If Abundance is a Blessing Poverty is Unblessedness

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“If abundance is a blessing from God, poverty is unworthiness to those blessings. That unworthiness comes from the consciousness of separation instilled by the Church in human mind” If abundance is a blessing from God, poverty must be the opposite.  It is the unworthiness from those blessings, which brings lack and scarcity. God has provided everything that a man needs. Creation is finished and nothing more shall be created. All man has to do is …

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People are Too Busy Shouting on the Streets

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“People are too busy shouting on the streets, complaining outside, they probably don’t’ have mirrors in their house” “No one can solve any problem with the same mind that created it.” That’s a quote from Albert Einstein referring to people complaining on the outside but failed to see the problem on the inside. Instead of searching the lost key on the outside where there is light, we have to search it on the place where …

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The Belief that “I am a Sinner” is the Root of Fear

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“The belief that “I am a sinner” is the beginning of fear that holds you back from accessing your own greatness” This is something that many Christians are not ready to accept. In Christianity, we are all conditioned to believe that we are all sinners.  We are told to fear God or else  we will be thrown into the lake of fire. Since we believed that kind of conditioning, we do things in life with …

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Fear Keeps You Safe from Danger that Does Not Exist

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“Fear keeps you safe from danger that in reality does not exist.” Fear! how this stuff conquered our being? Due to its presence, we are afraid to do something. We are afraid to take risk, and overcome challenges. It keeps us away from danger pre-conceived by our mind based on our unwanted experiences and experiences of other people. But fear is just an illusion. It keeps us safe from the danger that in reality never …

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