The Lies We’ve Lived

Here we are living on the surfacehuman ignorance quotes and poems
Racing with time, seeking for peace
But yet the world is in unending trouble
To hide the truth from millions of people

How could those ants build their kingdom?
In that soft and abundant sand
When every time stirred with stick
How can they fix each brick?

How silly is it fascinated with colors?
When deep inside is an abhorring odor
How unwise living in conformity
To embrace the system of conspiracy.

The reality we see is just a shadow
Masqueraded with comfort, the need in you
That garbage we bear is a poison
That cage us all beyond our know.

No one can see with staring eyes
If the mind is full of ignorance
Even the sourest taste the tongue can take
In ignorance is the sweetest cake.

Rules were created to guide humans
Wars were created to disturbed the land
Entertainment was there to steal your time
Media takes care to control our minds.

So how can we escape from this ocean of lies?
When no one searches their deepest part
Where being told we’ve marched the path
Crying in pain but complaining not.

Why hide the truth that I am someone?
Beyond the know of everyone
If in time the truth revealed
Heaven on earth is the place we’ve lived.