The Belief that “I am a Sinner” is the Root of Fear

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“The belief that “I am a sinner” is the beginning of fear that holds you back from accessing your own greatness”

This is something that many Christians are not ready to accept. In Christianity, we are all conditioned to believe that we are all sinners.  We are told to fear God or else  we will be thrown into the lake of fire. Since we believed that kind of conditioning, we do things in life with fear in our minds. We follow the teaching of Jesus Christ out of fear and we live in that level of consciousness.

If God is love, then to instill fear  in human mind is something that is against the will of God. Church never wants us to experience the love of God, only to control our minds so that we will conform to what they want us to do. It is a silent way of terrorizing the world with false teaching for a much bigger agenda that the world is soon to realize.

Becuase of the belief that we are all sinners, we accepted ourselves as something or somebody away from the goodness of God.  It’s the ego or the consciousness of separation that makes us suffer. Since we live in that knowing, we fail to recognize our own inner greatness and we saw only our own limitations.

Those limitations like saying”I am just a human being”  is the beginning of our fear. It reminds us always that we are nothing but just  a creation unable to do something great. A creation that needs God’s mercy always, so we must beg for it by following all the rules of the church. These are the greatest fallacy in human history. Conformity is Idiocy!