Fear Keeps You Safe from Danger that Does Not Exist

fear human ignorance quote

“Fear keeps you safe from danger that in reality does not exist.”

Fear! how this stuff conquered our being? Due to its presence, we are afraid to do something. We are afraid to take risk, and overcome challenges. It keeps us away from danger pre-conceived by our mind based on our unwanted experiences and experiences of other people. But fear is just an illusion. It keeps us safe from the danger that in reality never exist. It emanates from the ego that reminds us for our self-survival, as somebody who is alone in this world and is disunited from God and from everything that exists.

Imagine yourself alone in the jungle with all the furious beast searching for a prey. Since you are alone and you know that no one can save you from possible attack of those hungry animals, you are worried for your survival and you are afraid that you might die. The consciousness of being alone and isolated, separate from anything outside of you is the beginning of fear.

What it does is, it hold us back from exploration, the true purpose of our soul in this universe.  It keeps us to seek for comfort  and does nothing instead of searching for ways to challenge our potentials. It keeps us away from discovering our own infiniteness  to know what else we are capable of.  Fear is the work of our ego, something that opposes  the true purpose why we are created. It holds us back from doing our assigned tasks.  So never believe on what you are afraid of, it’s a lie.