Know the Biggest Threat in President Duterte’s Life, Can He Survive?


threat to dutertes life

Is there really a threat to president Duterte’s life? If yes, can he survive? What can we do to protect our beloved president? When asked about issues like assassination and extermination being a president of the Philippine republic, his bold and profound words are: “I live by destiny, if I die, so… be… it!”

It is sad to think, but whether we like it or not, the life of President Duterte could be in great danger. This is due to his dreams and visions for the Philippines.

Yes, he is an honest and a true leader who loves his people. He may end the corruption in the government as well as the poverty among Filipinos. But he may know it or not, he must be in trouble.

The said threat does not come from the opposition and all the allies of Sen. de Lima (only instrument). It does not come from the terrorist in Mindanao and not from the left. It comes from somewhere bigger than those mentioned parties.

As Filipinos, we have to understand something. This “something” is a very sensitive issue that only a few people understand. Unless you personally have done your own digging about matters that the mainstream media has been prohibited to cover, you may have an idea.

In my previous post, I mentioned about what America did to countries like Iraq and Libya and the “why,” which is relevant to this topic. I also mentioned about the conspiracy behind the EDSA revolution in 1986 that ousted the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos and brought Cory Aquino into power – a U.S puppet.

If you haven’t read yet that story you can read it here. It connects to what you are going to know in this post.

The World’s Hidden Reality

To begin with, let us leave the Philippines for a moment and let’s wander globally. Let me give you an overview of the world’s current reality that majority of people around the world are not really aware of. However, if you already know it, let this information deepen your understanding.

Since the beginning of human history, the world has been controlled and run by the few. They are the “Elites.” All they want is an “absolute power” to control humanity for one global purpose – the fulfillment of one world government – the New World Order (NWO).

They have perfected the strategy of controlling humanity by spreading “ignorance” and by misdirecting our mind and attention into something else so that we may not notice all their lies and we forever become busy in our daily lives.
They programmed our minds to become non-thinking beings and stay comfortable even at the lowest level of human existence, being poor, mediocre and ignorant.

This is the reason behind the creation of entertainment industry (sports, movie, music, games, and pornography, you name it) that the mainstream media (their tool for massive mind control) brought to us every day. It consumes our time as we become addicted to the pleasure that it brings and we become contented in life.

As a result, we no longer seek for more, we stay away from knowledge and life unfolds according to how they want us to think and act. They feed our minds with all the lies by controlling our belief using religion (all religions), the most effective means to spread guilt, ignorance, and poverty.

Through ignorance alone, they controlled the world. Our poverty is simply their success because we become dependent on their power and become easily controllable.

To maintain power, they keep fooling humanity. One of the most effective strategies for manipulating the world is called “Hegelian Dialectic.” This is done by creating a problem, controlling the reaction and giving a solution. This is the reason behind all wars and terrorism, aside from making a profit by selling warfare and ammunitions.

If you notice, Christianity is an application of this strategy.


  • Problem – we are all sinners
  • Reaction – We recognize fear of hell
  • Solution – Follow Jesus Christ for the salvation of souls from hell.

And our whole life revolves around sinning and saving our souls, instead of engaging with more experiences and challenges to discover our potentials. We are tamed and comforted by religion so that we will not grow in terms of knowledge and understanding.

To make it short, all that are available to us today – from science, education, employment, religion, mainstream media, money and banking system, modern technology, politics, pharmaceuticals, and medicines, were all created by them for their own favor of controlling humanity. To learn more about this matter CLICK HERE.

All the wars in the past were created out of the above-mentioned principle. It is also known as “creating order out of programmed chaos.” They destroy other nations via concocted disputes and offer financial aid after the war. This is done in a form of loan (with interest) to help the country recover from huge losses; at the same time bow down to their “goodness” and become their puppet.

That’s how America came to power and there must be no other nations above them. Any country that might have a chance to rise is a threat to their supremacy just like Libya and Iraq. They want the world to become poor and we are one of their living victims. Our poverty is somehow due to our ignorance they brought via religion, science and the mainstream media because it controls the way we think.

In our time, no ordinary human being on earth can stop them. We are nothing but a sheep that follow them unknowingly in every day of our lives no matter how much we dislike it.

The fact is, we don’t know anything about it being so busy dealing with reality (entertainment and all sorts of pleasure-seeking activities), thinking for our survival. This is the reality where we have grown up; this is how we know ourselves.

You may wonder why they did it and who they are. To left no stone unturned and to avoid some confusion, let’s move a bit deeper.

The Root of the World’s Biggest Sabotage

The root of the world’s biggest sabotage traces its origin from ancient mystery religion in Babylon, when knowledge was hidden by some secret group. It was passed on to Egypt, and later in Rome, where Christianity has emanated.

duterte secret society
The above image shows the origin of all the secret societies and “occultist” that control humanity. As you can see from top to bottom, it started from Babylonian mystery religion to the Freemasons and Illuminati in the current times. In reality, people who are involved in this activity are the Jewish Zionist.

Zionism is an established political organization, composed of some powerful and wealthy people with Jewish origin, to claim and build ISRAEL. They are now in control over America, the United Nation, EU and all International Organizations.

Jewish Zionists are the true tyrant and racist. Their belief has emanated from the words of their Holy Book called TALMUD. It was said in that book that the non-Jewish people (or the Gentiles) like you and I were no different from dogs and pigs, which were created just to serve them because they are the only God’s chosen people.

duterte jewish

The reason behind their inhuman agenda is that they believe that their God –who is still about to come –who will bring them to ISRAEL, will come sooner if they do all the opposites of what the God of Abraham wants.

All the world’s distressing experiences such as war, terrorism, diseases, viruses, early aging, and death have rooted to what has been said above. They are completely evil and the worst, the whole world has been revolving around their fingertips.

Again, any country or any leader who might become a threat to their power should be exterminated early on, just like what they did to Libya and Iraq. What about China and Russia?

As said earlier, these two countries have a great role to play for the fulfillment of their ultimate Agenda – The New World Order, so they must remain powerful.

Now, that you’ve seen the whole scenario, let’s go back to the Philippines.

The Threat Done by Marcos to Global Elite

During the time of late President Ferdinand E. Marcos, the door to become the richest country on earth (probably the most powerful), was about to open. This is due to the fact that Marcos knew the hidden treasure of the Philippines – the remains of 720,000 metric tons of Gold from the Tallano Clan.

That Gold has emanated from the history of Tagean Clan (later became Tallano), the ruler of Majapahit Empire, who owned the entire Philippine archipelago and neighboring island before the Spanish invasion – the Maharlika.

Duterte Gold Marcos

Marcos was a recipient of 30% of the 640,000 metric tons of gold when it was returned to the Philippines from the Vatican City in 1945. Together with Marcos was a certain Fr. Diaz – as they both helped to facilitate the return of the said treasure back to the Philippines after a lease by the Vatican. That’s where and how Marcos became the wealthiest Filipino.

As president of one of the Asian Countries, Marcos planned to have an Asian Dollar, back by real gold (some 600,000 metric tons deposited in the Philippine Central Bank) and obviously, valuable and powerful than the US Dollar. And that plan was a threat to America (Global Elite), the reason why Marcos has to be removed from office.

The  Aquino Political Opposition

For the Global Elite, Marcos must be eliminated or else, the Philippines will rise above America. Using a one brilliant Filipino, who was a Mason (secret society created by the global elite), named Benigno Aquino, a US-orchestrated political turmoil occurred in the Philippines in 1970’s

Through a bunch of black propaganda using the media, a resistance to Marcos administration popped up from all corners of the Philippines. Muslims in Mindanao strengthened their movement, from fighting for their homeland into politically-stained rebellion. CPP-NPA was established by Aquino in secrecy together with Jose Maria Sison. For years, the whole country was in trouble.

Marcos was accused of being the most corrupt president in the Philippines, who robbed the country’s wealth for personal interest. While the whole story how Marcos gained his wealth was totally obscured from the Filipino people.

Because of the threat to national security caused by the rebellion backed by Benigno Ninoy Aquino, Martial Law was declared in 1972. On August 21, 1983, Ninoy Aquino was assassinated at Manila International Airport upon his arrival from U.S. and the Marcoses appeared to be the culprit.

During that time, violence of all kinds happened in the country. It ended when Marcos was ousted in 1986 via EDSA revolution – a US-supported demonstration to completely remove Marcos from power.

The following are reasons behind Aquino’s Opposition

  1. To destabilize the country.
  2. To simply oust Marcos from power (Global Elite’s Plan).
  3. To keep Philippines stay in poverty for the purpose of control by both America and the Philippine Oligarch (Aquino-Cojuanco).
  4. To keep Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac in their possession (Aquino-Cojuanco), which must be returned to the poor after its lease has expired.

In later times, a rumor came out that the man behind Ninoy Aquino’s death was the “Cojuancos,” to promote rage against the Marcoses and to put Cory into “power” and eventually, extend their control over  the disputed property – Hacienda Luisita.

The end of Marcos administration was in favor for both America and the Aquino-Cojuanco’s greed for power at the expense of Millions of Filipinos. During Cory’s regime, Philippine poverty has skyrocketed but kept hidden by the media.

The Threat to Duterte’s Life

The 2016 presidential election was the biggest turning point for the Philippines to recover from the great losses during previous administrations. Now we have a new president who offers a clean government, and he proves it even during the first 6 months of office.

His ultimate vision is to create a better Philippines just like what Marcos once have envisioned during his time. In fact, President Duterte is one of the living Filipinos who have a deep “respect” to the late President Ferdinand Marcos, because he knew the real story behind all the lies done by the media and the Yellows.

President Duterte once aired his opposition to America and seeks to tie with Russia and China for some known reasons. But behind what has been said by the media, it was his sentiment against America due to the oppression they did to the Filipino people in the old times.

It is obvious that Duterte is against America because he knows the agenda of the Elite. Now that his plan is to alleviate people from poverty and to establish a better Philippines, he must be once again a threat to the Elite like Marcos did.

If you notice, the current Anti-Duterte movement headed by the Yellows through Sen. Laila de Lima, CBCP and other Senators seems to have a strong link to America, via UN, EU and other international organizations.

In my own point of view, knowing that the global elite behind the scene is in power, whatever noble desire of our good president must be suppressed for their own favor at the expense of millions of Filipinos. What they want is to make all nations become poor to forever depend on their financial aid in a form of loan via IMF and the Central Bank of America.

With that in mind, just like Sadam Hussein in Iraq, Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, late President Marcos in the Philippines, who were all true leaders and once have aimed for the best for their own homeland, President Duterte must not be an exception.

As a Filipino, How can we protect the good President?