Deprive Me Not!

I once have lived in paradisehuman ignorance poems and quotes
I see no grime from earth and sky
My mind is young my heart is pure
No stain, no poison, no selfish desire.

My eyes were open, I can’t protect
The door to which my mind wanders
If in this place a shade of darkness
Here I am seeking for help.

I can’t resist to anything
I choose no seed, like a garden
If in me planted a sorrow
Reap in abundance as it surely grows.

So why despise feed in me?
I’m rich with burdens my senses see
Longing for a place to rest
To live a life in a lasting peace.

I want to jump I want to fly
I want to run to an endless land
I want to conquer the tallest mountain
Being there is to know who I am.

But all it seems to be impossible
Being trapped with comfort and pleasure
Unwilling to move, tempted with smiles
Leaving me within in a deep trouble.

I am not my body I am not my mind
I need them here to get things done
Soon I leave the world of man
So deprive me not from what I can.