Human Being Lives in Ignorance


Human being lives in ignorance, tamed by the laws, enslaved by the government, feed by corporations,entertained by television and comforted by religion

 This is the most concise  and accurate way of saying what went on. We as human beings in great numbers lived in ignorance because many of us are not aware of who we really are and the extent of our true potential.  We were conditioned to live in peace and contentment even in the midst of poverty and mediocrity.  We were taught to accept our reality as something that we can do nothing.

Since we are in danger of complaining and there is a chance for us to become violent, laws were created to tame our behavior so that we will remain  a good sheep to our shepherd. Corporations and the whole employment world give us the chance to feed ourselves by giving us a tiny portion of the effort and time we contributed to the world. Then the government taxed us for all our benefits, which they claimed to be the source.

Life becomes full of burdens and we find some rest in front of  our television  through entertainment. We experienced joy in those things and we wasted so much time on it.  As life unfolds, many of us  tried to find something else to change the scenario regardless of morality.

But the church is there  to comfort us during our struggle. Giving us peace and love of God, so that we will stop seeking for more and we remain ignorant for the rest of our lives. All that are available to hold us back  from exploration,  which is our ultimate purpose.