There is No God!


What if somebody tells you that there is no God? What would be your reaction? Will you agree? In our ordinary human understanding (as Christians), we might say that such person is an Athiest or maybe an anti-Christ or somebody who is not baptized in the name of Christ, – a bad guy. That’s how our judgmental mind works.

But… what if… that person is right?

Since the beginning of human history, humanity accepts church’s teaching that there must be God whom we should fear. We must follow his words and obey the rules of the church as God’s dwelling place. And so, we went to the church every Sunday (for Catholics like me) and commemorate the moment of Jesus Christ before he died.

Church then brings us peace and spiritual comfort in times of trouble. Many people find comfort in the church as a place to feed their souls with a sense of morality and righteousness. Through the church, we communicate with God and we understand (partly) the spiritual aspect of our existence.

According to church’s teachings, God is the creator of heaven and earth, as well as all the living and non-living creations in this universe. In the book of Genesis, God created man and woman, but they transgressed the words of God – the beginning of man’s original sin. Because of sin, man has “separated” from God and become unworthy of HIS presence.

Since then, man has to beg for forgiveness to God in his lifetime. We are all said to be sinners due to the sins of our forefathers. That is what the church inculcated in human mind since hundreds of generations. And all of us lived and died to that belief.

Then  church taught us about Jesus Christ  as a way to heaven and to save our souls. Through Jesus Christ alone, we will be saved from the torment of hell. Jesus said in one of the verses in the Bible, “I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to my father except through me” John 14:6.

Thus, the whole Christian culture (until our time today) nailed to that belief that God is powerful and we human beings are like pieces of shit. To have a better life, we must pray to God and ask for his mercy.

To become worthy of God’s mercy, we must repent, refrain from sinning, do good things to others, live a simple and happy life and bow-down to church teachings.

As a result, many are living in the world of ignorance, survival, guilt, fear, mediocrity and the worst, poverty!

poverty in philippines there is no god

Again, there is No God!

The word “God” however has been misunderstood and misused by humanity. This is because that is the way the church said so. And who are we to defy the church? But if we look at the world today, the fact that we are all messing up, something must be wrong with what we believed to be right and true.

God was misinterpreted by many as a powerful being who controls all our life’s circumstances. Many people believed that God is somewhere in the sky watching all over us always. And whatever ungodly things we do, God knows it. And so, to have a better life we must ask God always through our spoken prayers.

Even if the church said that we are already saved and forgiven through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, still they keep on reminding us to ask for forgiveness every day. It means “sinning” has no end as much as the asking for forgiveness.  What do you think the church wants us to do?

The church simply wants us to live in the consciousness of being a sinner – someone who is separate from God, so that instead of discovering our inner potentials given by our CREATOR, we will forever waste our time in seeking ways to save our souls from hell.

Due to the awareness that we are all sinners,  God was known to be beyond our body and there is a “perfect separation” between us and our God.  Because of that belief, instead of getting closer to God, we keep ourselves away from God and we recognized ourselves as somebody unworthy of God’s presence -that is why we have to ask for forgiveness over and over again.

What if I introduced one “effective strategy” in manipulating people in the old times called “Hegelian Dialectic.” It is a method of controlling human beings by creating a problem, controlling the reaction and providing a solution. Isn’t that similar to what the church did? Look at the following:

  • The Problem – We are all sinners
  • The Reaction – We realized and lived in fear (fear of hell)
  • The Solution – We have to follow Jesus Christ as our savior to go to heaven.

The Helegian Dialectic there is no god

In Freemasonry, a secret society linked to occultism, the principle “order out of chaos” is also the most effective strategy to run a conspiracy.

That is how all the said “conspiracy theories” in the world was built. But this time it is no longer a theory it was our reality. If you noticed, it has a similar pattern with what has been said above.

Do you think you are still right with what you believed to be right and true being a faithful and religious person?

Religion was once said to be a “fear and guilt producing business” to confine humanity in one corner. If  the God known by the church brought fear… so, there is no God!

If that is so, then who, where and what is God?

Before we talk about who, what and where is God, we have to know why the church taught us to become fearful to God and to believe in the torment of hell.

Fear! That is what they want us to realize and live with. No foolish human being who wants to be thrown into the lake of fire even if we know that in reality, it does not exist. We cannot help ourselves but avoid being a sinner, at the same time, embrace church’s teachings till our last breath. This is called conformity due to ignorance.

Ignorance is the deepest root of all problems that humanity suffered. Due to ignorance, we all lived in fear for thousands of generations and our reality speaks for itself. Our belief has planted a seed of fear into our minds and poverty, survival and searching for pleasure and comfort are the fruits.

Fear is the most powerful weapon to control millions of minds. Without fear, rules are nothing. But why we have to live in fear?

Power! Yes, the greed for power by those who run the Christian church in the old times makes us all lived in fear. And our reality today is a manifestation of our wrong beliefs.


Emperor Constantine, the first emperor who embraced Christianity

Going back into the history of Christianity in Rome, the only reason why Emperor Constantine embraced Christianity was to conquer more territories using the words of Jesus Christ; never to bless humanity with the love of God. He saw in his dream a word that says ” by that cross you conquer the world.”  Notice the world “conquer,” not to bless the world.

This is to establish power and to accumulate wealth from ignorant masses. During that time Church uses God  to maintain power and control over humanity.  And so, if this is the nature of God Christians introduced to the world,  I would say…there is no God.

God, The Misused Word


Common image of God in Human mind

As said above, the word “God” has been misinterpreted or misused tremendously.

The word “God” is just a plain word used by humanity to describe the “Unfathomable Being” who created the universe. That “Being” can never be defined by any words, not even the word “God.” Words are only tools for expressing an idea, but it is just confined within the limits of human understanding and thought.

This infinite being (we call God) can never be defined. Not by the representation of images used by man to satisfy his imagination how God may look like. It has no description or whatever a human mind and reason can create.

Many labels used to describe its presence and power. Christians called it God the Father, Muslims called it Allah, and some congregations called it Jehovah or Yahweh. Some books called it the Source, Infinite Intelligence, Super-conscious Mind and many more labels.

But yet, no enough words that fit. This is because; this being is completely “unknowable” and exists beyond human comprehension.

That being, we call God is omniscient (all-knowing), omnipresent (everywhere) and omnipotent (with unlimited power). There is no place on earth where He is not. God is the source of all good things to happen for life to prosper. It is the opposite of fear, hate, and anything that hinders the furtherance of life.

God wants life to exist. God wants total freedom, immensity, expression and anything that is opposite to destruction, agony, and death. And as a human being, that is the desire of our hearts, the longing of our souls, that is what we want. Not to live in fear. But since it did not happen, our souls suffered.

If there is no place on earth where God is not, God must not be separate from you and all the things around you. Therefore, you and God are one. If you and God are one, God must be inside you. This is something that we are not conditioned to accept due to our wrong beliefs. If you and God are one, you are someone greater than what you know.

You have the power to manifest all the riches God has created for you and you don’t deserve to live life in poverty. All you need is knowledge and understanding about who you really are. Being like God, your life must be riches full of joy and happiness. To become happy is your divine right.

You are God in the sense that you are an infinite being residing in that temporary shelter called “body.” You and your body are completely separable. You are invisible and unbounded but your body belongs to the physical world. You are weightless, formless and have no physical appearance.

You are not your face and you are not your mind. When you say the word “my body” it clearly means that you just owned that body. That there is something being owned and there is an owner of that something (the body), which is you. Just like when saying “this is my car” expressing the “otherness” between yourself and your car in this physical world.

We are God’s fragment who are tasked to explore the beauty and wonders of creation through our human experiences using that body. To understand God and to know his true nature, man has to bypass his senses, reasons, and perception. This is because such faculties deal only on the physical plane of reality. God dwells beyond forms, reasons, and thoughts.

If we live in fear due to church’s teachings, and so, in our church, there is no God. There is no God who hates. There is no God who instills fear in human mind. There is no God who brings life to hell.

There is no such thing as God who brings destruction to life. God is love, and love is what life needs. Since Love is in your heart, therefore,  God is always inside you.

For those who are hurt by this article… this video may help.