The Level of Human Ignorance is so Deep

Human ignorance quote 13

“The level of human ignorance is beyond the mind, it permeates into the depth of the subconscious that imprisons the soul”

Human ignorance is not only limited to the things that we don’t know. It deeply boils down into the depth of our being, resting in our subconscious mind, slaughtering our unconscious souls.  This is how fear wins over our mind and control our body to seek for risk-free places and  stay in comfort.

That is something  that is against our purpose. We are here to explore the  beauty and wonders of this universe. We are here to create experiences as we live. We are here to manifest things that are not  yet manifested. We are here to face challenges and to overcome those challenges gives joy and meaning to our lives. We need to use our body and accomplish something. We need to create a wonderful experience every day.

But because of ignorance, we end the exploration at an early stage by becoming comfortable. This is because fear has already dominated in our mind. This is because we just feed our mind with ideas only from our physical world, which is a result of our actions  influenced by our previous ignorance. In other words, our souls who seek for exploration and more experiences were caged by the need for comfort due to fear.

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