People are Too Busy Shouting on the Streets

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“People are too busy shouting on the streets, complaining outside, they probably don’t’ have mirrors in their house”

“No one can solve any problem with the same mind that created it.” That’s a quote from Albert Einstein referring to people complaining on the outside but failed to see the problem on the inside.

Instead of searching the lost key on the outside where there is light, we have to search it on the place where it was misplaced even if there is no light. We cannot find a solution to our problems if we deal with something outside of it.

We need an inner mirror to see the mess we carry. The problem lies within ourselves that is why we do things in a wrong way. And so we have this kind of result that makes us shout on the streets.

To deal with the problem, we have to go deep down into the root. What happens on the outside is a result of what is on the inside. “As above so below, as within so without.” That is the law of correspondence that many people misunderstood or maybe never heard at all.

If we keep on complaining outside, we worsened the scenario. We feed our consciousness with the cause of the problems that we don’t want. And so, we do things around that level of consciousness and we must have the same result.