What is this website all about?

This website is all about personality development. This is all about you. It reveals the innermost root of all human problems (and the only solution) that many people are not aware of. That is the reason why many are poor. This website helps you realize that there is so much for us to know in this world. Not just the things that we learned from school.

There is a kind of knowledge hidden that everyone should know so that everybody will be able to live life happily and abundantly according to God’s purpose why humans were created. Bob Proctor, Anthony Robbins, Jack Canfield and other great teachers in the field of personality development all said the same thing about it. This website explains why many are not aware of it.

Why this website and its contents are significant?

Without knowing the information on this website, humanity remains busy and comfortable even in the midst of poverty and mediocrity. People are pre-occupied with entertainment, seeking for pleasure and comfort, which is a trap that cages our souls.

Who runs this website?

This website is run and managed by Julius C. Dabon

Who is Julius Dabon?

Julius Dabon is a Filipino blogger and a researcher. To know more about him go to the about page of this website.

What else this website offers to the world?

Aside from personality development stuff, inspirational stories and hidden knowledge, this website also shares stuff about blogging. This is helpful for anyone who may want to do the same thing for whatever cause they may have. Blogging is something that everyone doing a valuable cause should do today to reach out people of the same interest.

Are you selling information or digital products on this website?

Yes, as a blogger, Julius Dabon is also an affiliate marketer. We have to admit, blogging also requires finances for the furtherance of its presence on the internet. By selling other people’s product that is helpful to some interested individuals about stuff discussed  on this website, that aspect can be handled.

What is an Affiliate Marketer?

An affiliate Marker is someone who sells other people’s product online via different online marketing strategies, blogging is just one of them.

Is the e-book promoted on the sidebar of this website really free?

Yes, that is the free copy of the e-book the owner of this website wrote. That free copy alone can change your whole life as you gain a deep understanding about life, reality and spirituality. Something that is never been told by anyone in the history of humanity.

Do I need to subscribe to get that free e-book?

For now, there is no need to enter any personal information or email address. You can just click it and you will be redirected to a PDF document where you can download on your own computer or mobile device with PDF reader. Maybe in the future, you may need to subscribe to get that e-book for free.

Is that book already available in some bookstore?

Not yet. That piece of information is only accessible through this website.

How to contact the owner of this website or the author of that e-book?

To contact the owner, click the “CONTACT US” button at the left side of every page. A window will open and you can send him a message directly into his inbox. You can also send him a message at jdabblogger@gmail.com

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