Education is Required to Make us High Variety Slaves

human ignorance quote 10
“Education is needed to make people survive on their own while being manipulated to become high variety slaves”

Education! Something that many of us believed to be the only weapon for survival. We spend so much time, money and energy on it in search for a beter life.  It helps us to discover our talents and potentials; it helps us to shape our minds to understand how things unfold in this physical universe.  It helps us to see new possibilities in whatever fields we are in. It helps us to become productive citizens the way we know it to be.

But the amount of education we gained is never enough to address human problems caused by our own ignorance. There is a deeper aspect in our lives that has never been said , never been told and never been discussed in any learning institutions. The amount of education that we have today was just structured to shape human being into becoming high  variety slaves in exchange of survival. It is never to tell us about the truth  to exercise  our true potentials.

Many of us fall into the trap of having the right education to be able to find comfort in life, be comfortable and does nothing.  This is something agaist our purpose, which is exploration and creating human experiences to witness what else this universe has to offer to humanity.  Employment, which for many of us is the ultimate destination in quest for education, is just a decent form of slavery.

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