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My name is Julius. I am a blogger and a researcher. Join me in this journey of revealing the “innermost root” of all human problems that no one in history has ever seen. This is something that schools, churches (of any religion), government, and mainstream media never ever have said. And for some reasons, they never will.

The fact was, we all learned to embrace the problem and we lived with it in a way that it seems like nothing’s really wrong – the reason why no one has ever seen it, but many have suffered the consequences.  According to Albert Einstein, “No one can solve any problem with the same mind that created it.”  Come and let’s dig deep down into the “WHYs” of our reality.

In this website, you will know “unheard” things including the following:


  1. The innermost root of human poverty and the only solution.
  2. The true reason why there are war and terrorism.
  3. The true reason why some people drink liquor and become a drug addict.
  4. The true reason why people died at the age younger than 100 years old.
  5. The true reason why entertainment industry was created. 
  6. The true reason why people are not aware of what’s really going on.
  7. The truth behind religion and all churches in the world.
  8. The truth about our true nature as human being hidden since the ages.

and many more…


Brian Tracy, one of the best mentors in the field of personal development, said, “We human beings only used 10% of our total potential given by God. Each and every person alive has still 90% power, which is untapped due to ignorance.”

But what makes us ignorant?  What are the things that we don’t know that makes us unable to tap into our full potentials to live a happy and abundant life? There are 5 aspects in our life that we failed to understand.

These are the following:

  1. The depth of our true nature as human beings.
  2. Our true purpose in life.
  3. The Universal Laws.
  4. Our God-given power or potentials.
  5. The “poison” of our own ego.

Above all, all human problems are results of our ignorance that we are ignorant about what has been said above.  If you noticed, it has something to do with spirituality. But the church didn’t bother to mention any of those. Instead, they are saying quite different things.

So,  let us put an end to our ignorance by accessing “knowledge” hidden from humanity.

This website is all about realizing who we really are as human beings. This is all about knowing the truth to escape from the cage of ignorance, where many of us are trapped and still many are heading into. There are lots of issues to discuss and a bunch of knowledge to uncover.

It took me a couple of years to see the “big picture.” After reading quite numbers of personal development books, conspiracy theory articles, listening to various inspirational talks, I’ve seen something worthy to be shared.

What I did was, I wrote an e-book, which is available to download here . I put everything into “writing” so that I can share it anytime. That e-book is not just an ordinary piece 0f content that you can find online.

It contains knowledge that you and I need to be able to deal with reality in a right way.  It can change the way you look at things and it can change you to go beyond ordinary. It is a complete package of truth that millions of human beings failed to see being so busy with life’s daily burdens.

More about Me

In the past 6 years, I have been spending my free time on the internet. I created few blogs and have done some stuff about internet marketing. I collected different e-books about success principles and other personal development materials, recommended by some individuals who have attained great success online. I mention some of them below.

It all started when my interest about personal development stuff conquered my consciousness. That was when I read the book of Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich,” sometime in 2010. I was amazed by the idea and the principles taught in that book. From that moment on, I’ve been reading a lot of books about principles of success.

I have books written by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Brian Tracy and many great authors and mentors in this field.

My curiosity has ignited when a question came into my mind that says “why many people don’t know this stuff?” If those principles are only taught in schools and in the church, there must be no poverty on earth. And the world might not be the same as the world today. (Isn’t that ridiculous?)

So I started digging…

It seems like somebody must have hidden the truth or should I say “right knowledge.” My concern was why? Who are they and why they did it if I was right?

As I furthered into that journey, I arrived into discussions about conspiracy theories, which opened my mind to the “occult world” and things like “secret societies.” There, I find all the answers to my questions.

Since then I clearly figured out the problem.

Poor people in many nations are complaining about their current situations, but they know nothing about what they should suppose to know. As they find comfort via religion and entertainment to ease the burdens they carry, they fall into the trap.

We are all in the cage as victims of a global sabotage and there is no way for us to escape from that “cage” unless we happen to understand everything by knowing the right knowledge.


“Comfort is a trap towards ignorance, where millions of people  flocked, and still, millions are heading into”


To begin knowing what I’ve said CLICK HERE.

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