They Feed Me Lies

The world I live is unseenQuote and poems human ignorance
Beyond the sight of all the living
Never been wandered by anyone
Who lives above the surface of this land

But here I am seeking for refuge
From lies of fear and thorns of doubt
Until when this body moves
Based on deception taught to the world

The true “I am” has never yet existed
For the “I am” you know is a lie
I am someone beyond the mind
For the mind is nothing in ignorance

To whom I bend these knees of mine?
To discomfort me and wake me up
End this pleasure that keeps me blind
From knowing the truth ‘bout who I am

My journey is an endless exploration
To the world of matter and form
My senses are innocent to what they grasp
To where my mind fooled by the past.

In human heart, I want to stay
To drive that body infinitely
But the false “I am” thrown me away
Bringing darkness and insanity.

Let me shout loud to every ear
My words are pure vivid and clear
How could I end this agony?
Due to the lies the feed on me.