If Abundance is a Blessing Poverty is Unblessedness

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“If abundance is a blessing from God, poverty is unworthiness to those blessings. That unworthiness comes from the consciousness of separation instilled by the Church in human mind”

If abundance is a blessing from God, poverty must be the opposite.  It is the unworthiness from those blessings, which brings lack and scarcity. God has provided everything that a man needs. Creation is finished and nothing more shall be created. All man has to do is explore the beauty and wonders of creation and create human experiences using that body. Through that exploration, he may manifest abundance based on whatever he needs. He may find food to feed his physical body and regain energy. Through that exploration, he may experience all reasons to be happy and become grateful to his creator.

This universe is a place of infinite possibilities according to man’s desire. It is in a constant state of creation and it never cares whatever man wants. Negative or positive it does not matter, it keeps on producing from the world of formless into the world of form through human experiences. Like the ocean, no matter how much water you took from it, whether a gallon per hour or  tankers per minute, it does not care, and it never gets dry.

But since human being lives in a consciousness of separation (ego), completely breaking the Law of the Divine Oneness, we become unworthy to all these blessings. Because of ego, we learn to live is a state of survival. We live in disunity and we care only for our own selves. This is why we learn to hate other beings. This is why we argue and disagree with others. This is why we compete and look our own false greatness in the weakness of others.

All of those traits are results of selfishness. The desire for self-survival that emanates from ego or the consciousness that we are all separate beings, from each other, from God and from everything.  Ego is the stain that corrodes our connecting link between us and our divinity. Since our link is corroded, the flow of blessing towards us was also jeopardized. The saddest thing is, it’s the church who taught us to live in a consciousness of separation by accepting ourselves as a sinner.