The Best Solution to Drug Problem in Philippines


Solution Drug Problem Philippines

What do you think is the best solution to the drug problem in the Philippines? Is EJK the right thing to do to have an immediate result? In this article let me share the most effective way how to handle this kind of problem that endangered millions of lives. Not only because of its effect but also how the current administration deals  with it.

But before we go on, let us take a glance on what happened in the country.

Aside from poverty, drug addiction is also another huge problem in the Philippines. Illegal drug business has been so rampant in the past years and it worsens during the Aquino administration, where government officials – from Senator, Justices, PNP Generals, and Mayors down to Barangay Officials are involved.

As an ordinary Filipino, it may not be so obvious to notice how worst was the situation when it comes to its effect especially for the “younger generation.” This is because we only see things that the media has brought into the public – we are limited to what the news has said.

But considering the span of time where nobody in the Philippines has ever tried to suppress the illegal drug trade, it would be safe to conclude that the population of illegal drug-intoxicated minds among Filipinos has also increased tremendously.

Based on data from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), there were about “3 million drug addicts” in the country two or three years ago, and possibly it has increased to 3.7 million currently. That figure, if right, is an alarming sign that drug addiction, if not given the right solution, might really conquer every household in the country.

As a result of the said drug menace, all forms of violence happened in the country. There were cases where a mother murdered her own child. There were several rape incidents, robbery with homicide, murder and many other abhorring deeds that a human being in a normal state of consciousness can never do.

There were some incidents where an obviously drug-intoxicated individual plays his “private part” in front of a woman inside a jeepney (a public transportation vehicle). That kind of act is really disgusting, which might not happen if without the influence of illegal drugs.

However, when President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office, the whole illegal drug industry in the Philippines was jeopardized. When the war on drugs was launched, thousands were killed by legitimate police operation excluding the killings made by unidentified assassins.

Until now, Duterte’s “War on Drugs” is still claiming lives.  The president once vocally said that, until the last drug pusher or user exists, killing remains. It means more lives will be wasted.

Here’s the death toll as of the date mentioned:

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Although many Filipinos agreed with how the newly-elected president addressed the drug problem in the Philippines, there’s still a point that EJK or whatever you may call it is really NOT the solution. Though it works but it is not the best option.

If we pay attention to it closely, all drug addicts  and pushers were just also victims. They’re all victims of their own ignorance and lack of opportunity. The real culprits are those who brought that idea into human awareness that makes us (the ignorant masses) destroy and kill ourselves.

Behind all of these unending issues about drug addiction as well as all violence in the world, is the biggest conspiracy on earth where millions of living human beings never noticed in many years.

In reality, the ones that must be punished are those who are in power and who benefited so much from the drug business in the country.

They are the drug protectors who receive “millions,” while some of the young Filipinos are gradually destroying their lives – losing their future and become the target of the next EJK.

How many lives will it cost? How many helpless and “lost” human beings will die? Why not help them instead of claiming their lives?

Many have said that they no longer have the “rights” due to their wrong doings –due to the crimes they have done in their society, but “killing” has never been a means towards healing. Life must be protected and never be eradicated.

This is not to empower some HUMAN RIGHTS enthusiasts in the country. What I want to preserve is the life itself (not the right to live) of those who might still be killed due to their involvement with drugs.

Justice for those who died cannot guarantee rights being claimed. Dead people can no longer enjoy justice. It’s all useless. Life can never be given back if it’s gone.

Opposing the said EJK does not also mean of supporting the “Yellows” who tried to use EJK issue to pin down President Duterte to conceal their evil and selfish desire of controlling the country. This is beyond politics.

If you only look everything from the angle of PEACE, LOVE, COMPASSION, and ONENESS, you will surely understand. But who does? Killing poor souls are “inhuman” and must not be the solution to the drug problem in the Philippines.

With all of that being said, let me share a YouTube video from UPLIFT CHANNEL that would somehow address the problem in a right way. Watch it and share if you agree. This explains what really is an addiction and what ” drug addicts” should need to change their lives.