Know the Biggest Threat in President Duterte’s Life, Can He Survive?

threat to dutertes life

  Is there really a threat to president Duterte’s life? If yes, can he survive? What can we do to protect our beloved president? When asked about issues like assassination and extermination being a president of the Philippine republic, his bold and profound words are: “I live by destiny, if I die, so… be… it!” It is sad to think, but whether we like it or not, the life of President Duterte could be in great …

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The End of Philippine Poverty – A Shocking Revelation

The End of Philippine Poverty duterte admin

  Since many years, Philippine poverty has been a known “unsolved issue” suffered by its people. Though some Filipinos may not be categorized as “extremely poor,” still, all types of lack and scarcity have been debilitating the country. Last October 27, 2016, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) released a survey that shows a slight decrease of poverty margin from 25.2% in 2012 to 21.6 % in 2015. But still, that figure depicts that the government has …

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Poverty Solution that Never Fails

poverty solution never fails

Now that I have shared so much about poverty and its deepest root, it is time to talk about the solution. In reality, poverty appears to be the lack of money and material possession that man needs for survival and comfort, but subjectively, poverty is a result of lack of knowledge on how to deal with life, reality, and the universe. We have to understand that everything on the outside emanates from the inside. There is …

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5 Unnoticed Facts about Poverty

5 facts about poverty

In my journey of revealing the innermost root of human poverty, I have written few articles that could enlighten anyone who is interested in this matter. In my years of contemplation and research, I figured out the problem that brought poverty into reality, which many people, who are too busy dealing with all the lies in the world, failed to see. Let me say it again, “poverty is a manifestation of human ignorance,” and the …

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