5 Misconceptions about Poverty

poverty misconceptions

In my previous post, I discussed the said “innermost root of the world’s poverty. There, I presented the idea that the fact that we don’t own the printing machine that creates paper money, millions of people around the world became poor. Poverty is a result of a robbery that many people don’t understand. You can read the whole story here.

To figure out poverty and to have an idea how to combat it in a right way, let us get deeper into it by looking at some “misconceptions” that mislead people what really poverty is all about.

1. Poverty is Natural

In today’s time, many people believed that poverty is just an ordinary part of reality. It becomes natural in man’s lifetime and it seems like there is nothing to complain and human being has nothing to do with it but survive.

Because of this notion, many people embraced poverty as part of the original system – something that is impossible to change. With this belief, poor people learned to accept poverty as its dwelling place. They become one with it.

poverty is not natural

One of the biggest mistakes of the poor is to become comfortable in that condition of life. If someone sees no problem, there is certainly no reason to do something to find a solution. If someone is “okay” in the midst of scarcity, then there is no sense of looking for abundance.

Earthworms and frogs live in the mud without any grievances. That is the place where they learn to live peacefully and find their own ways to get feed and survive. That is “natural” to them and life would be so hard in a place outside the mud.

In the same way, poor people at some point learned to live and survive in the mud of poverty and they don’t have any desire for a change as they become comfortable and contented. Remember, comfort in man’s lowest level of existence is always a trap.

If someone can’t accept life being a poor, he must be doing something to change it. Eventually, if he does it unceasingly, he may find the path to riches.

Poverty is not natural. It is man-made. If people will only understand that behind this chaotic human experience called poverty, is a massive human sabotage that happened before our time, they may have done something and stop being a victim in their own ways.

2. Poverty is Due to Corruption in the Government

One of the biggest failures of humanity is being unable to understand things beyond reality. Many people are just blinded by what they hear and see on the outside. Many are complaining about the situation, blaming the government for the problems they suffered.

Though the failure of the government to help the poor is also a factor for poverty to get worse, from a different perspective, poverty somehow has something to do with man’s failure how to become productive in life on an individual level. Therefore, the problem lies on the inside, not on the outside.

poverty and corruption

Corruption and the abuse of power done by the government do not directly affect man’s ability to become fruitful in his undertaking. If someone is doing a good business or a way to generate a considerable amount of income to combat poverty, the government has nothing to do with it.

Though I mentioned that there is a massive human sabotage that resulted in our modern poverty, in which, the system of our government is an instrument to its fulfillment; government abuses alone still could not be attributed to someone’s individual failure and how worst are his life experiences. As being said, the problem lies on the inside and never on the outside.

3. Poverty is Due to Lack of Education

Being uneducated has been the most common scapegoat to do nothing, accomplish nothing and stay in poverty. People who failed to educate themselves and never earned a degree separate themselves from the rest of the crowd who are the key players in the employment world, where money is traded with talents and skills.

This notion has emanated from the fact that to get hired and be in a position to earn money, someone must be good at something. To become good on how things are done, one must have learned it from school. This is where education of all levels and fields plays a vital role for human survival.

poverty lack education

But because education requires money, in which many don’t have, people who failed to gain proper education prefer to live in the wilderness of poverty – using the system how education can be attained as an excuse.

As being said, the level and the structure of education that we have today is never enough to address the problem that the world suffered. It means, being unable to finish a degree does not mean a complete disqualification.

Being able to read and write and understand basic communication is enough to combat poverty and become someone who can do great things in life. Everything on earth can be learned.

The mind of man is as deep as the ocean and as wide as the sky. When only use in a right way and filled with right knowledge, anyone can be the best person in his lifetime.

Education though required when dealing with all the basics, is completely irrelevant to address the problem. Being uneducated is never an excuse to achieve greatness. Look at Manny Pacquiao.

4. Poverty is Due to Lack of Opportunity

When poor people are asked what they do, the immediate answer is “nothing.” Some stay at home, wander on the streets, get engage with gambling and other means of generating easy money – the don’t have the opportunity for a living.

Like the lack of education, the absence of opportunity has been an excuse for many people to stay in poverty instead of creating one. Being poor became their choice just to adapt to the environment where they belong.

All of this happens when the poor learned to accept poverty as a natural part of reality and there is nothing to do with it but conform to what the majority, and wait for some miracles to happen.

poverty lack opportunity

People are fooled by the notion that the government should always provide everything that the citizens need. Instead of every person to think what they can do for their own country, they do nothing and waited for the opportunity to come from the government.

Opportunity is everywhere. There is an endless opportunity out there if someone will just move and look around. But because of wrong beliefs, preconditioning and some kind of mind control given to humanity every day behind the scene, most of the people in today’s generation are conquered by fear.

They only see nothing but their own limitations, aided with the impossibility and uncertainty of doing great things because that is how they know who they are.

Poverty is not due to lack of opportunity. It is a result of fear that is controlling a person’s consciousness that holds him back from creating an opportunity, taking a risk, dreaming big, and from doing great things in life.

5. Poverty has Nothing to do with Spirituality

The most overlooked root cause of poverty is its discreet linked with religion and faith. This is probably the reason why most of the Christian nations are poor. It may be hard to see but if we dig deep into it, there is something hidden behind religion that indirectly affects how each and every human being think “who” they really are.

When searching for reasons why there is poverty among nations, the field of spirituality has never been explored knowing that no one would suspect religion as the culprit. It is like a protected virgin forest where the beast hides.

All of this happens due to man’s ignorance about the truth and the biggest fallacy on earth that controls man’s way of thinking and ways of doing things, which in reality determines the result –poverty and mediocrity.

Yes, Ignorance! With all of the things said above, there is only one thing that keeps humanity away from doing great in his lifetime. It is his own belief about who he really is. It is his self-concept of himself, which is absolutely wrong and ridiculous according to how religion shaped it.

Before we move a bit deeper, we have to understand that “consciousness is the one and only reality.” It is a word from Neville, author of the book, “The Power of Awareness.”

Neville said that “human experiences in life are solely based on a person’s level of consciousness or his self-concept of himself.” Everything that he perceived, believed and accepted to be true about himself determines the action that he’s going to do and the result that he is going to experience. Who are you according to how you know yourself? What is your own “I am?”

Who are you according to how you know yourself is the one controlling your whole life – from thoughts, emotion, actions and everything in you as a person. What is your own “I am?”  It is your own belief about yourself and your world that determines your life. Whether poverty or riches, everything is only in your mind.

This idea was also presented in the book of Dr. Maxwell Maltz, “Psycho-cybernetics.” Dr. Maltz said that a person’s self –mage controls all his actions and behavior- a personality as a whole. This self-image is how a person “imaged” himself in his mind or simply how he knows himself.

A self-image of being “strong,” well and good makes a person invincible in all of his undertakings. A self-image of being “sick” and helpless makes a person become a man of failure and become broke. Positive self-image helps a person to become successful and negative self-image brings him into destruction.

A self-image of being a Physician that was created from all his past experiences and learning makes a person heal a sick patient in the hospital. A self-image of being an engineer, molded from all his engineering studies, seminars, training and work experiences, makes a person does the work in an engineering firm.

A self-image of being a poor or someone who believes that he really is a poor does the work of a poor person. He may go to streets and beg for money. That is how he knows himself and he can never do things beyond that level of consciousness.

At the same time, a person who knows that he is rich will always act like a rich and he will never do what poor people does. He will never go to streets and beg for money- he knows that he can’t from deep within.

Self-concept or self-image controls all our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Then our action (inaction) determines the result or the kind of life that we are going to experience – poverty or abundance.

Now let us go back to religion. In Christianity, what the church wants us to believe? What did they say about you every Sunday in a Catholic church?

Here are they:

  • You are a sinner or we are all sinners.
  • We must repent and ask for God’s mercy and follow God’s words. If not we will be thrown into hell. If yes we go to heaven.
  • We must bow down to church’s teaching alone.

And etc…

poverty religion

I’m sorry fellow Christians and Catholics but the church is simply a BIG lie. It is a guilt and fear manufacturing business to put humanity in the cage of ignorance, comforted by the peace and “feeling of salvation” that it brought.

Why? This is to hide the truth that you and I – each and every human being alive has some kind of greatness within waiting to be discovered and unleashed. This is to keep us away from the “right knowledge,” by becoming busy in saving our souls in our whole lifetime and forever remain in ignorance. Through ignorance alone, they control the world.

From the standpoint that consciousness is the only reality, or from the fact that our self-image controls our thoughts and actions as well as the result, let us find out what “self-image” religion has brought to us. What self-concept the church has molded into our consciousness and how it affects our lives.

If you accept that you really are a sinner, you are creating a self-concept of yourself that you are a violator, unworthy, disgraced, abhorring and anything that describes a “shit.” And so, you are nothing but just a piece of shit in this universe.

Do you think God wants you to think act and live that way if God is LOVE? Something must be wrong with religion.

Now, having yourself as a “perfect” and a whole sinner, what do you get?

Here are they:

1. Guilt
2. Fear
3. Unworthiness
4. All sorts of limitations
5. Separation from God
6. Survival mentality
7. Misfortunes and scarcity
8. Ungratefulness
9. All forms of chaos
10. ..and Finally…. POVERTY if you want more…the next is DEATH…

That belief that religion has inculcated into our minds was design for our own destruction. It is a self-limiting and self-destructing belief that keeps us away from discovering our own inner potentials as human beings.

It brings fear, guilt, and consciousness of separation between us and God that makes us all afraid to take a risk and do great things. It keeps us in the dark, seeing all the impossibility and uncertainty in life. That is why many of us become unfruitful and futile human beings in our society.

It is a negative self-image that they want us to imprint into our subconscious mind. To work with our subconscious, we have to do things over and over again; we have to speak words repeatedly.

That is why we have to recite the apostle’s creed every Sunday which includes the line that says “I believe in the forgiveness of sins and salvation of souls,” so that we will be forever busy living with guilt and become nothing.

The church want’s us the following:

  • To stay comfortable and in peace even in the midst of chaos and poverty.
  • To conform and never have the opportunity to think (like a sheep).
  • To remain on the lowest level of existence and be manipulated for labor and taxation.
  • To remain in the cage of ignorance
  • To forever become slaves

Remember these principles; “comfort is a trap,” ” ignorance is power,” “war is weapon” and “POVERTY is VICTORY.”

Take a look at the following illustration to have a deeper understanding of the problem:

root cause of poverty

To end poverty and human ignorance, we don’t need money. What we need is the “right knowledge.” This knowledge is not about how to run a business or how to weld a piece of metal. That knowledge is about how to deal with life, universe and reality in a right way so that we may become in rapport with how this universe works.

But before we move into that, we have to know few more things about this subject matter. If this article is all about the 5 misconceptions about poverty, to get to the bottom, let us now discuss some “unknown facts” about poverty.” These are something that people really don’t understand due to ignorance. Continue reading…


  1. Great analysis… and about 200 people owning more of the world’s resources than the poorest 50% of the world’s population cannot be helpful.

    • Everything that we have is a lie and misdirection from the truth so that we may forever live in ignorance. And the biggest problem we suffered unconsciously is our ignorance of our own ignorance.. we know nothing how we are fooled and poverty is juts a manifestation of it… thanks for your thoughts

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