Human Ignorance – The Unseen Cage that Traps Humanity

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Human ignorance… how often you encounter these words? Why people less-talked about it? Why this problem is often overlooked by many and it seems like there is no such an issue at all?

Regardless of who you are, what nationality, status in the society, your job, and no matter how educated you are,  you are all (we are all)  ignorant human beings!

Does it hurt? If not, it should! And I don’t have to feel sorry for saying so.

human ignorance vs knowledgeBefore you retaliate and hit my back for saying this, let me remind you something. Unless someone slaps our face, we will never be awakened from our deepest sleep.

With all the things we suffered –the things we are complaining – the poverty, the lack of progress and all the mess we experienced, there is only one thing where everything has emanated. And it is no other than our IGNORANCE!

I went to Google and searched for the word “ignorance” to know how people see it. Most of the articles linked the word ignorance with stupidity, which I believe, wrong. We could be ignorant human beings about something but it does not mean we’re stupid.

But where did the word stupid come from or what is the definition of a stupid person?

A stupid person is someone who simply doesn’t use his mind. Still, it comes from being ignorant and being unable to maximize someone’s mental capacity due to lack of knowledge. Health issues could also be linked to stupidity in some ways. But don’t worry; we are not stupid I know. That’s just how I define stupidity.

So what is an ignorant person? In our ordinary understanding an ignorant person or ignorant people (are) is someone who (don’t’) doesn’t know something. For us, there are many things in our life that we don’t know, the reason why we do things in a wrong way. The worst, even if knowledge is already there, we refused to learn because we don’t need it and that is what willful ignorance means.

Some people say that ignorance is bliss. This is because being unaware of the complexity of life that affects our minds and emotions, we become free from burdens and worries. The less we care, the less we think and the more freedom we have against the negativity of the world.

At some point this is right, but since we are a thinking being, we have our brain as part of our body, we have to use it correctly, fill it with knowledge and being ignorant should not be our bliss. Saying that ignorance is bliss is a thought of cowardice and selfishness.

The Biggest Problem

The biggest problem we carry – no matter how educated we are, is only our ignorance about our own ignorance. We simply don’t know the truth behind all the lies we called reality that controls the way we think and act every day.

No matter how many protests we do on the streets, on Social Media, via underground movement and all sorts of rebellion against the government, until we remain in this level of awareness, we will be doing things over and over again that creates the problem.

Albert Einstein once said, “no one can solve any problem with the same mind that created it.” Unless we step up in understanding to see how worst our imprisonment was, we can never find true freedom and we will remain caged.

To unlock the cage we need knowledge because through knowledge alone we can change the way we think.
For the purpose of knowledge, in the context of understanding human ignorance, we have to know some related words. We have to know which one describes us if ignorance is too worst to accept.

With that, we have to do the following:

  • Define benighted
  • Define uninformed
  • Define unknowledgeable

1. Benighted

This word does not literally mean “engulfed by darkness” as you may see it or when someone is unable to go back home till night comes. It refers to the “state of being unenlightened” or someone who was conquered by moral and spiritual darkness due to lack of knowledge and understanding. Do you think we are benighted?

2. Uninformed

Uninformed is used to refer to someone who is not aware of something due to lack of effort to know it. Maybe no one tells him or maybe he failed to know even if the information is present. In other words, the opportunity to be informed is there.

3. Unknowledgeable

This word is quite inherent in nature regardless of the reason of being unaware about something. This is quite closer to the literal meaning of ignorance that we discussed.

At some point, the human ignorance that we are referring to here is different from the above-defined words. Now let us move on…

What really is Human Ignorance?

Human ignorance does not actually mean the things that I have mentioned above which literally refers to the state of being uninformed or unaware about something. It has nothing to do with the knowledge, understanding, and the general information we failed to learn from our schools, from the news and other sources whatever they are.

It refers to the wrong beliefs about ourselves about who we really are as human beings, which we have accepted to be right that and true. It controls the way we think and act and the outcome as our experience in life tells it so –poverty and mediocrity.

At some point in our history, we were all deceived. The truth was hidden and we happened to believe on something else, which resulted to what we have in reality today. We all messed up.

To start waking you up, let me give you an eye opener.

brian tracy human ignorance

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy, one of the best mentors in the field of personal development once said: “We human beings are only using 10% of our total potential given by God.” He further said that “each and every living human being today has still 90% potential or power, which is untapped due to ignorance.”

If that is true, then how far we have been lost? How far are we from reaching the edge of our true potential as a person? How far are we from knowing our true essence being a human? What are the good things we can do if we happened to know and exercise our 90% power? Above all, how deep is our ignorance?

Before we move on, we have to understand something. This is all about the things we should be doing (what life is really all about) instead of doing what we do today.

Life is not about survival and poverty. Life is about exploration and discovering the wonders of creation being alive. It is about overcoming challenges and achieving great things. Life is all about creating wonderful experiences and to be grateful being alive.

Above all it is all about giving love, sharing the beauty and blessings to everyone, and seeing the oneness of us all, where life prospers. Life is all about expansion and expression of what human beings can do, fueled by LOVE, where all good things are ready to happen among all forms of life. But since it did not happen, something must be wrong.

What happened was, we do the exact opposite. Instead of unity, we live in selfishness and individualism. We become slaves of our own ego that makes us live in survival instead of exploration.

We become fearful human beings that make us seek comfort and safe places instead of engaging with challenging opportunities to discover more of our hidden potentials. Instead of oneness and cooperation, we live in rivalry and competition, where blessings and abundance are nowhere to be found.

We are certainly doing things in a wrong way in many aspects of our lives and the result we experience as reality tells it very vividly. The problem was, many of us don’t see it, which I refer to as human ignorance.

Reasons of Human Ignorance

If the opposite of human ignorance is knowledge, where we may know how to do things in a right way according to how this universe works, why we don’t know anything about it? What makes us become ignorant about the truth? The following bring some light to this question

1. The truth was Hidden

Human ignorance is a simple repercussion of being away from the truth. But what is the truth? The truth was something that many of us are not ready to accept and it seems to be ridiculous. We are not just human beings. We are “Gods” who has the power to do whatever we want in life. We have inner greatness waiting to be unleashed as a creation emanated from a divine being we call God.

knowledge and ignoranceThe said power is not supernatural or paranormal just like what we saw on movies. It is a power to use our mind (imagination) to fuel our hearts (emotion) to drive our body to do some big and fruitful actions, where everything in this universe is possible to happen. We are all divine beings and by recognizing and living in that divinity alone we can be invincible in all of our undertakings.

These are the knowledge taught by Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Rhonda Byrne, Les Brown and other great public speakers and authors in the field of personal development. If what I said above is opposite to how you see it, sue the above-mentioned names for telling lies that work.

Aside from what I said, there are things like Universal Laws that we don’t know. Thus, many of us have violated every day as ignorant human beings. None of those are taught is schools and in church because as being said, the right knowledge was hidden to keep human ignorance among all nations for the purpose of controlling the world.

2. We are misdirected from Knowing the Truth

ignorance humanityHuman ignorance is a result of misdirection from knowing the truth. And so it happened, we no longer know what the truth is, and we happened to believe in something else.

To forever stay away from knowledge, we are bombarded with stuff that keeps us busy, catching our attention every day. This is the reason why we have this thing called entertainment; from movies, music, sports, games, pornography and you name it.

All of these are nothing but a way to waste our time so that we will never notice the problem and we will never dig our inner-self to discover our potentials, as we become entertained and we find pleasure from the experiences that it brings. All of this stuff are what mainstream media has brought into our household to conquer our minds aside from the negativity of the reality broadcasted every now and then.

3. We are conditioned to find comfort

comfort and ignoranceHuman ignorance is also a result of being unable to explore the universe and our inner-self. This is because we are conditioned not to do it. It is hard! And many of us get rid of being uncomfortable. Knowledge is nothing if there is no reason to learn something.

Comfort is a trap. If you are comfortable, there is no reason for you to do something. Your spirit is dead. Being inspired, when your spirit is in action, you are ready to crash all the roadblocks, to take a risk and to face challenges for the purpose of creating wonderful experiences.

Being comfortable in the lowest level of human existence is a robbery. It is a trap where many are caged and still many are heading into. The idea behind finding comfort and safe places is the fear that has conquered our whole being as part of our faith.

4. Fear and guilt were planted into our consciousness

fear of hell and ignoranceOriginally we are creations who are free of guilt and fear. Those negative energies are not part of our original design. What we have in our heart is only LOVE, the source of all good things to come and that is our true nature.

But because religion brought the awareness of fear and guilt into our consciousness, we all become guilt-conscious creations and we live in a life where we see more of our unworthiness and limitations. We believe that we are “just human beings.” We depreciated ourselves and become like pieces of shit in this universe.

Because of our acceptance that we are all sinners, we lost our divinity, as we live in a consciousness of separation, where ego or selfishness, sense of survival, fear, worry, and uncertainty in life prevail. All of these resulted in “unblessedness” and poverty as we live in the world foreign from who and what we really are.

Religion has nothing to do with spirituality. It was created to deceive humanity for the purpose of control using Hegelian Dialectic, which is to manipulate and control humanity by:

  1. Creating a problem (we are all sinners)
  2. Controlling the reaction (we recognize fear of hell and guilt)
  3. Offering a solution ( Follow Jesus Christ for the Salvation of Souls)

In religion, due to fear of hell, we all become good sheep following whatever the will of our shepherd and we live the way they want us to do. Human beings are not sinners; we are the corrupted remnants of Gods and Goddesses in the old times, completely lost from the right path due to massive deception before our time.

If you disagree with what I’ve said above because you are a faithful Christian or an overly-religious human being, then look at the image on your right and see who’s controlling all religions in the world. Wake up!

5. We are bombarded with distressing issues

Human Ignorance is also a result of an unending, distressing human condition. The fact that we are worried in our everyday life; we will never have the opportunity to learn and to realize the importance of knowledge. All we want is to keep safe ourselves so that we can survive. And for hundreds of years, we lived only in that level of awareness.

This is another application of the said “Hegelian Dialectic” used to control humanity.


Problem –  War, Terrorism, Poverty and Diseases
Reaction – Fear and Worry for Survival
Solution – All Humanitarian Aid from the Government

As a result, we all bow down to the government for their help. We follow rules and we trust and support our government even if how crazy they are behind the scene (US government). And that is just one of the many manifestations and examples of ignorance we acquired.

Another reason of creating war and terrorism aside from controlling the minds of the people is to make money from selling guns, ammo, and warfare. And the most obscured one is the depopulation plot to at least maintain the world’s total population in a number of 500,000,000 to stay in balance with nature – The first of the 10 commandments of the Illuminati written in Georgia Guide Stone. Because of this, human beings must be killing each other.

6. Our mental capability has been disfigured

human ignorance flourideHuman ignorance spread among all nations by controlling the learning ability of a person on an individual level. This is
something that many people are not really aware of. Our mental capacity has been disfigured so that we may not be able to maximize the power of our mind. This is done by the use of Fluoride and Chloride chemicals.

As we all know, the toothpaste we used every day when brushing our teeth contains “fluoride” for sanitation purposes. The water we drink (bottled and non-bottled water) daily contains “chloride” to allegedly control the proliferation of harmful bacteria to protect our health.

But behind all of this health propaganda, these chemicals when taken in, accumulates into our pituitary gland at the base of our brain, affecting other glands and alter our brain’s normal function. It results to loss of focus and attention and poor memory. You can just go to Google and search for this topic, there is a bunch of articles and studies that explains this issue very well.

In addition to what I have said above, almost all products (foods and beverage items) available to us today in our grocery stores are contaminated with chemicals known as “preservatives,” which causes various health problems.

It weakens the human immune system and results to early aging and death. This is the reason why human being in today’s time seldom reaches the age of 90 years old, which we thought to be just normal.

Aside from the above-mentioned issues, drug addiction and drinking of liquors which are self-destructing habits are introduced to us so that we will be killing ourselves in a peaceful way. We are taught to seek for pleasurable experiences such as all types of vices so that we will forever stay away from knowledge and our divinity. In this way, the whole world was controlled.

And that is simply called…Ignorance…

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