe and reality in a right way?

Never! If our education system is enough to deal with life and reality, poverty among nations should not exist. But since it is only designed to shape human mind to become a high variety slaves – capable of surviving in their own ways in an employment world, we remained who and what we are today – the tamed sheep.

Poverty and Human Ignorance

Human ignorance is one of the most unnoticed causes of poverty. This is because many people believed that the amount of education that they have is “well-enough” to be segregated from the uneducated, which they literally categorized as “ignorant” – the illiterate.

As said above, the quality of education we learned from school is never enough to address the problem for some deeper reasons.

Our ignorance is not only limited to the things that we failed to know. It encompasses the whole system that we embraced and lived with, which is full of misdirection, conspiracy, sabotage, and deception – the reason why we became unaware of what’s really going on. As a result, we become ignorant about our own ignorance.

Thus, we believed that nothing’s really wrong. We believe that everything that we experienced – the war, poverty, violence, drug problems, viruses, diseases and etc., were all it takes being a human and there is nothing more to find being alive.

Life is not all about poverty and survival just like what happen to many of us. It is all about exploration and doing great things while being alive to become happy as life unfolds. But since it did not happen, something must be wrong.

Before knowing the said solution to poverty, let us first discuss notions that mislead people from addressing the problem in a right way. These are the 5 misconceptions about poverty that the majority believed to be right.