How Fool I Was?

Living in a world of forms and illusionshow-fool-i-was
Blinded from truth deceived by reasons
My mind can’t seem to find its way
Seeking the light remains astray.

How fool I was unable to see
The world within the glimpse of me
Fenced with nothing but an ignorant mind
Quivered by fear, lack of desire.

My mind is not the “I “I once
Deprived of truth lies of the past
To conform is to grief in the corner of silence
Unable to walk myself, how fool I was

I am mindless who hates not
I live somewhere between wrong and right
In that place, nothing’s to care
Nothing to hide nothing to bare

Between sorrow and joy there I am
In the dark shadows, I am the spark
I am the light of that burning candle
May vanish in time to live forever.

How fool I was how fool I am?
Trapped in this world, the form without
Empty with diamonds from the world within
Driving this body in vain.

How long shall I set free this mind?
To divulge the truth to end the lies
If in isolation and numbness is freedom
There should I to find my land.

Let there be rain and flood the land
To bring back the waters into the ocean
It leaves the ground free from colors
To reveal the rock behind the sand.

My mind is empty my heart is dull
My soul is pure obscured with scars
Crowned with false pleasure unable to fly
In that cage, I slept as the years went by.

How fool I was not to fool myself
To free this soul from the lies I lived
Through imaginings, I created a place
To open the door to the deliverance I seek.

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