5 Misconceptions about Poverty

poverty misconceptions

In my previous post, I discussed the said “innermost root of the world’s poverty. There, I presented the idea that the fact that we don’t own the printing machine that creates paper money, millions of people around the world became poor. Poverty is a result of a robbery that many people don’t understand. You can read the whole story here. To figure out poverty and to have an idea how to combat it in a right way, …

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The Innermost Root of Poverty and the Only Solution

Poverty and solution

Have you ever asked yourself “What really is the innermost root of human poverty? In today’s generation, when someone is asked why many are poor, the immediate reply would be linked to issues like corruption in the government, lack of opportunity, lack of education and etc. At some point that answer is right, but behind what’s happening in our reality, there is a much deeper root of poverty which many people failed to understand – …

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The Best Solution to Drug Problem in Philippines

Solution Drug Problem Philippines

  What do you think is the best solution to the drug problem in the Philippines? Is EJK the right thing to do to have an immediate result? In this article let me share the most effective way how to handle this kind of problem that endangered millions of lives. Not only because of its effect but also how the current administration deals  with it. But before we go on, let us take a glance on …

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There is No God!


What if somebody tells you that there is no God? What would be your reaction? Will you agree? In our ordinary human understanding (as Christians), we might say that such person is an Athiest or maybe an anti-Christ or somebody who is not baptized in the name of Christ, – a bad guy. That’s how our judgmental mind works. But… what if… that person is right? Since the beginning of human history, humanity accepts church’s …

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