How Fool I Was?


Living in a world of forms and illusions Blinded from truth deceived by reasons My mind can’t seem to find its way Seeking the light remains astray. How fool I was unable to see The world within the glimpse of me Fenced with nothing but an ignorant mind Quivered by fear, lack of desire. My mind is not the “I “I once Deprived of truth lies of the past To conform is to grief in …

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Deprive Me Not!

human ignorance poems and quotes

I once have lived in paradise I see no grime from earth and sky My mind is young my heart is pure No stain, no poison, no selfish desire. My eyes were open, I can’t protect The door to which my mind wanders If in this place a shade of darkness Here I am seeking for help. I can’t resist to anything I choose no seed, like a garden If in me planted a sorrow …

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