How to Deal with Hurt Feelings in a Relationship

how to deal with hurt feelings in a relationship 1

When someone you love hurts you deeply what would you do? Is it right to hurt him or her too? In this post, let me share what I have learned on things like how to overcome hurt feelings in a relationship and how not to get hurt anymore even if you are having a “shaky” love affair. Girls are you ready? Recently, I went to Google and searched terms like “being hurt in a relationship …

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How to End Philippine Poverty in 2017 and Beyond

end Philippine poverty

In my previous post entitled “The End of Philippine Poverty,” I shared how we Filipinos became poor. I included the theory that poverty should have never happened to us due to the fact that our ancestors have once owned a 720,000 metric tons of gold. You can go back to that story by clicking the above link. In this article, we will talk about our role on an individual level to be able to arrive …

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Human Ignorance – The Unseen Cage that Traps Humanity

Human Ignorance Quote

Human ignorance… how often you encounter these words? Why people less-talked about it? Why this problem is often overlooked by many and it seems like there is no such an issue at all? Regardless of who you are, what nationality, status in the society, your job, and no matter how educated you are,  you are all (we are all)  ignorant human beings! Does it hurt? If not, it should! And I don’t have to feel …

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The Hidden Cause of Poverty in the Philippines

poverty in the Philippines revelation

What do you think is the main cause of poverty in the Philippines? What makes Filipino poor? In this post, you will learn the innermost root why Filipinos became poor and the only solution that’s never been talked by any poverty enthusiasts in the country. You may have heard a lot about the alleged solutions to poverty in the Philippines from various sources but what you will know from here is totally different from what …

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