Let Love Reigns

I open my eyes and extend my handshuman ignorance quote 2
To find the way to the promise land
I wish I could live the life beyond
To fulfill the journey the true “I am”

But why it seems I can’t be there?
What holds me back? Why there is fear?
So I keep seeking the safest haven
Pleasure and comfort have been my dream

OH! What a lie and misdirection!
It keeps me move towards oblivion
The safest place I once have stayed…
Is the riskiest spot many have lived

End this idiocy and ignorance!
End all the lies find me freedom!
If along the road challenge is not
No reason to move, my journey stops

All I want is an endless experience
Beyond the mind, judgment, and reason
Seeking beauty has been my passion
To see the wonders and greatness of creation

But many of me have lived in vain
Fame and fortune, they sought in pain
Never realize how irrelevant they were
To the true callings, they’re tasked to bear

So why compete? why win?
Why in other’s weakness, greatness you’ve seen?
Why not just aim for a lasting dream?
Just live in compassion, let love reigns.