5 Unnoticed Facts about Poverty

5 facts about poverty

In my journey of revealing the innermost root of human poverty, I have written few articles that could enlighten anyone who is interested in this matter. In my years of contemplation and research, I figured out the problem that brought poverty into reality, which many people, who are too busy dealing with all the lies in the world, failed to see.

Let me say it again, “poverty is a manifestation of human ignorance,” and the biggest unknown problem we carry is our ignorance of our own ignorance. We simply don’t know the things that we should suppose to know, including the biggest human sabotage on earth. And we believe that everything that we have today is just right.

As part of this sort of revelation, let me share some of the unnoticed facts about poverty. Because many people don’t understand these things, they deal the problem in a way that does not work. People are complaining, blaming the government, shouting on the streets – seeking the solution on the outside while the problem lies on the inside.

At the end of this revelation, I also share the right solution to poverty according to the root cause that is being identified. In that way alone, human beings can do something to turn these chaotic experiences into riches and happiness.

Before going there, let us break all the hidden details and let us left no stone unturned for deeper understanding. Poverty has been around for hundreds of years but human beings look at it in a different way, the reason why no one has really addressed the problem.

The following are the 5 unnoticed facts about poverty:

1. Poverty is a Crime

I mentioned earlier that poverty is not a natural phenomenon in man’s lifetime. It is a man-made problem created out of greed for power. Many people suffered poverty all around the world because of some “selfish desire” of controlling the world and they’ve done it perfectly in many unnoticed ways.

What we have in our reality was just an “aftermath.” And since we don’t know anything, we just embraced the whole system and complain not. Since life is not easy, we just seek our own way to survive.

Poverty is a crime. It is a violation of human dignity and right to live. It is a total deprivation of man’s right to discover his own potential to be able to do great things and live a happy and fulfilling life.

To cloak the fraud, they gave us the opportunity to survive, and thus, we have this thing called “employment.” To become good in the employment world, they gave us ways how to develop our talents and skills – they taught us the knowledge we called education.

This education somehow in the end only leads us into becoming “high variety” slaves. With all of that we survived and some of us escaped from poverty and it seems like we owe to the system.

Since the beginning of human history, the word “control” is something that cannot be taken away. It is part of the whole system to keep the “few” in power while suppressing the rest of humanity from growth in terms of knowledge and understanding.

As a result, humanity simply doesn’t know the right thing to deal with life and reality in a right way. Many people become “unfruitful” in the society, which manifests as world’s poverty.

2. Poverty is a Manifestation of Ignorance

In my previous post entitled, “5 Misconceptions about Poverty, “I included at the bottom of the page a kind of illustration that shows the innermost root of the said problem. From subjective reality or the unseen, there lies a deception that results to human ignorance. (Just click the link above to see it).

As a result of ignorance, human beings do things in a wrong way in the objective reality. This is because of our wrong beliefs that emanated from deception.

As a result of a wrong way of doing things, we messed up. We experienced sorrow and misfortunes, and we try to survive life in our own ignorant ways as we experienced lack and scarcity.

Deception results to ignorance. It is the said innermost root of poverty among humanity. This is not ignorance about education. This is not ignorance about science and laws of the land but ignorance about many aspects of our lives hidden from our understanding.

The following are few of the things we don’t know:

  • Our true nature as human beings
  • What is our real purpose in life
  • How the Universe works
  • How to use our mind
  • How ego poisons ourselves

If a person in an ordinary level of awareness is asked, “Who are you in this universe?” His mind may probably wander into things that he only knows about himself. His reply is: “I am John” (whatever his or her name is) and “I am just a human being.” Is there anything he can say beyond that?

Is that enough? It clearly tells the fact that our understanding is really limited to what our religion and few of what science have said, which are just pieces of the big pie. The worst, some of those are LIES.

According to a lot of personal development books, the universe works based on fixed principles and we have to abide all those laws not to mess up being alive. But since we don’t know any of those (none of those are mentioned in our schools and in church), we violated a lot in every day of our lives.

It is like crossing the river against the flow that is why we suffered and that is how we mess in life, which again, manifests as poverty  during our existence. To know what those laws are, I will share a bit later.

3. Poverty is an Effect of Fear

Fear is a negative energy that controls a person’s mind in an ordinary level of understanding (ignorance). It holds someone back from stepping into bigger goals, dreaming something big, and from achieving great things in life that would somehow bring prosperity and happiness during his existence – the opposite of poverty.

But since ignorance among humanity seems to be just an ordinary part of reality, fear also becomes an integral part of man’s consciousness. It serves as “sponsoring thought” or the mother of all his everyday thoughts that affects his emotion, responses, and actions on the outside.

This is where the belief “I can’t” or “It is hard” has emanated from. If fear is dominant in the human mind, he will be seeking comfort and safe places in all of his lifetime instead of searching for ways to challenge his own potential.

This is the reason why many people are afraid to take a risk and do nothing. This is the reason why it is better to stay the same than to lose something that we already owned. Fear is the worst enemy of humanity that hides behind comfort, pleasure, and contentment. It keeps you safe from the danger that in reality does not exist. It is a lie.

Because of fear, humanity turns into millions of mindless and lifeless stones that do nothing and become ineffective and unproductive creations, which in reality manifests as poverty.

4. Poverty is a Work of an Ego

One of the universal laws that humanity has violated tremendously is the Law of the Divine Oneness. This law states that “everything is connected to everything else.” We are all one and there is no separation among all of us.

Sad to say, the way we live life today is completely opposite to the said law. We are all living in complete disunity, individualism, rivalry, competition and all sorts of selfish acts for our own individual survival.

We even strongly separate ourselves from our God as our major and irrevocable faith. It occurs the moment when we believe that we are all sinners as taught by our religion.

In my previous post, I explained the link between religion and poverty and I stressed out this matter as one of the roots of the said problem. Now let us move a bit into the details.

In spirituality, if abundance, riches, prosperity (whatever you may call it), is a blessing; its opposite, which is poverty and chaos must be the absence of that blessing.

Blessings are only given to those who are worthy. To those who recognized the “oneness” among all, where love, kindness, and sense of unity prevail and not the sense of antagonism and selfishness – something that is impossible for many of us to follow, being poisoned by the negativity of the world.

Everything begins when we accept ourselves as a sinner. The guilt that the said sin brings brought us the “consciousness of separation” between us and God and from everything that He created.

In that knowing, we instantly violated the Law of the Divine Oneness – as we learned to live life away from God, and away from all his blessings, which is how we exactly live today.

Living in the consciousness of separation is the ego. It is the perfect opposite of LOVE. It is a knowing that controls our mind to live life to have only the self as the center of awareness. Where, anything outside the self is not part of it and could be a threat to survival.

This is where fear has emanated. Fear originates from a sense of being alone, being isolated, being away from God and from everything else, which might be endangered and is not capable of survival. It is an awareness of being excluded from the “one big whole” defined by the Divine Law.

Hatred, envy, jealousy and all negative emotions emanated from fear. It is the fear of being unable to survive, being in a state of survival, poverty and scarcity. All negative emotions aim to harm other beings so that the suffering “self” will not be alone in his struggle.

In this level of consciousness, uncertainty, doubt, worry and impossibility of things prevail. It is a complete imprisonment of our divine and unconscious souls created by a divine being according to his likeness, we called God.

In this knowing, we all become unworthy to God’s grace. This is where love, the energy that binds us all together –the force that makes us all one, is no longer pure in our hearts –being contaminated with hatred, selfishness, envy and all sorts of negative emotions that arise as a result of fear and uncertainty for survival.

In this kind of environment, there is no blessing, therefore, poverty and chaos reign.

5. Poverty is not about Money

Poverty is curable not by money but only by knowledge. If a pile of money is given to a group of poor people, it may help them to momentarily ease their pains, but it will never address the problem.

If all the money is gone in their hands, they will surely go back to where they are. It is because that is their only place to stay. That is their own knowing, that is the thing that encompasses their own consciousness and they can never run away from it. Remember, consciousness is the one and only reality.

If a group of poor people is given the right knowledge, they may start doing things in a right way and they may slowly combat their own poverty. Eventually, they may become rich – somebody who knows how to invite blessings and abundance in life.

With all of that being said, after reading this part, if you also have spotted the innermost root of poverty as much as I did, then we are now ready towards a new journey – a journey of knowing the right knowledge to end the poverty that emanated from within. Continue reading