The End of Philippine Poverty – A Shocking Revelation


The End of Philippine Poverty duterte admin

Since many years, Philippine poverty has been a known “unsolved issue” suffered by its people. Though some Filipinos may not be categorized as “extremely poor,” still, all types of lack and scarcity have been debilitating the country.

Last October 27, 2016, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) released a survey that shows a slight decrease of poverty margin from 25.2% in 2012 to 21.6 % in 2015. But still, that figure depicts that the government has not yet really addressed the problem.

Poverty menace in the country continues to wobble every Filipino family as the population inevitably grows. Though the current administration shows a “vital sign” to end the problem, it may not be as quick as blinking one’s eye and it takes one generation for the result to manifest on every household.

Poverty in the Philippines has rooted in many factors. Some are known and some are completely beyond the understanding of a mediocre Filipino. The younger generation believed that the Philippines is really a poor country and we can do nothing about it but survive in our own way.

According to what people know, among the list of the known causes of Philippine poverty are:

  • Corruption in the government
  • Lack of Education
  • Lack of Job Opportunity
  • Low Wage System
  • Lack of Health Care Access
  • Population Growth
  • Lack of infrastructure projects in many rural areas
  • War and Terrorism
  • Natural Calamities
  • National Debt

Many believed that if the above “factors” will be addressed properly, Philippine poverty rate will also diminish if not completely reduced to zero. And I know everyone agrees (except me). For some reasons, it is not the way it is. I’ll tell you in a bit later.

Philippine Poverty Should Have Never Existed

Historically, Philippines is the richest country in the whole world. This is something that many Filipinos don’t know – something that is not written in the history – hidden by mainstream media controlled by the oligarch.

The Philippines was alleged to be the “keeper” of some hundreds Metric Tons of Gold. It came from the Southeast Asian Srivijayan/ Madjapahit Empire long before the time of Spanish invasion in 1521. The history said that part of that Gold Bars was kept by the “Maharlika”– a Royal Clan, headed by the Tagean Clan until 17th century – the true owner of the whole Philippine archipelago, Guam, Hawaii, Borneo, Vietnam and other neighboring islands.

Philippine poverty maharlika


During the Spanish invasion, the Tallano Clan (Originally Tagean Clan) was the ruler of the whole archipelago from North to South. The noble family owned 720,000 metric tons of gold. Luzon was named after King Luisong Tagean Tallano, the father of Raja Lapu-Lapu and Raja Soliman. King Luisong was the head of the Royal Clan.

Originally, we are not Filipinos; we are called “Maharlikans” as the descendants of the Royal Maharlikan Tribe. The term Filipino was only named after King Philip of Spain during the Spanish regime.

Within hundreds of years under the Spanish era (1521-1894), the Tallano Clan remains to be known and respected noble family. Philippines has been liberated from the oppression and land grabbing activity by the Spaniards when Don Esteban Benitez Tallano paid $20,000,000.00 worth of Gold coins to Spain. This was in exchange for freedom and rights to their own homeland from all foreign invaders.

That was when the country was sold by Spain to America, but instead of America paying the money, it was the Tallanos who sacrificed their wealth to free the Filipinos. This was done through the said treaty of PARIS on April 4, l894 –  when the war between Spain and America has ended. In later times, a small portion of Tallano’s Wealth went to the Marcoses. The following tells the quick story:

philippine poverty marcos gold


That was how the Marcoses owned such a tremendous amount of wealth.

During the Martial Law, the whole story was twisted by the “Aquinos” through a bunch of black propaganda. That made the whole country believed that Marcos took the wealth of the Filipino people, commonly known as Marcos’ Ill-gotten wealth.

I remember Imelda Marcos once said that the wealth of the Marcoses can save the entire population and left no one poor on the streets if given to the Filipino people or if used by the Government. But due to some amount of greed, it did not happen.

Because of the false history influenced by the Oligarch, and the known to be the “elite” families in later times, we Filipinos of the new generation remain ignorant about our past. We believed that poverty, where many of us suffered for a long time has been an integral part of being a Filipino.

Look at the poor in the Philippines and the wealth the country once owned:

poverty behind gold

Isn’t that ridiculous?

The Untold Origin of Philippine Poverty

Philippine poverty is a result of greed and desire for power by “few” in the old times. It is a man-made catastrophe that results in massive chaos among Filipinos, passed on throughout generations. Everything was perfected by keeping the people ignorant about the truth; they twisted the history and make every Filipino believed into something else.

Who’s the culprit?

America! Yes, it is the United Stated of America who’s behind the Philippine poverty – not only the Philippines but almost all poor nations.

Since the beginning of time, America has been longing for the power of controlling the whole world. They want absolute supremacy and become the most powerful country among all nations without giving a chance of any blooming countries to take off. This nation was run by the most “wicked” human beings on earth. All presidents and US agencies were their puppets.

Looking at the big picture, the American government was just a tool. Somebody behind the scene manipulated the whole system for the purpose of total power and control. All foreign countries that might rise above America were early on eradicated except China and Russia. These 2 countries have a great role to play in changing the history of the world in the near future, so they must remain strong.

The system of democracy, science, education and everything brought by America to the world, in the name of freedom and advancement were all tools to defeat all nations. This is to make the whole world revolve around their fingertips. This is why UN, ASEAN and EU were established.

Sadam Hussien in Iraq and Muammar Gaddafi in Libya were both real leaders of their own land. All they want is to become independent from the American influence and to create their own currency not controlled by the US Dollar. Because of that, they were annihilated being a threat to American supremacy.

During the time of President Ferdinand E. Marcos, he once declared to the US that he wants to establish an Asian Dollar backed by the Gold in the Central Bank of the Philippines – the Tallano Gold. The following supports this story:

Philippine poverty marcos plan to asian dollar

If that happens, America will be losing control over the Philippines and that’s absolutely a threat. What America wants was to keep the Philippines poor and ignorant to forever bow down to their “goodness” and beg for their financial aid via International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the US Central Bank, for a mind-boggling interest. This is basically the same pattern how the Rothschild’s owned 70% of the world’s assets and money.

In 1986, a behind the scene US-orchestrated revolt happened in the Philippines to oust President Marcos (Edsa Revolution). It brought a US puppet into position named Mrs. Cory Aquino. Marcos was picked up by a US helicopter and brought to Hawaii for an exile, in which all of the sudden he can no longer speak.

Philippine poverty Edsa revolution

Since then, the country  has messed up so badly. The new administration followed the same scheme of oppression and tyranny – protecting the oligarchs and the financial figures at the expense of the millions of poor in the country. During that time, the rich in the Philippines became richer and the poor became poorer.

They controlled the local mainstream media and bombarded the Filipinos with all lies for their own favor. They strengthen the entertainment industry as a way to divert people’s mind and attention to forever stay in ignorance.

During the Aquino Administration, land grabbers were protected via Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP). This agrarian reform empowers anyone who positioned themselves in an agricultural land abandoned by the owner to have a right to own such property if in years, they are the ones who make it productive.

That was to keep Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac in their possession after its lease has expired and should be returned to the masses since they’re the one holding the Hacienda. This Hacienda Luisita case has claimed several lives as the masses fight for their rights via street demonstrations. All of these happened while the greed Aquino-Cojuangco Clan was in power.

Since the Aquino administration, the Marcos wealth and plans for alleviating the people from Philippine poverty became totally out of the context. It was completely gone and poverty continuously wiped out the country. Who’s the winner? The Aquinos? The Americans? I don’t care but the true losers are the Filipino people.


The Rise of a True Leader – a New Hope for Filipinos

However, when a former mayor of Davao City won the 2016 presidential election, the Aquino power has finally ended. Its legacy was a total mess in the country.

When the war on drugs was launched by the new administration, the whole nation was shocked how worst the problem with illegal drugs was – publicized by the new president. It involves PNP Generals, Senators, Judges, Mayors and other government officials down to barangay levels as the key players for the drug trade operation – destroying the minds of younger generation.

The war on drugs was an effective measure done by the new administration for the Filipino people to realize how ineffective and useless the last Aquino regime was. It reveals the truth that Benigno Semion Aquino III, son of the revolt-made president – Mrs. Cory Aquino, did nothing to solve the problem, not only in illegal drugs but all.

He was even involved in many money related scams and anomalies in the government. He was just sitting in the Palace, allowing all his cabinet secretaries to do all sorts of abuse. During that time, corruption in the government was left and right, leaving the poor Filipinos hopeless in the mud of poverty. But all of the sudden, when the election came, the history changes.

Can Duterte End Philippine Poverty?

The Duterte Administration once promised a clean government. All forms of corruption and bribery must end, together with drug problems and all types of criminalities. If peace, order as well as discipline, are already felt in the country, it is the time for a true change to occur. It is where “opportunities” for a better life for many Filipinos flourish – the much-awaited end of Philippine poverty.

For that to happen, the government should act on the following:

  1. End Corruption in the Government
  2.  Create Job Opportunities
  3. Raise Minimum Wage
  4. Build more Infrastructure Projects
  5. Strengthen Agriculture System
  6. Free Education
  7. More Livelihood Projects
  8. Free Health Care and Services
  9. Lower Electricity and Water Bills
  10. Lower Commodity and Services Price
  11. Family Planning (Not necessary)
  12. End all the wars and disputes among rebels
  13. Pulverize the terrorist
  14. Move into Federalism
  15. Dig the whereabouts of Tallano Gold (Even the Marcos Gold) and use it for the people – the risky one against America. President Duterte knows this very well that is why he ended up the tie with the U.S.

If everything is in place, it would be exciting to imagine that change is really happening in the country. But wait! Can all of the above solve the poison brought by Philippine poverty in a later generation into everyone’s mind?

After hundreds of generations being poor, the problem of Philippine poverty is no longer due to all sorts of lies and greed for power by the Oligarchs in the past. As said above, it has migrated into every Filipino’s way of thinking and ways of doing things. And I believe that all of the above-suggested poverty solutions can do nothing about it.

To know what to do, Continue reading…